Thursday, April 12, 2007


Don't fire 'im!

O.K., before you lose it over that heading - read on!

Even though it seems like every Tom, Dick and Harriett's 'having their say' about the Imus "Nappy-headed ho's and jigaboos," and to a person is calling for the broadcaster to be fired - if they're not absolutely hypocritical, they'll stop calling for his resignation or firing.

Why? Because if they're gonna' fire him they should fire everyone else because - look out now - every single person who's been through the U.S.A. 'education' system is to some degree or other - racist/colorist!

So, if he's fired, it'll be because he was stupid enuff to 'air' his affliction - but he's not the only person infected with the disease of colorism! Treat the symptom and not the disease - Hey Folk? So you'll ALWAYS have something to carp about...

I maintain that this 'immediate-gratification' short-sighted short-term stop-gap 'punishment' is counterproductive; he, and every other employee in this racist/colorist society, should be -ed and where dysfunctional responses to differences in color and culture are uncovered - be referred to psychological or psychiatric counseling where indicated!

After all, alcoholics are referred by managements to counseling treatment and not fired - unless they refuse to go; the very same handling of intemperate folk like Imus should be the 'way to go.'

This huge brouhaha, over the ugly unfeeling words of Imus, could be an extraordinary opportunity for this colorist society to set up widespread RACISM/COLORISM QUOTIENT TEST PROGRAMS in every single arena of people activity: economics, entertainment, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war (list-categories thanks to Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing).

Unless this entire society is treated for its inherited/untreated colorism, events such as the current todo over Imus will continue to crop up. Are we supposed to KNEEJERK-RESPOND in kind every damn time someone - who, like the rest of us - has been conditioned by an institutionally racist/colorist miseducation system which obdurately refuses to tell its students about their BlackAfrican origins - 'bops out' with colorist commentary?

Gimme' a freakin' BREAK! Instead of doing the gutbucket continuous hardwork extirpating the damn disease of colorism from folk - teaching the TRUTH about themselves and history, this society seems to prefer the ABSOLUTE HYPOCRISY of 'teapotting-in-a-storm' jumping on the specious bandwagon of calling for a 'firing' as though Imus is the ONLY untreated racist/colorist out there!

So, NO, I am NOT for firing Imus! I am for taking this HotOpportunity (because of the widespread publicity attending 'his off-color' remarks) to start a National Campaign for Racism/Colorism Quotient-TESTING with Follow-Up Counseling of everyone who makes decisions about others in this society - ESPECIALLY within the 'justice system,' and definitely with those rampaging, racist/colorist COPS, who have the power of life and death over folk - AND UNLIKE IMUS, CAN AND DO END THE LIVES OF BLACK MALES AND OTHER PEOPLE OF COLOR - ON A WHIM AND WITH IMPUNITY!

So, right this moment, at 6:42pm on 4/11/07, they're reporting on WABC TV, Channel 7 that the Imus Show's been cancelled by NBC - SO THE HELL WHAT? NOW Y'ALL'LL JUST WAIT- kneeJerking on hold - FOR THE NEXT UNTREATED RACIST/COLORIST TO COME OUTTA HIS/HER MOUTH WITH DYSFUNCTIONAL REMARKS?

How utterly mislead this public is...and how utterly hypocritical...and remember, just because a lotta' folk think in this mistaken way - not so many years ago - the 'public' also endorsed slavery...

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