Thursday, March 15, 2007


You, my little shameless epitome of white male supremacy, are making a laughingstock of the New York City Police Department by 'biting the hand that fed you' - suing them after you brought them into disrepute by murdering city residents you swore to protect.

You shot Black Brother Patrick Bailey to death in Brooklyn (you and the other thugs-in-blue stood by and allowed that melaninized young man to bleed to death only TWO MINUTES away from Brookdale Hospital!) - then you blustered on up to the Bronx with yer city-sanctioned killercop street unit to gun down (41 bullets!) unarmed Amadou Diallo in 1997, in front of his own dwelling as he was minding his own business entering his own home.

Now, only a few agonizing ('agonizing' because this racist/colorist sysDUMB of criminal 'justice' moved your 'trial' out of multi-colored Bronx up to all-white Albany so as to ensure that you and your blue-Assassins gang could walk free of the responsibility for slaughtering an innocent-of-any-crime Black African male) - after these agonizing years, you - understanding that the Black Panther Party is no longer organized to take out your sorry slaughtering ass - have the consummate gall to raise your stinkevil head in public and to - incredibly - gather your hoary legs under you to sue your former employer, the recalcitrant-when-it-comes-to-equity-for-BlackFolk, New York City Police Department.

It's truly BARF-TIME in Brooklyn. When I heard this on a newscast on WBAI Radio, I hadda' realquick call up my Son's saying to save my sanity:"Mum, huemans will do anything!" Well, I guess so! The adage, "What goes around comes aroung" is also applicable here: one the one hand, we've got New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly adamantly and continuously refusing to set up routine Racism/Colorism Quotient Testing (with Follow-Up Psych Counseling) of his racist/colorist police force - counterproductively 'looking the other way' as his rabid cops like you unendingly murder Black males with impunity, as he - your 'Leader,' spews out idiotic platitudes about "It wuz justified" and "It wuz just a terrible tragedy" and "It's not systemic' - ensuring the vicious continuation of Black male 'slaughter-by-cop' police terrorism against people of color!

On the other bloody hand, we - the ever-benighted Black community, hearing about your blatant disregard for our feelings as you show your evil face in public, have to stand for that kick in the ass as we await - ironically at the same fucking time, some delayed 'Grand' Jury decision on the unconscionable terror-slaughter, by 5 NYPD goons in blue, of the unarmed, unsuspecting, non-criminal 23 year old Black Sean Bell on his wedding day!

JESUS H. CHRIST! How long and how much are BlackFolk supposed to TAKE here in 'The Belly of The Beast' in these United Snakes of AmeriKKKA?

What wuz that about 'turning worms?'

As you, Kenneth Boss, have joined the NYPD homicidal group of white male killer-Catholic- Cops, (most of the Black males y'all've slaughtered have been killed mostly by white male Catholic cops in the NYPD) perhaps you can tell us - your taxpaying employers - whether it was your Catholic upbringing or your Mother who influenced you so horribly to feel that it's your (unholy) right to blow away hueman beings of color any damn time you please - with impunity.

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