Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anti-Racism/Colorism Self-Starter Program

Anti-Racism/Colorism Self-Starter Program

  • First of all, any hueman (my spelling) who has gone through or is going through a U.S.A. education system (with its eurocentric overview - 'uber alles') must be persuaded to understand: who they are, who were their most distant ancestors (as scientifially-proven by sound scientific revelations)*, and that their colorism-conditoned thinking is not their fault (nor should they be blamed for it) but is a counterproductive inheritance which must be abandoned.
  • Then, it is absolutely necessary for them to understand the history of the world - not just of Europe.
  • Following that should be a mandatory study of the effects of whiteEuropean colonization of countries of color and the reasons for the exploitation of their people, land and natural resources.
  • At an early stage of this de-conditioning participants should take the [posted on] and where responses are dysfunctional as to perceived differences in color and culture, Ethnotherapeutic Counseling should be undergone until the subjects can THINK STRAIGHT about color and culture.
  • It should be acknowledged that racist/colorist thinking and acting out, scapegoating others because of the color of their skins is, pure and not so simple a mental disorder(inherited) because it engages in non-reality - believing in stereotypes. In the corporate arena, because the disorder/infection is so very widespread, racism/colorism should be treated like any other addiction (like alcoholism, where it's illegal to fire the addict unless she or he refuses to undergo treatment - including Counseling). Moreover, those exhibiting racist/colorist behavior on the job should not be fired: adequate treatment should be made available - thereby promoting public health and saving companies millions of dollars in potential non-compliance government suits against them.
  • The main problem with most 'sensitivity,' 'anti-racism,' 'diversity' programs is that they mistakenly-focus on the victims of colorism rather than realistically focusing on healing the victimizers. Changes in the victims' behavior shouldn't be the goal, the goal should be on showing the victimizers how self-hamstringing their veiws and behaviors are (this 'faulty focus' is especially grievous as it applies to the Black-male-killings of police departments all over this hostile-to-color country. Police of any color don't shoot white males in the back!)

Finally, if the protracted fight against untreated racism/colorism is to yield even a modicum of success, the language folk unfortunately utilize these days must be changed, brought into line with reality: meaningless overused phrases and words such as, "raceS," "race-mixing," "out of his/her race," "inter-intra-bi-multi-racial," "racial"ANYthing: "post, groups, animosity, unity, attitudes, equity" **(or any OTHER noun - because, there is actually, Virginia, only ONE hueman 'race' which descended from the originating Black Africans* and it's way past time for progressive educators to acknowledge and teach this oh-so-basic truth - worldwide!

Let the healing continue! Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. did say that huemans should be treated, not by the color of their skin but, by the content of their character. This has relevance for the untreated color bigotry which pervades every arena of people activity all over the world: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war (in case of disingenuous claims that certain countries "don't have a color problem").

**In fact, people who use these terms are - perhaps unwittingly - perpetuating the very racism/colorism some of them profess to dislike

Monday, January 18, 2010



Sometimes we take for granted our experiences - most of which many folk say we don't control or expect. As I review my own chaotic life, I'm forced to let loose a huge guffaw realizing that, viewed all together, my activities form a unique pannoply resembling the life of a Black 'Perils of Pauline!'

Have you ever:

  • been kicked in the chest by the back legs of a friskly horse which'd just had water right after eating oats? (Lucky for me the kick merely lifted me off the ground: it's a farm 'no-no' to give water to a horse right after feeding it oats!)
  • at age seven, received a response-letter from Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House?
  • harvested black walnuts, spread 'em out to dry for later use in deelishious dark chocolate fudge your Mother made?
  • become a Boston, Massachussetts Debutant at the Sheraton with Sir Arthur Fiedler at the scene?
  • had your middle fingernail - right hand - permanently disfigured by the tusk of a big black boar named (by yer Dad) "Joe Louis," as you were feeding him (the boar) a banana peel? (Careless, careless - it coulda' been worse!)
  • milked cows? - placing a crudely-made wooden stool under a cow, dodging her smelly, poop-stained swinging tail and fidgety back leg; balancing the metal pail under her teats and, leaning yer head on her warm stomach, pulling on her sometimes sore teats and directing the hot milk flow into the pail (or sometimes into the nearby cat's mouth) - listening to the welcome 'squish-squish' sound of the spray hitting the pail and the rising milk? (I am smiling - almost back there remembering - it's something you'd never forget and you'da' been lucky if that durn cow didn't step right into the bucket and turn the whole mess over!)
  • proudly plowed an entire field - driving the family tractor - all the while breathing in the unforgettable aroma of clean, fresh, newly-turned dark earth? (I can smell it right now!)
  • learned to shoot a .32 caliber handgun in a deserted field in Barbados, West Indies?
  • dug up a basket of asparagus - it's planted in beds and you use a V-shaped cutting tool to harvest it under the ground - it grows right back the next week!?
  • prepared chicken for dinner from A to Z: catching it after a hectic farmyard chase (bird cackling in terror all the while); wringing its neck (or using a short hatchet to chop off its head); sticking it into a bucket/pail of steaming hot water, then (pee yew!) plucking the soaking wet feathers off the body (you'll know first hand what's meant by 'bumpy chicken skin'), butchering the bird with a sharp knife - separating the parts at the joints, seasoning the meat, frying the bird, serving it to the family, washing the dishes afterwards and then disposing of the bones later? That's 'A to Z!'
  • journalistically-covered The March on Washington - in 1963 - for your British-based Afro-Caribbean magazine, "Flamingo;"?
  • gone through 24 hour 'natural childbirth' labor on Guy Fawke's day in London, England?
  • called out BINGO! numbers on your own TV Show in Barbados, W.I. for the Lion's Club?
  • given birth to a fat healthy baby boy after 8 hours of labor?
  • crashed the White House in Washington, D.C., met and shook hands with JFK as the White House Photographer, Cecil Stoughton, captured the exciting interaction on film? (Two different shots)
  • been rescued in Central Park, New York City, by a mounted policeman ("Hold on! I'll save you!") as your own horse bolted with you rendered incapacitated with uncontrollable laughter?
  • walked into a NYC Bellevue Hospital operating room with four or five masked, gloved, robed doctors - hands up - standing facing you - behind an anesthetized, gigantic, reddish Black male lying prone on the operating table - huge exposed erect blood-engorged penis standing straight up in the center of the draped bright green sheets? (A Head Nurse compassionately steered an embarassed student nurse - me - quickly away from the guffawing MDs who'd set up the entire scenario as a joke)
  • joined a fast-walking group of Trinidadian/Tobagonian males to tramp across the jungle in Trinidad, searching for orchids? (I was the only female - and was hoping to stumble across a 'mackawell' - a huge boa constrictor - I like snakes!)
  • planned and implemented the first Women's Polictical Caucus in Barbados, West Indies (Although American citizens are not supposed to be involved in the politics of other nations)
  • testified at the New York City Human Rights Court of Judge Maldonado as an Expert on racism/colorism;
  • been written up by the Harvard University Professor 'Skip' Gates African American National Biographical project? (available in its entirety elsewhere on the Blog: )
  • ridden a cow?
  • in 2010, received a personal note from President Jimmy Carter in response to your letter to him praising his anti-racism/colorism remarks made by bigots about President Barack Obama?
  • rescued a Canadian citizen from the clutches of the police when she was snatched up at 6 in the morning and had called you for help?
  • invented the (which every hueman being should take)
  • landed with your hands wrist-deep in two smelly cow-poop patties and been unable to move (with your Mother howling with laughter at your unenviable plight)?
  • threatened by the U.S.A. State Department (which'd compiled a foot-high file on you - retrieved copy with huge black redacted items marring the pages - under the FOIA) with the loss of your American citizenship at the same time as another country was asininely-giving you an oxymoronic 'opportunity' of 'registering as a Barbadian citizen' or 'you may be declared a prohibited immigrant!' (talk about the fear of becoming a 'woman without a country!')
  • invited to lunch with an American Ambassador; tea with Harry Belafonte at the Russian Tea Room in NYC; dinner at NY's Waldorf Astoria with the Premier of Guyana, Dr. Cheddi Jagan; Indian cuisine in London, England, with Grenada Prime Minister Eric Gairy's Attorney General, Keith Alleyne, Q.C.; an interview with boxer Sugar Ray Robinson at London's posh Cumberland Hotel; London dinner with Guyanese writer Professor Ian Carew; supper with famied sociologist Lionel Tiger, London again; drinks at your home in Barbados, with Prime Minister of Barbados, The Hon. Errol Walton Barrow, Esq.?
  • flown in a tiny beechcraft plane up to Albany, New York to meet with Governor Averell Harriman?
  • invited to the Merv Griffin Show in Cleveland, Ohio - by Caravel Jet, after saying publicly that "Integration is the quaint conceit of the white man that all Blacks wanna' be white!"
  • coined the term "colorism?"
  • met and spoke with Malcom X the night before the 1063 March on Washington?
  • sat at the feet of the famed Trinidad/Tobago Historian/Political Commentator C.L.R. James?
  • played on a soccer team - half male, half female?
  • water-skied on a circular table top?
  • been arrested in a Broolyn, New York courthouse with Rev. Al Sharpton, Attorney William Kunstler and others (held overnight - rescue-represented by Attorney-at-War Alton H. Maddox, Jr.)?

Whoa! Lemme' stop with this next one - although there are loads more of my experiences you might be able to read about when I publish my (completed) controversial Autobiography!

  • been invited by the emminent Black Congressman Rev. Adam Clayton Powell to "come and speak at the Church!"? (I'm done for now!)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


(About 'Chickens Roosting')

As the 'experts' endlessly prate about who made what mistakes in determining the cause of the latest terrifying attempt of international immolation (Detroit Northwest Flight #235'- Abdulmutallah's underwear-bomb), recollections of the accuracy of Malcom X's predictions about the United States of America ricochet through my mind.

