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Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned

Many Colors - One race
Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned

Thank you, thank you, WarriorActivist John, for the below 'Heads-up!'

If ourfolk really were aware of what an invasive tool BKLYN D.A. has concocted with this outrageous persecution (testing our Black levels of insult) the courthouse would be filled, surrounded and near-buried on Wednesday!
Your Sister-in-THE-Struggle,

Carol T.

From :
This month (June, 2008) I learned that a
Website exists covering the plight of attorneys
Michael Tarif Warren and Evelyn Warren, as a
result of their beating and arrest by members
of the New York Police Department (NYPD) when,
on June 21, 2007, they observed while at a
a traffic stop in Brooklyn a young, Black,
HANDCUFFED, male being beaten by members of the
NYPD, and attorney Michael Tarif Warren inquired
on behalf of the handcuffed, young man.

The Website gives an accounting of that horrendous
event that impacted the warrens' lives, and the lives
of the Black community, a bio on Michael Tarif Warren
and Evelyn Warren; an update of their ongoing court
appearances and struggles to remove their names from
the New York criminal records; information on their
next court appearance - July 2, 2008; and recommend
actions you can take on behalf on the Warrens,
in addition to attending the Warrens' Wednesday,
July 2nd, court appearance.

The Website is:

If you are not currently subscribed to receive updated
information on the Warrens, in addition to making their
Website one of your FAVORITES, I urge you to do so.
Go to the Website listed above. Their subscriptions
should be ten times greater than currently, and
supporters at the July 2nd court date should be
DOUBLE the number in attendance at their last court
appearance this month. This is a critical moment
in the court proceedings. Your attendance is needed.

These critical times require each of us to expend
our greatest energy and resources in this struggle
for justice, democracy, and first-class citizenship.

THIS IS THE MOMENT! Please pass on this message.

John D. Smith

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Any-Black-one who believes that they are 'truthcentric,' (thanks to Professor Ivan Van Serima for the term) and who has not read Dr. Tony Martin's writings doesn't know why the term "African" is no longer synonymous with the term "Black."* The frightening reason is neo/re-colonization by europeans.
Read this and weep - and then get up off your intellectually-castrated butt and do something about it!
The first step is discovering (uncovering) who you really are: descended from the original hueman beings: Black, Black, Black Africans (Alkebulans) in Africa - the cradle of civilization.
Learn/live "truthcentricity!" (I call myself "Black African")
For Liberation - Required Reading - 1998 Dr. Martin's "The Progress of the African Race Since Emancipation and Prospects for the Future," and "The Jewish Onslaught." (Reviewed by me below)
*Actually since the first huemans on theis planet were Black and in Africa - it should be obvious to anyone thinking straight that all huemans are 'of Black African ancestry.' DUH!


The Jewish Onslaught:
Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront
by Tony Martin
145 pp
ISBN 0-912469-30-7 (paper) $9.95
Copyright 1993 by Tony Martin

Aha! In the midst of all of the obscenities going on in the Middle-East-of-Africa against the Palestinians - you thought this book review was about that hegemony! You're wrong. This brilliant, exceptionally timeless book, The Jewish Onslaught, meticulously and quite deliciously details the unfair, nasty, underhanded, feral, protracted and unrelenting campaign waged against Professor Tony Martin, B.Sc., Economics, M.A. and Ph.D. History, a Black, Trinidadian/Tobagonian, world-renowned and respected Historian at Wellesly College in Masachussetts. (Professor Martin also qualified as a Barrister-at-Law at London's presitigous Gray's Inn in 1965)

Professor Martin's erudition shines through information-laden prose as his witty use of The King's English thrusts into and parries against vulpine enemies on and off the Wellesley campus. Every mother's child should have to read this book at least four times: once, for the sheer story content, twice to learn how to most effectively utilize the english language, thrice for becoming acutely aware of the art of sustaining urban survival guerilla warfare and fourth for whetting the readers' literary appetite for as many of Professor Martin's other publications as they can feast their eyes and brains on. (So, am I looking forward to reading his newest work? - Amy Ashwood Garvey: Pan Africanist, Feminist and Mrs. Marcus Garvey No.1 or, (A Tale of Two Amies) Well yes!)

