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ThePsychology Behind The Demand For National Racism/Colorism Testing in the U.S.A.

ThePsychology Behind The Demand For National Racism/Colorism Testing in the U.S.A.

By Carol Taylor R.N.

In the face of the kneejerking denial with which most individuals greet issue the of racism/colorism, a mechanism for resolving possible attendant blame or guilt had to be formulated, so as to clear the way for the facilitation of non-threatening interactive dialogue in public forums.

That mechanism/tool is the racismtest.org Program with follow-up Ethnotherapy where individual responses to differences in culture and color are dysfunctional.

To deal with as complex and thorny a social problem as racism (we call it more accurately 'colorism,' since there is but one 'race' and all colors of huemans belong to it - "many colors - one race"), it was necessary to utilize such a tool with which every individual was at least minimally familiar. Anyone having gone through even limited formal education has been exposed to some sort of testing, so that 'shared experience' formed one step in the process of bringing hueman beings together and persuading them to acknowledge some of their 'sameness.'

Our ultimate goal in promoting the continuous administration of the racismtest.org Program, with follow-up Ethnotherapy is, not so obvious to most people, the diametric opposite of that of war-mongerers. Perhaps somewhat idealistically, we feel that when individuals can acknowledge the interrelatedness of each other, and are not afraid for their own survival, wars might finally be considered unnecessary.

Our fervent disagreement with current systems of purported 'education' lies in the disgraceful omission from curricula of materials covering the true history of the Black African origin of huemanity. In other words a gigantic hoax of incalculable damage has been perpetrated - and is still extant - against millions of students - Black, Yellow, Red, Tan, Brown, Olive and white - who have never been taught in their formal education exactly who were their most distant, original ancestors.

This glaring, untenable omission/suppression/repression has caused interminable and widespread confusion, abject ignorance and all too often the actual taking of lives. It is not necessary here to enter into a litany of resultant riots, upheavals, lynchings, beatings, etc. however, because of the aforementioned miseducation of the masses, individuals are let loose in a world comprising three-quarters population of people of 'color,' without the knowledge that, as the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota 'Indigenous' folk say, "Mitakuye Oyasin, we are all related."

So, as our motto at The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. goes, "Prejudice Is Learned: It Can Be Unlearned." One of the ways to 'unlearn' what we've been taught by concerted and purposeful omission, is to be given the opportunity to self-evaluate, to explore and question our thinking, about the people which almost every one of earth's societies has traditionally placed on the bottom rungs of their socio-economic ladders - people of 'color.' (Must we always accept 'white' as 'the norm?' Those 'bottom rung' folk are almost always invidiously-comparably-described 'darkest')

Where all of this 'color-rating' started is nearly, for our purposes, irrelevant - the important thing is to deal realistically with such inherited dysfunction and to involve individuals in ridding themselves of such hamstringing discriminatory negative thinking and practices.

We consider that non-colorist thinking and behavior are commensurate with being a mentally healthy, rational hueman being and that the ongoing usage of the Racism/Colorism Quotient Testing Program (www.racismtest.org) is the way to peace on this planet which is populated by a majority of people 'of color.'

