Monday, March 12, 2007



by Carol Taylor

He said it. Yes he did. Smack in those shining Black African faces standing there in Black-for-

now-Harlem at his 'Slick Willie's Welcoming Speech,' William Jefferson (Hemings/Lewinsky) Clinton said "dark" at least twice, as he boldly, baldly claimed the establishment of the big (white) business 'empowerment zones,' (which only empower the already-powerful) as his doing!

While the put-upon people of the island of Vieques voted, overwhelmingly, for the United States to desist from it's sixty-plus years of bombing devastation, and a beloved, prominent Black African leader, The Reverend Al Sharpton languishes in federal prison at the Sunset Park Metropolitan Detention Center, here, in still-Black-for-now New York City Harlem ('Mid-town,' as WBAI Radio Manager Utrice Leid calls it), Bill Clinton, who steadfastly refused to end the U.S. Navy bombing of Vieques, prates to a put-upon dark public about being from a town called 'Hope,' - guess that means he's gonna "KEEP HOPE ALIVE! Keep hoping;don't do nothing biddies - keep hoping - while I continue to pull the wool over your stupid eyes, Blackfolk! As I talk about: sax! the Apollo! Sylvia's!


Meanwhile, the complete arrogance with which Clinton alluded to the homeland of probably over half of his obviously entranced, deluded, Black African listeners on Monday,July 30, 2001, the Caribbean, as 'America's "Back Yard," had to be heard to be believed. He also spoke romantically abut "indians," but neglected to mention his obdurate refusal to pardon the Indigenous warrior, FBI-framed Leonard Peltier.

But, for all of his 'feel-good' rhetoric, Clinton might have meant "unemployment cut," but I heard him say "employment cut by 50%!" The truth will out!

Here is a man who set up a weak, ineffective P.R. 'Task Force On Race,' (did he mean the human race?) and yet was the same Rhodes Scholar who devilishly had 'The Anti-Terrorism' bill enacted, which has targetted and returned to the Caribbean, so many Black (mostly male) victims to countries they do not know, relatives they do not have, jobs they can not get or even terrain they are unfamiliar with and meaningful existence they have no hope of obtaining. If asked, "Just whom do you think you're kidding, Billyboy?" - according to the local white-male-dominated press, apparently thousands of Black Harlemites!

So, Harlem's GREAT WHITE HOPE descends noisily onto 125th Street, with his 'funfare' and hornblowing, the local Gestapo (NYPD-paid by the taxpayers) stand in their Giuliani-geared-up thousands on the small-vendor-cleared street - the Black Africans, fearful of being 'gentrified' and dispossessed, watch their rents skyrocket, as "Cotton" (which they can't eat) comes (back) to Black-for-now Harlem.

For God's (and our own) sakes, Black people! - Connect the DOTS! - you don't see the irony? -whites in Zimbabwe, Africa (formerly Cecil Rhodes' - heh-heh - Rhodesia), squatting on over 85% of that Black African prime arable land:white Rhodes Scholar Clinton squatting on ?% of the For-now-Black Prime Midtown New York City-Harlem. Slick Willie-Willie Lynch - Plantation politics is still alive!

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