In other words, if you'd like your (children especially) relatives and friends to be fully equipped for surviving in a color-hostile society which purports to be a democracy, then make them a present of The Jewish Onslaught (to begin with) as soon as possible. It's a classic: and Oh! - the volatile, vorticose vocabulary! Word UP!

Professor Martin, a longtime, tenured-at-Wellesley-for-29+ years scholar, who, by 1993 had, incredibly, authored, compiled and edited eleven books, not only describes Black African history, but amply and skillfully melds the 'then and now' of what's going on, with critical allusions to well-known prominent players in the perilous survival struggles for Black liberation.

Wait just a moment! I apologize for ending this book review right now - I've got to go re-read Dr. Martin's thought-and-action-inspiring book. Sorry - as I was just reading through - his handwritten dedication (he signed my copy - "To My Sister"), the riveting Preface "Major Media," "Massa, We Sick?" - "Jewish Racism," "Black Solidarity," etc. etc.etc., and Documents of the Onslaught, (Letters and his 'quasi-lynching' Speech) and Broadside #1, - I had to drop everything, run to the 'phone and try to track down the other Broadsides! (I did find #'s 3 and 4! Whew!)

P.S. someone else (more talented than I) will have to finish this review: I'm too busy re-reading The Jewish Onslaught and Dr. Martin's other publications!
Reach Dr. Martin by e-mail at or Majority Press (and we are 'the majority!') email orders:, Credit card orders: In Trinidad: Afrikan World Books, Independence Square & Chacon Street, Port of Spain

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The Global Hierarchy of Race

(This article is so evocative, although it's not written by me - I had to reproduce it because of its clarity and relevance):
"The Global Hierarchy of Race

[Martin Jacques is a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics. The death of his wife, Harinder Veriah, in 2000 in a Hong Kong hospital triggered an outcry, which culminated in an announcement by the Hong Kong government that it would introduce anti-racist legislation for the first time. He can be reached at:]