Thursday, March 20, 2008


By Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Huemans who have the same mother are siblings.
You and I, gentle reader, are sister and brother siblings because we have one ancestral mother who was named "Lucy," the mother - anthropologically speaking - of all huemanity. So, as the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota Native American Indigenous 'Indians' say, "Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related."
DNA research supports all of this scientifically* without challenge, so why are so many hueman beings engaged in suppressing/oppressing other hueman beings who are only superficially different from them in color and perhaps culture? (We all bleed red) Answer: gross, on-purpose-miseducation-by-omission. *SLC24A5 - the 'one race' gene
In other words, is it safe to say that because individuals weren't taught -at any level - about their own true identity/ancestry, they are doomed to live out their lives maltreating people who are physically related to them but raised and conditioned by different cultures and who might wear skins of observable melanin?
What is the definition of 'insanity?' (It's the inability or unwillingness to recognize or acknowledge 'reality'). According to this definition - in this country - (and actually world wide), insanity reigns! Thus it should be a serious concern about all those folk who 'can't handle the truth' - whatever color they may be.
This is why a symptom of that insanity - the stubborn refusal of this country's 'education' system to teach the truth about the Black African heritage of all huemans and the deleterious effects of that studied, powerful purposeful omission - has compelled me to take up 'verbal arms' to ensure that my siblings are continuously informed about and warned of the damaging-to-individuals theft of the knowledge of their true identity.
How cruel is it to continue to allow such heinous lying-by-omission to warp the thinking of millions of multi-hued students, which causes such dysfunctional 'achilles heel' thinking and misbehavior in so many huemans when it comes to their interaction with others who are different from them in culture and color?
How utterly hypocritical, disingenuous and counterproductive is it for the political, religious, educational and corporate institutional 'movers and shakers' to continue to ignore, suppress or avoid - as they prate about building 'a progressive' society - the reality of such an egregiously-grave theft, acting as though it's 'business as usual,' 'the status quo of (untreated) racism/colorism isn't so important - hardly deserves mentioning' at every opportunity and will eventually 'just go away' without the direct involvement of every single individual not only in this country but in every society in the world!
How indescribably ludicrous are those 'liberal' pretenders to speak of 'including' (especially during that piteously gratuitous 'Black' History month) their versions of 'Black' history into their 'white western-oriented history.' That's like having a child tell its parents, "I'm gonna' include you!"
As with any aberrational thinking, such institutional, pandemic racism/colorism urgently requires detection and intervention; one can't change such ill health without first determining the levels of the infection within the individual and this can't be done merely by passing legislation against colorist behavior and then just sitting back and wishing the problem away. Untreated racism/colorism is a pervasive, thorny problem and requires earnest and continuous follow up.
One of the tools necessary for involving individuals who would like to know-and deserve knowing -how damaged they've been by being - unknown to themselves - maleducated about their own ancestry/identity, is the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test Program of the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Incorporated, whose Motto is: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned," including the racismtest.org used as the first step in raising the consciousness of the individual in a non-threatening arena as to her/his colorist thinking and possible consequent dysfunctional behavior.
My sisters and brothers, it is way past time to purposely end the 'Family Dysfunction' in this racist/colorist world. We must determinedly put an end to allowing those greedy D.C wardogs to miseducate our progeny to make it easier to send them off to invasions and wars against their very own siblings.

I am You - You are Me
(718) 856 1271

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Breathing While Black & Male in America

[Carol Taylor is a well-traveled international journalist who has been published in magazines and newspapers in various countries. She, also the First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant and writes mainly about social issues, specifically targetting racism/colorism]

On a list answering the question: "Who would you rather Be?" - Black males would be on the very bottom because, when forced to face stark reality in the U.S.A., most people, irrespective of gender or hue, would have to acknowledge what the late Judge Bruce McMarion Wright called "Black male jeopardy," and choose to be anyone other than a Black male.
Professor Andrew Hacker, author of "Two Nations: Black and White: Separate, Hostile and Unequal," after conducting a study with his students some years ago where he asked if they would choose to be Black if paid a million dollars, found that even for a million dollars, not one student 'chose' to be Black (male or female). Where/when did these multi-colored young people arrive at such an aversion?
One only needs to become aware of the viciously-stereotyoing mass media in this country to find one alarming answer to this question. Broadcast media, especially the audio-visual outlets, harbor, in a negatively-classic fashion, racist/colorist individuals who routinely - albeit inadvertently in some cases - 'put down,' invalidate, mock. belittle, ignore, undercount, disregard, denigrate, sideline,, stereotype and insult Black males. (WABC TV asking Jesse Jackson years ago and Barback Obama on 'Nightline' recently- "Are you Black or American?"!!!)
Do we really have to name, as examples of the abject public pillorying, some of the more recognizable, but by no means only, offenders: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ted Koppel, Kelly Tillman, Bob Grant, Patrick Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Don Imus, Curtis Sliwa and Andy Rooney among too many others tolerated by the unwashed masses and paid by mostly capitalist colorist white males?
Those 'media giants' must eventually be held responsible for perpetuating - for their capital gains - the false notions of Black males as major threats to national security.
Let anyone, who remains obdurately ignorant of the unenvious plight of Black males in the U.S.A., look at "Stolen Lives," a project of the 'October 22nd" Coalition - go to any page and see the photos of cop-murdered victims; one can learn that the majority is of Black males (including Spanish-speaking ones).
Doubters can also try to envision themselves as Black males; 'walk a mile in a Black male skin' as it were - understanding what it means to know that they put themselves in dire danger if they forget themselves and run down a street; have to endure being followed all around retail stores; see the disproportionate number of people looking like themselves in this nation's courts, jails and Death Rows, in the military and the paucity them in the colleges and in the country's jobs (50+% unemployment for Black males in New York City). What does it mean to the millions of Black males in the U.S.A. who, at one stage of development or another, sooner or later begin to realize that they are targets not only for racist/colorist cops and other 'law enforcement individuals, but also of other societally maleducated and victimized, low-self-esteemed Black males who - as they call each other 'the N-word' - beat, rob and kill others looking like themselves, don't realize that they are carrying out the colorist programming of dominant white males they'll never even meet?
Invoking the names of martyred Black males in this colorist society, because there are so many of them, unfortunately tends to irritate people who can't seem to identify with oppressed Black people; names like Amadou Diallo, Brian Fillmore, Corey Mickens, Ed Perry, Anthony Baez, Ernest Sayon, Hilton Vegas, Malcom Ferguson, Sean Bell, Patrick Dorismond, Randy Evans, Anthony Rosario, Timothy Stansbury, Jr. Cliffor Glover, Earl Faison, Thimothy Thomas, Idriss Stelly, Michael Stewart, Michael Phillips, Michael Donald, Michael Ellerby, Michael Newkirk, Michael Carpenter, Michael Knight (Mother, don't name your Black son "Michael!") - just to list a few of the cop-killed Black males.
Ask any Black male how many times he's been stopped and frisked ("He resembled a suspect we're looking for") how many times he's been stopped while driving, ticketed, accused of doing sometning he didn't do, how many times (if he's lucky enough to even have a job) has he been asked to train a lower echelon white who then's promoted over his head, how many times has he tried to get a cab and failed -seeing others who've arrived after him get picked up, how many people either won't take the same elevator or clutch their purses as he enters one and on and on ...ad infinitum and nauseam.
Solution? Ongoing www.racismtest.org the entire U.S.A. population, given our maleducation system which up to the current times refuses to teach that all huemans are 'of Black African ancestry,' and where individual responses to differences in culture and color are dysfunctional refer those misfits to Ethnotherapy until they can think straight.
Then it won't be such a scary thing to be Black and male in America and those males can walk around breathing a bit easier in their skins of observable melanin.
HEAL, AMERICA, with the racismtest.org!


By Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Jeremiah is no bullfrog
He's a true Hero of mine
Stood Man-Tall & told the truth
Instead of 'towing the line!'
(With 'Nuff Respect to Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Il.)

A vicious holdover from the United States of American slavery times is the arrogant continuous attempt by the white male supremacist 'establishment' to impose a 'suffer in silence' control over Black African people - especially males of color. Black folk aren't allowed to freely express anger: feel it, but don't reveal it.
Nowhere was this sad scene more prevalent than in the political arena - as the recent frenzied white male-dominated media mounted a concerted attack on the Black male presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama and, as is usual for people of color, tried to hold Obama accountable for another Black man's statements.
Consequently, how many people of color - and conscience - felt, as I surely did, what Dr. Joy deGruy Leary calls 'post slavery traumatic stress' at the racist/colorist attempts by the soul-sick white media to force - I said force, Barack Obama to repudiate Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. for his honest description of
'the way things are' in America? (Brave true words from his pulpit in Chicago)
And how gut-piercing was it to witness the apparently-forced verbal-kneeling, "Yes, Massa, we sick!' flinching by Obama as he dumped on Brother Jeremiah for telling the truth out loud: "...as imperfect...as he (Wright) is..." (Refer to NYC's WABC TV Channel 7 coverage of what they called Obama's "Race in the Race" speech)
See, even here in the 21st. Century, in this 'democratic' country, Blacks don't yet enjoy Constitutional First Amendment Rights of free speech. However, the Don Imusses, Bob Grants, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, Pat Buchanans, David Dukes, Kelly Tillmans and Geraldine Ferraros feel no constraints in buckjumping out in public with their heinously racist/colorist statements against Black people.
Heaven forfend that any personof color even try to tell the truth about the sorry state of Black affairs in this good ol' white boy-run country! The cops are still 'Amadou Diallo-ing' and 'Sean Bell-ing' Black males to death with 41 and 50 bullets, aren't they? And handcuffing our Black 5 year old schoolchildren? And prosecuting our Black children ("The Jena 6") for protesting nooses on trees? And 'Katrina-ing' to death and still displacing/unsheltering Black folk? And, isn't New York City's unemployment for Black males over 50%?
This whole brou-ha-ha puts me in painful mind of the dismay I felt upon observing the colonial remnants of slavery extant to this day in sunny Barbados, West Indies, where many of the Black masses are still asking permission to utter 'yes' and 'no,' - "Yes, please" - "No, please."
So no one can tell me that slavery is over when people of color, including the eminent, talented Black African Senator Barack Obama, can be forced into 'the silence of the damned.' (He did say, "...Rev. Wright's comments were wrong...divisive words..."
Oh no, they were not wrong or 'divisive!' This society had already been 'divided' by inherited ad' BLOGGcolorism ever since slavery days!

Heal America! - racismtest.org - Everyone - subvert the dominant paradigm

James Baldwin: "There was not then, nor is there now, a single institution which is not a racist institution."
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: "Racism is a sin unto death."

