Sunday, November 30, 2008



Lemme share with you what it really means to be Brown-in-America. You 'get it' from at least two directions - first from sicko whites who were egregiously mis-educated by a eurocentric intransigeant 'education' (read 'conditioning') sysdumb which purposefully and stubbornly refuses to teach their multi-colored students the truth about their hueman origins (Black in Black Africa).

Second, we 'Brownies' 'get it' from other people of color too: those lighter-skinned ones adopt whitey's sick anti-color attitudes and behavior toward people of color. The darker-skinned individuals automatically feel that "them Brown & high-yallers think they're better'n' me!"

Then we have to put up with the racist/colorists who speak of color discrimination only in terms of 'Black and white,' throughly relegating millions of Red, Yellow, Tan, Olive and us Browns to society's dung heap by such routine exclusions.

As a result of my own life-long pursuit of a soul-comforting identification made difficult as a result of this double-digit degradation, I've coined an accurate definition of the disease people usually and mistakenly call racism: it is the word "colorism." Because, the actual divisive, contentious, thorny and pandemic issue in societies has been and still is color.

However, almost every hueman being on this color-riven planet, no matter what country they're in, is rendered acutely uncomfortable whenever the subject of racism/colorism is raised. Some of them are quick to retort, "Oh, that's a terrible thing but I'm not racist!" (too few folk actually use the accurate term 'colorist') - some even have 'Black' friends, wives,/husbands, teachers, school/workmates and WOW! -parents!

However, these relatedness situations don't insure against their harboring colorist stereotypical thoughts, what could be called crooked/illogical thinking, because the negative discriminatory eurocentric societal conditioning has done its dirty mental/emotional damage usually by the beginning of the teenage years - horrors - even before then.

When one faces such worldwide retrograde colorist child abuse - yes, that's exactly what racist/colorist mis-education is - pandemic epidemic child abuse. And even the most courageous folk feel overwhelmed by the enormity of of the problem. They ask, what possibly can be done by people of good will to re-educate the misled masses and turn back the seeming tide of subsequently escalating colorist violence against 'Brownies' (Muslims, Hispanics, people of color) especially in these 'Post-Obama-Win" times?

Well, concerned folk must, ASAP, deal with the retrogressive colorist language usage with which announcers, anchorfolk, academics from all walks of life swamp an already mostly-soporific listenership. It's 'race' this and 'races' that up the wazoo and mistakenly meant to refer to issues and people of color; this is inaccurate and downright plain dirty-wrong.

The above issues, of course, are only some of the burdens BrownFolk have to bear. It'll be so refreshing to finally get an answer to the plaintive question:


I suppose it'll be when we have worldwide involvement with and and where pathological reponses to differences in color and culture are determined, refer the dysfunctional victims to Ethnotherapeutic Psychological/Psychiatric Counseling until they can think straight. And the testing should be mandatory, like testing for any other addiction.

Let the talking about colorism roll on! (718) 856

Saturday, November 22, 2008


for Saving Our Sons

Most white women in the United States of America thinking about bearing a child might hope for and look forward to having baby boys:
most Black women, at the thought of having a male child, pause and wonder whether they should bring a Black male into sure jeopardy.

Black males in America (North, South, East and West) merely by being Black and male, incredibly, face daily extinction: I'm talking physical extinction (never mind the heavy psychological stresses of breathing-while-Black) by police individuals who don't even know - haven't been taught(on purpose) - formally or informally - who they-themselves are and/or to whom they are related by blood (Black Africans in Black Africa).