As the only racial group that never suffers systemic racism, whites are in denial about its impact. I always found race difficult to understand. It was never intuitive. And the reason was simple. Like every other white person, I had never experienced it myself: the meaning of colour was something I had to learn. The turning point was falling in love with my wife, an Indian-Maylasian and her coming to live in England. Then, over time, I came to see my own country in a completely different way, through her eyes, her background. Colour is something white people never have to think about because for them it is never a handicap, never a source of prejudice or discrimination but rather the opposite, a source of privilege. However liberal and enlightened I try to be, I still had a white outlook on the world. My wife was the beginning of my education.
But it was not until we went to live in Hong Kong that my view of the world and the place that race occupies within it, was to be utterly transformed. Rather than seeing race through the prism of my own society, I learned to see it globally.
When we left these shores, it felt as if we were moving closer to my wife's world: this was East Asia and she was Malaysian. And she, unlike me, had the benefit of speaking Cantonese. So my expectation was that she would feel more comfortable in this environment than I would. I was wrong.
As a white, I found myself treated with respect and deference; my wife notwithstanding her knowledge of the language and her intimacy with Chinese culture was the object of an in-your-face racism. In our 14 months in Hong Kong, I learned some brutal lessons about racism. First, it is not the preserve of whites. Every race displays racial prejucice, is capable of racism, carries assumptions about its own virtue and superiority. Racism, therefore, is subtly different, reflecting the specificity of its own culture and history. Second, there is a global racial hierarchy that helps to shape the power and prejudices of each race. At the top of this hierarchy are whites. The reasons are deep-rooted and profound. White societies have been the global top dogs for half a millenium, ever since the Chines civilization went into decline. With global hegemony, first with Europe and then the U.S., whites have long commanded respect, as well as arousing fear and resenment, among other races. Being white confers a privilege, a special kind of deference, throughout the world, be it Kingston, Hong Kong, Delhi, Lagos - or even despite the way it is portrayed in Britain, Harare.
Whites are the only race that never suffers any kind of systemic racism anywhere in the world. And the impact of white racism has been far more profound and baneful than any other: it remains the only racism with global reach.
Being top of the pile means that whites are peculiarly and uniquely insensitive to race and racism and the power relations this involves. We are invariably the beneficiaries, never the victims. Even when well meaning, we remain strangely ignorant. The clout enjoyed by whites does not reside simply in an abstraction - western societies - but in the skin of each and every one of us. Whether we like it or not, in every corner of the planet we enjoy an extraordinary personal power bestowed by our colour. It is something we are largely oblivious of and consequently take for granted, irrespective of whether we are liberal or reactionary, back-packers, tourists or expatriate businessmen.
The existence of a de facto global racial hierarchy helps to shape the nature of racial prejudice exhibited by other races. Whites are universally respected, even when that respect is combined with strong resentment. A race generally defers to those above it in the hierarchy and is contemptuous of those below it.
The Chinese - like the Japanese - widely consider themselves to be number two in the pecking order and look down upon all other races as inferior. Their respect for whites is also grudging - many Chinese believe that western hegemony is, in effect, held on no more than prolonged leasehold. Those below the Chinese and the Japanese in the hierarchy are invariably people of colour (both Chinese and Japanese often like to see themselves as white or nearly white).
At the bottom of the pile, virtually everywhere it would seem, are those of African descent, the only exception in certain cases being the indigenous peoples.
The highlights are centrality of colour to the global hierarchy. Other factors serve to define and reinforce a race's position in the hierarchy - levels of development, civilisational values, history, religion, physical characteristics and dress - but the most insistent and widespread is colour. The reason is that colour is instantly recognizable, it defines difference at the glance of an eye. It also happens to have anoher effect. It makes the gobal hierarchy seem like the natural order of things: you are born with your colour, it is something nobody can do anything about, it is neither cultural nor social but physical in origin.
In the era of globalization, with the mass migration and globalized cultural industries, colour has become the universal calling card of difference. In interwar Europe, the dominant forms of racism were anti-Semitism and racialised nationalism, today it is color: at a football match, it is blacks not Jews that get jeered even in Eastern Europe.
Liberals like to think that racism is a product of ignorance, a lack of contact and that as human mobility increases, so racism will decline. This might be described as the Bennetton view of the world. And it does contain a modicum of truth. Intermixing can foster greater understanding but not necessarily as Burnley, Sri Lanka and Israel, in their very different ways, all testify.
Hong Kong, compared with China, is an open society and has long been so, yet it has had little or no effect in mollifying Chinese prejudice towards people of darker skin. It is not that racism is immovable and intractable but that its roots are deep, its prejudices as old as humanity itself.
The origins of Chinese racism lie in the Middle Kingdom.: the belief that the Chinese are superior to other races - with the exception of whites - is centuries, if not thousands of years old.
The disparaging attitude among American whites towards blacks has its roots in slavery. Wishing it wasn't true, denying it's true, will never change the reality. We can only understnd - and tackle racism - if we are honest about it. And when it comes to race - more than any other issue - honesty is in desperately short supply. Race remains the great taboo. Take the case of Hong Kong. A conspiracy of silence surrounded race. As the British departed in 1997, amid much self-congratulation, they breathed not a word about racism. Yet the latter was integral to colonial rule, its leitmotif: colonialism, after all, is institutionalized racism at its crudest and most base.
The majority of Chinese, the object of it, meanwhile, harbored an equally racist mentality towards people of darker skin. Masters of their own home, they too are in denial of their own racism. But that, in varying degrees, is true of racism not only in Hong Kong but also in every country in the world.
You may remember that, after the riots in Burnley in the summer of 2001, Tony Blair declared that they were not a true reflection of the state of race relations in Britain: of course, they were, even if the picture is less discouraging in other aspects.
Racism everywhere remains largely invisible and hugely under-estimated, the issue that barely speaks its name. How can the Economist produce a 15,000-word survey on migration, as it did last year, and hardly mention the word racism? Why does virtually no one talk about the racism suffered by the Williams sisters on the tennis circuit even though the evidence is legion? Why are the deeply racist western attitudes towards Arabs barely mentioned in the context of the occupation of Iraq, carefully hidden behind talk of religion and civilizational values?
The dominant race in a society, whether white or otherwise, rarely admits to its own racism. Denial is near universal. The reasons are manifold. It has a huge vested interest in its own privilege. It will often be oblivious to its own prejudices. It will regard its racist attitudes as nothing more than common sense, having the force and justification of nature. Only when challenged by those on the receiving end is racism ousted and attitudes begin to change.
The reason why British sociey is less nakedly racist than it used to be is that whites have been forced by people of color to question age-old racist assumptions. Nations are never honest about themselves: they are all in varying degrees of denial.
This is clearly fundamental to understanding the way in which racism in underplayed as a national and global issue. But there is another reason, which is a specifically white problem. Because whites remain the overwhelmingly dominant race, perched in splendid isolation on top of the pile even though they only represent 17% of the world's population, they are overwhelmingly responsible for setting the global agenda, for determining what is discussed and what is not. And the fact that whites have no experience of racism except as perpetrators means that racism is constantly underplayed by western institutions - by governments, by the media, by corporations. Moreover, because whites have reigned globally supreme for half a millenium, they, more than any other race, have left their mark on the rest of humanity: they have a vested interest in denying the extent and baneful effects of racism.
It was only two years ago, you may remember, that the first-ever United Nations conference on racism was held - against the fierce resistance of the U.S. (and that in the Clinton era). Nothing more eloquently testifies to the unwillingness of western governments to engage in a global dialogue abou the problem of racism.
If racism isnow more widely recognized than it used to be, the situation is likely to be transformed over the next few decades. As migration increase, as the regime of denial is challenged, as subordinate races find the will and confidence to challenge the dominant race. As understanding of racism develops, as we become more aware of other racisms like that of the Han Chinese, then the global prominence of racism is surely set to increase dramatically.
It is rare to hear a political leader speaking the discourse of colour. Robert Mugabe is one but he is tainted and discredited. The Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamed, is articulate on the subject of white privilege and the global hierarchy. The most striking example by a huge margin, though, is Nelson Mandela. When it comes to colour, his sacrifice is beyond compare and his authority unimpeachable. And his message is always universal - not confined to the interests of one race. It is he who has suggested that western support for Israel has somethin to do with race. It is he who has hinted that it is no accident that the authority of the UN is under threat at a time when its secretary general is black. And yet his voice is almost alone in a world where race oozes from every pore of humanity.
In a world where racism is becoming increasingly important, we will need more such leaders. And invariably they will be people of colour: on this subject whites lack moral authority. I could only understand the racism suffered by my wife through her words and experience. I never felt it myself. The difference is utterly fundamental