Dear Governor Corzine:

Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue COPY FYI
Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935

March 10, 2008

Hon. Jon Corzine,
Governor of New Jersey
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 001
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Dear Governor Corzine:
On Dec. 29, 2007, I wrote to you commending you for your impressive huemanity in ending New Jersy's Death Penalty.
I would seriously like to be able to add to that commendation, encomiums for your intervention in the severely counterproductive and dangerous elimination of African History (and Black literature) in the New Jersey Community College General Education Curriculum by the egregiously miseducated and mistaken Community College Academic Officers' Association. (CCAOA)
Not only is their embarassing decision seemingly illegal, contravening New Jersey's Amistad Act (law) providing for New Jersey Schools to bring in African History to the curriculum, it reveals an alarming ignorance of the fact that African History is World History and such elimination therefore does a gross disservice to the entire state. It is obvious that CCAOA members are uneducated about their own most distant ancestors - Black African originators of the hueman race. (Originators: not "subsets")
The students of your New Jersey Community Colleges certainly deserve to be taught what New Jersey resident, Eminent Historian, Professor Ivan Van Sertima calls "truthcentricity," so that they can be equipped with an accurate functional education with which to adequately deal with a three-quarter-of-color-populated world.
I must say that I am not shocked, only dismayed at the blatant display of racism/colorism by CCAOA 'dumping' of the history of their own ancestors: this illustrates, explicably, the dire need for healing untreated racism/colorism within not only New Jersey education systems but also in the rest of this country's institutions. James Baldwin said, "There is not now, nor was there then, a single institution that is not a racist institution." Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Racism is a sin unto death." They could've also said, "Untreated racism/colorism (an emotion) cuts right across the intellect and reveals an 'achilles heel' within otherwise worthy institutions."
You are herein urged, Governor Corzine, to use the same moral authority you so bravely displayed in ending New Jersey's Death Penalty, to rescue the New Jersey Community Colleges' Education System from the egregious maleducation which caused the CCAOA to publicly disrespect not only their own most distant Black ancestors, but, unfortunately, their very own students.
Such a rescue should involve the adoption of ongoing remediation using the www.racismtest.org Program, not only to clear the way for the truth about the origin of huemanity to be taught in the New Jersey schools, but also to prevent further embarassment to the state.

The Exclusivity of The Phrase 'African American':

The Exclusivity of The Phrase 'African American':
linguistically perpetuating colorism

Let's, for the sake of veracity, end the contemptible euphemism rampant in this society in which public figures and mainstrem media folk continuously wallow. If they mean "Black," why not say "Black?" Instead, it's "African American" this and "African American" that, ad infinitum and nauseam.
Question: What would one call a permanent U.S.A. resident who was born in England and all Blacks into a 'catch -all' category of "African American." ('These people all look alike') Not only is this blatantly arrogant in the extreme but pejorative and insulting in its neglect of respecting the beautiful diversity of people of color.
Sticks and stones and batons and guns routinely hurt and kill people of color but names based on racist/colorist inaccurate delineations and ignorance also hurt people of color.
Take serious note of the wholly mistaken senseless name-calling by the U.S.A. Census Board as it attempts to divide the one hueman race into 117 'races!'
This is one dire consequence of a racist/colorist miseducation system in a society which obdurately and dangerously refuses to teach the truth about the Black African origin of huemanity. Hence the sad state of its students when it comes to their mental health as it relates not only to their knowledge of self but also to their understanding of and behavior toward people who wear skins of observable melanin.
Suggested Solution: would be for everyone to learn and acknowledge in public forums who has the sovereign right to name themselves: however, the critical issues of identity and ethnicity in this country are arrogantly and arbitrarily based on observations of skin color by folk who've been purposely mis-educated about even their own origins - a clear case of 'the blind leading the blind.' And when people of color entering the U.S.A. are subjected to these hegemonically-imposed descriptions, irespective of their national origins, the 'namers' (usually white supremacist males) stubbornly ignore those national origins and 'clamp on' their own signifying nomenclature based on their self-serving observations of skin pigmentation.
"African" to them is supposedly always a pejorative "Black."
Finally, using "African American" and "Black" interchangeably as too many people do, is obfuscatory and in no way mitigates the inaccurate use of the phrase "African American." This merely illustrates the confusion brought about by colorist conditioning and undergirds the severity of the need for major overhauling of colorist language usage.
Truth crushed to earth will rise again: noose appearances are on the rise unfortunately, despite the fact that all huemans are "of Black African Ancestry!"
Question: Does everyone in the U.S.A. have to be struck blind before we as a nation begin to treat individuals by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin?
Suggestion: - Everyone ! (with Follow-up Ethnotherapy where indicated - especially those 'killers-of-Black-males-cops!'