Thursday, March 29, 2007


  • DOT-DOT-DOT...When you said to me, many years ago, that you were interested in seeing our Racism/Colorism Quotient Test - and I hand-delivered it to you at one of those 'make-em-feel-good' community-police gatherings, I naively said to myself, "Oh, he's going to do something about testing his NYPD cops for their pathological responses to differences in culture and color!"

I was wrong, I failed at that time to connect the dots - but now I know


  • You were Director of Customs when WhistleBlower Cathy Harris reported your arrogant racist/colorist mismanagement of that government outfit as it colorTargeted Black female travelers in this nation's airports in her telling book, "Flying While Black;"* (it was your agents who handcuffed a pregnant Black woman to that hospital bed!)
  • Your NYPD (Bratton-BernardKerik-type) cops were sent to the Black nation of Haiti to 'teach Haitian police' - what? - good ol' boy repressive NYPD tactics?
  • Your NYPD thug-in-blue the late Reggie Rivera was involved in the rapes of Black African van drivers in Queens [Federal Judge David Trager had that case, which was (thanks to yours truly) written up in the international newspaper The Economist];
  • Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Nicholas Heyward, Jr., Malcom Ferguson, Ousmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury, Sean Bell, Timur Person - all slaughtered by your cops (HOW COME YOUR COPS DON'T SHOOT WHITE MALES IN THE BACK LIKE THEY DID NATHANIEL GAINES, JR., DESMOND ROBINSON AND 16 YR OLD KEVIN CEDENO?) - too many to recount here, but if your NYPD records are not complete you have my permission to refer to the 'October 22 Coalition' book "Stolen Lives;"
  • Your NYPD cops INVADED that HARLEM MOSQUE - eh? - how many white churches or Jewish synagogues have they invaded? -
  • It's under your mis-guidance that the too-pervasive use of those PORTABLE JAILBARS have shown up - mostly in the Black neighborhoods - to 'contain' marchers whenever & wherever we assemble;
  • It's your police check traffic barricades which are set up in mostly Black (and other people of color) neighborhoods;
  • It's under your tenure that your blue-suits are sent into our public schools - imposing early intimidation onto our young Black children;
  • It's your 'side-kick Department' the CCRB ("Civilian" Complaint Review Board) which has just THROWN OUT IN ONE-DAMN-DAY, EIGHT-HUNDRED - 800 800 800! COMPLAINTS!
  • Now you're so intent on 'containing' people of color - that you're bringing back THE SLAVE CODES - " more than 10? individuals can assemble in public..." - the late great William Kunstler's prediction of our becoming a Police State is realized under you;

AAAGH! I can't go on with this NYPD 'Death List" - Heil Hitler!

(But don't think for a moment that that hoaxy-RED-HERRING-last-minute-interjection of 'a threatened' witness in the 'Black Male Sean Bell 50 Shots' case fools us BlackFolk!)

Suffice it to say that when you go up to try to get into Heaven, St. Peter will say, "Because you didn't have your NYPD cops tested for their pathological responses to differences in culture and color, I'm refusing you entry into Heaven: My Decision Is Justified! - like you've said so many times about the killings of so many Black males."

*Refer to my January Blog Book Review: 'SO YOU THOUGHT RACISM WAS OVER?' - "FLYING WHILE BLACK"

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