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Breathing While Black and Male in America

[Carol Taylor is a well-traveled international journalist who has been published in magazines and newspapers in various countries. She, also the first Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant, writes mainly about social issues specifically targetting racism/colorism]

On a list answering the question: "Who would you rather be?" - Black males would be on the very bottom because - when forced to face stark reality in the U.S.A., most people, irrespective of gender or hue, would have to acknowldege what the late Judge Bruce McMarion Wright called 'Black male jeopardy,' and choose to be anyone but a Black male.

Professor Andrew Hacker, author of "Two Nations: Black and White: Separate, Hostile and Unequal," after conducting a study with his students some years ago where he asked if they would choose to be Black for a million dollars, found that even for a million dollars, not one student 'chose' to be Black (male or female). Where/when did these multi-colored young people arrive at this aversion?

One only need become aware of the viciously-stereotyping mass media in this country to find an alarming answer to this question. Broadcast media, especially the audio-visual outlets, harbor, in a negatively-classic fashion, racist/colorist individuals who routinely - albeit some of them inadvertently - 'put down,' invalidate, mock, belittle, ignore, undercount, stigmatize, disregard, denigrate, sideline, stereotype and insult Black males. It's almost a bloody art form!

Do we really have to name, as examples of the abject public villification/pillorying, by some of the more recognizable - but by no means the only - victimizers: Bob Grant, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Tilghman, Ted Koppel (who asked Jesse Jackson if he was a Black man or an American - as did a NYC Channel 7 wanna-be-big-anchorman ask Senator Barack Obama if he were Black first or an American first), Don Imus, Andy Rooney, Mike Taibi, Ann Coulter, Patrick J. Buchanan (of the "Zulu" name calling) - among too many other sickos tolerated by the unwashed masses and paid by mostly colorist capitalist white males. These 'media giants' must eventually be held responsible for perpetuating - for their own capital gains - the false notion of the Black male as one of the major threats to 'national security.'