Similarly, echoes, of the adage "What goes around - comes around" also flicker through my consciousness and when I look at the images of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah (who looks like a startled nine year old - a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding automobile) I'm nearly overcome by a sense of ineffable tristesse at the pitiful stage of our world's counterproductive development of 'victims victimizing victims.'

Indeed, the more (white male-dominated) media in the U.S.A. try to present Abdulmutallah as a raging terrorist, the more he comes across as a hapless victim of monstrous manipulation.

But these efforts, along with other attempts at displacing responsibility for the adversarial nature of the world's 'military ping-pong' affairs will ultimately fail. I'm reminded of the prophetic phrase, "...the worm turns..." and all the endless doublespeak, by hypocrites who know better, about "intelligence failures," "secure areas," "let him through," "war on terrorism," "holding them responsible," "retaliation" and the ultimate vacuous 'wool-puller,' "national security," - which catch-all phrase is used by war dawgs who want to continue to scare the bejeezus out of a gullible public.

It's at once amazing and morally repugnant to me that I've not heard one single commentator, prognosticator, analyst, academician or Heaven forfend, politician - be honest enough to admit publicly that there's no such thing as "national security!" Please! If one continually dumps excrement in what they're fond of calling their 'backyards,' there will one day emerge an untenable stench! This hegemonic behavior of the U.S.A. on the world stage (invading over two hundred countries - mostly of color, like Grenada, Iraq and the Philippines in the past howmany decades) has evolved into escalating instances of what is hypocritically described as "terrorism" (the pot calling the kettle Black) but in reality is understandably-antisocial "payback" for perceived and actual injury.

The more the West (including Israel, Europe) continues to treat countries of color as their fecal 'backyards,' all the while waging inernecine military raids for resources/raw materials like oil, the more horribly-desperate huemans will be persuaded that 'going out in a blaze of gory' (pardon) and taking Western perpetrators with 'em, is better than living a hopeless life.

Question: Is there a subliminal 'fear-of-Blackness' connection between the U.S.A. war dawg military occupation of countries of color and white males' refusal to end the Death Penalty in the U.S.A.?

Under the present circumstances, I take no pleasure in remembering that other apt verity: "What ye sow, so shall ye reap!" The West sows - and the world's people reap/weep!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


'The Fatally-Flawed 4000'
by Carol Taylor
(First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant)

My, my, my. According to the New York times, Jan. 4, 2010 article by Adam Litpak, the American Law Institute has decided to end its '...intellectually respected support for the Death Penalty system in the United States of America,' and just 'walk away' from the issue.
Well scratch my heinous!

The unmitigated gall of those 4000 judges, lawyers, law professors, (I'll bet mostly white males) 'we-say-we're-for-justice' foot-draggers has to be seen to be believed. They posture in the unearned privilege of their white skin color, pretending to the public that their 'justice system' has been operating as a level playing field, despite the rampant racism/colorism. It's nauseating.

Euphemisms abound, as they use expiatory terms about 'efficacy,' 'deterrence,' 'fairness,' 'equity' and 'justice' - to avoid accountability for supporting an untenable Death Penalty system (which DNA tests have proven has killed many innocent people of color in this hostile-to-color country).

Against this murky background, such terms make a mockery of any notion of democracy - (it is really "dey-mock-us-you-see," said a young Rastafarian man to me some time ago).

Contrary to the American Law Institute's fanciful ideation about 'justice for all,' ("all who?) it is impossible 'to make the Death Penalty "less arbitrary" without first dealing a death blow to the pandemic color discrimination infesting the criminal justice system. Get real!

You'll forgive me - a Black person who's been on the ugly butt-end of untreated racism/colorism all my waking life, if I'm less than sanguine about the credibility of a bunch of white-skin-privileged males' pronouncements of good intentions just because they've 'better-late-than-never' ended their unconscionable 'respected support' for the Death Penalty System (Litvak's article does say 'System' - doesn't it?).

Justice Antonin Scalia et al.s' prating about the Death Penalty equals empty words, words, words - 'whistling Dixie' in the face of the enormous inhuemanity to a multi-colored population. This is tantamount to the irrationality reflected in the mainstream media when they cover issues and pointedly ignore the ever-present effects of untreated racism/colorism in every arena of people activity.

The U.S.A.'s criminal justice system is broken - precisely because of its inherited untreated racism/colorism - denied too often - which urgently requires extirpation, by the continuous administration - of the [posted on] - with Follow-up Ethnotherapeutic Counseling to counteract the massive colorist conditioning by our education systems, which fail miserably to teach their students who their most distant ancestors are: the Black African originators of huemanity!

Shame on anyone trying to explain away the soul-sucking color-bigotry of so many thusly-miseducated/conditioned legal folk! Their pretense of "fairness," blithely engaging in self-serving research, flinging around pettifogging expressions like 'race-of-victim-effect' and 'race-of-defendant-effect' are really blathering exercises in obfuscation. (Anyhow, it's not 'race' it's 'color,' - talk about euphemisms!)

This color-riven society should've abolished the Death Penalty years ago - and the American Law Institute damn well knows it!

The Emperor has no clothes!

Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue
Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935