Let anyone who remains obdurately ignorant of the unenvious plight of Black males in the United States of America look at "Stolen Lives," a project of the "October 22nd Coalition" - go to any page and see (in the Spanish-speaking ones - who were killed by the police. Doubters can also try to envision themselves as Black males; 'walk a mile in a Black male's shoes,' as it were - understanding what it means to know that they put themselves in dire danger if they forget who they are for a moment and run down a street; to have to endure being followed everywhere in retail stores; to see the disproportionate number of people looking like themselves in this nation's courts, jails and Death Rows; in the military, and the paucity of them in the colleges and in the country's jobs (50+% Black male unemployment in New York City)

What does it mean to the millions of Black males in the U.S.A. who, at one stage of their development or another, sooner or later begin to realize that they are targets for not only death-dealing cops of any color - (mostly racist/colorist white male Catholic ones, by the way) and other 'law enforcement' individuals, but also of other societally mal-educated, victimized, low self-esteemed Black males who (as they call each other "nigger") beat, rob and kill others looking like themselves - not realizing that they are carrying out the colorist hegemonic programming of dominant white males they'll never even meet? Heavy.

Involving the names of martyred Black males in this colorist society, because there are so many of them, unfortunately tends to irritate pople who can't seem to identify with oppressed Black people: names like Amadou Diallo, Brian Fillmore, Ed Perry, Anthony Baez, Timothy Thomas,Ernest Sayon, Hilton Vega, Malcom Ferguson, Sean Bell, Anthony Rosario, Nicholas Heyward, Jr., Patrick Dorismond, Randy Evans, Clifford Glover, Timothy Stansbury, Jr., Earl Faison, Idriss Stelley, Michael Stewart, Michael Phillips, Michael Donald, Michael Newkirk, Michael Carpernter, Michael Knight (Mother: don't name your Black son 'Michael' I guess!) - just to list a few of the cop-killed Black males.

Ask any Black male how many times he's been stopped and frisked ("He resembled a suspect we were looking for"); how many times he's been stopped while driving (espcecially in his new expensive car); ticketed, accused of something he didn't do; how many times (if he's lucky enough to even have a job) he's been required to train a lower echelon white who then is promoted above him; how many times he's tried to get a cab and failed; how many people either won't take the same elevator or clutch their purses as he enters one - and on and on - ad infinitum and nauseam.

An ongoing for the entire U.S.A. population -
(given the mal-education system which up to the currrent time stubornly refuses to teach
that all huemans are 'of Black African ancestry') and where individual responses
to differences in color and culture are dysfunctional, refer these people to Ethnotherapy
until they can think straight.

Then it won't be such a scary thing to be Black and male in America and those males can walk around breathing a little bit easier in their skins of observable melanin.

HEAL America: with the !!!



Huemans who have the same Mother are siblings

You and I, gentle reader, are sister and brother - siblings because we have one ancestral Mother whose name was "Lucy," the Mother, anthropologically speaking - of all huemanity. So, as the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota Native American - Indigenous "Indians" say, "Mitakuye Oyasin - We are all related."

DNA research supports all of this scientifically,* without challenge, so why are so many hueman beings engaged in suppressing/oppressing other hueman beings who are only superficially different from them in color and perhaps in culture? (We all bleed red) Answer: gross, on-purpose-miseducation-by-omission? * SLC24A5 - the 'one race gene'

In other words, is is safe to say that because individuals weren't taught - at any level - about their own true identity/ancestry, they are doomed to live out their lives maltreating people who are physically related to them but raised and conditioned by differenct cultures and who might wear skins of observable melanin?

What is the definition of 'insanity?' (It's the inability or unwillingness to recognize or acknowledge 'reality') According to this definition - in this country - (and actually world wide) - insanity reigns! Thus it should be a serious concern about all those folk who 'can't handle the truth' - whatever their color may be.

This is why a symptom of that insanity - the stubborn refusal of this country's 'education' system to teach the truth about the Black African heritage of all huemans and the deleterious effects of that studied, powerful, purposeful omission - has compelled me to take up 'verbal arms' to ensure that my siblings are continuously informed about and warned of the damaging-to-individuals theft of the knowledge of their true identity.

How cruel is it to continue to allow such heinous lying-by-omission to warp the thinking of millions of multi-hued students, causing such dysfunctional 'achilles-heel' behavior in so many huemans when it comes to their interactions with others who are different from them in culture and color?

How utterly hypocritical, disingenuous and counterproductive is it for the political, religious, educational and corporate institutional movers and shakers to continue to ignore, suppress or avoid - as they prate about building 'a progressive' society - the reality of such an egregiously-grave theft, acting as thought it's 'business as usual,' 'the status quo of (untreated) racism/colorism isn't so important - hardly deserves mentioning' at every opportunity,' and will eventually 'just go away' without the direct involvement of every single individual within not only this hostile-to-color country but in every society in the world!

How indescribably ludicrous are those 'liberal' pretenders to speak of 'including' (especially during that piteously gratuitous 'Black' History Month) their versions of 'Black' history into their 'white western-oriented' history. That's like having a child tell its parents, "I'm gonna' include you!"

As with any aberrational thinking, such institutional, pandemic racism/colorism urgently requires detection and intervention; one can't change such ill health without first determining the levels of the infection within the individual: this can't be done merely by passing legisltion against colorist behavior and then sitting back wishing the problem away. It takes vigorous and continuous extirpation.

One of the tools necessary for involving indiviudals who would like to and deserve knowing how damaged they've been by being - unknown to themselves - maleducated about their own ancestry/identity - is the Racism /Colorism Quotient Program of the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. - Motto: "Prejudice is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned," including the used as the first step in raising the consciousness of the individual, in a non-threatening arena, as to her/his colorist thinking and possible consequently dysfunctional behavior.

My sisters and brothers, it is way past time to purposely end the 'Family' dysfunction in this racist/colorist world. We must determinedly put an end to allowing greedy wardogs to miseducate our progeny to make it easier to send them off to wars and invasions against their very own siblings.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008



S'Truth! I hadda' turn 'im off! - that ex-U.S.A. Justice Department Scott McClellan on WBAI Radio this am with Mimi Rosenberg, talking 'bout Barack Obama being - like him - "bi-racial!" Oi Vay!!! Neither he or Obama or any other hueman being is "bi-racial!"

When, oh when are supposedly-intelligent huemans gonna' stop with counterproductive, racist/colorist rhetoric and finally admit, acknowledge that there's no such animal as "bi-racial," ! "tri-racial" ! or "interracial?"

Plain old dog-type common sense'll inform anyone - who takes the effort and time to watch the video by Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells - "The Journey of Man" - 1 800 PLAY PBS - that since Black Africans were the first people of planet earth (all of our ancestors that all of us huemans've evolved from, those first huemans) - there is, scientifically, paleontologically, anthropologically only ONE hueman race, hence there is no such entity as a 'bi-racial' hueman being. (we're spelling 'hueman' with an 'e' to indicate that all humans have some degree of melanin from those first ancestors )

We're all African!

Now because of euro-conditioned anti-melanin sentiment on the one hand and anti so-called white (and other colors) on the other - individuals - terribly emotionally/psychologically-scarred by untreated racism/colorism can't bring themselves to accept their siblings - (sister and brother hueman beings) as being integrally related to them - and persist in living color-striated-and- restricted communities, sporadic but epidemic upheavals continue to confront societies world wide.

This set of retrograde circumstances can be turned around into healthy behavior.

We huemans must confront the mal-education and ignorance, which has thus sprung from not teaching the truth about the Black African orgigin of huemanity, with the utilization of an effective tool - the - healing program of The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc.

(note that the quotation marks around the word "interracial" indicate that, as even we researchers've learned, there's no such being as an "interracial" being - there's -


and we all belong to it together!

Let's start talking ourselves into good health!

Vital Reading:
"We Came Before Columbus"
"Civilization or Barbarism"
"The Isis Papers"