The distinctly disproportionate and escalating number of cop-killed Black males 'dying-by-cop' is utterly appalling, but almost as appalling is the apathetic reaction of the public, too many of which, upon hearing of another Black male killed by cops, ignorantly pose the question - "What did he (the Black male) do? indicating an odious, slavish thinking that says, 'there must have been a good reason;' for the cops to've shot/killed the Black male. (What 'reason' did the cop in Coney Island, N.Y. have for shooting to death a man of color as he waved a chair around?) [Perhaps she'd been reading the 'Federal Violence Inititative,' which contains, says Dr. Peter Breggin of the Center for the Study of Psychiatry, Inc. - "Explicit racism is embodied in the #1 key research questions raised in the study: Do males or Black persons have a higher potential for violence than others and, if so, why?"] ('Black' includes Spanish-speaking Black males - cops don't ask about ethnicity before they shoot - they see only Black skin - as the cop-murderer of young Black Randy Evans had the nerve to utter: "I only saw the color of his skin!")

Again and again, as the inexorable slaughter of Black males by uniformed 'servants of the public' continues, the servile acceptance of such colorist bloody carnage seems to rise exponentially, especially in these 'Post-Obama-Win-times.' When I heard, some years ago, a young Black woman say, "I don't want to have a son in this country," I was awe struck, not only that she would say this aloud, but that she said it to a complete stranger. And I wondered at that time, if this was a common sentiment among Black women in the U.S.A.

To my utter dismay, as I've asked other Black women's opinions about Black male jeopardy, I've discovered a commonly-held abject fear on the part of Black females about the ever-present potential of their 'losing-a-Black-male-child-by-cop!'

That fear, for Black mothers (and Fathers and guardians) is a palpable one and it is a life-long heavy stress in and of itself, although it's coupled with other myriad stresses born by folk wearing skins of observable melanin. A sort of 'Color-Sword of Damocles.' It is one that most people do not like to talk about even though it is uppermost in their minds the moment their Black sons step onto the mean streets.. wondering whether their son (s) will be returning that day alive and well; wondering whether he'll be able to 'get through' a confrontation with any police; wondering whether he'll be able to withstand the too-numerous baiting-by-cops and keep his temper; wondering whether he'll remember your warning to "Lose the battle but win the war;" wondering whether you adequately-described the 'Prison Industrial Complex' booming-business of Black body-snatching built on stopping, frisking, beating, arresting and incarcerating Black males (neo-slavery- see 13th Amendment to the U.SA. Constitution).

And when he's told- at a pitifully young age - that a Black male walking along the street is dangerously 'running the gauntlet' of a racist/colorist society, is this unnecessary fear-mongering on the part of overly-protective parents - or is it just 'a basic protective mode?' And why should black mothers (fathers, guardians) have to scare the sh--(scatology) out of their Black sons to try to keep them alive in a country which has just elected a Black male President?

But we do. We do. Somebody(ies) out there should build a strong organization of
"Black African Mothers-4-Saving-Our-Sons." - 'BAM-4-SOS' - somebody(ies) fairly young, with mucho energy and compassion for the millions of Black parents in valid fear for the lives of their Black sons in this color-riven country!

No, don't say, "Well why don't you start it?" I am up to my ears with over-twenty-years of anti-racism/colorism work with our 'Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inccorporated, - and the decades of effort with The Little Black Book:Black Male Survival in America: Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally RACIST Society. Gimme' a break!

But, if you agree with this article's points and you're not already 'doing' an organization yourself - sure, let's talk! (718) 856 1271
Carol Taylor R.N. First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Friday, November 21, 2008


by Carol Taylor

Let's, for the sake of veracity, end the deplorable euphemism rampant in this society in which public figures and mainstream media folk continuously wallow. If they mean "Black," why not say "Black?" Instead, it's "African American" this and "African American" that, ad nauseam and nauseam.
Question: What would one call a Black U.S.A. resident who as born in England? It's just not good enough to put all Blacks into a 'catch-all' category of "African American." ('These people all look alike') Not only is this blatantly arrogant in the extreme but pejorative and insulting in its neglect of respecting the beautiful variety of people of color.
Sticks and stones and batons and guns routinely hurt and kill people of color (Eamon Morales, Long Island, N.Y.) and names based on racist/colorist inaccurate delineations and ignorance also hurt people of color.
Take serious note of the wholly mistaken, senseless name-calling by the U.S.A. Census Board as it attempts to divide the one hueman race into 117 'races!' This is surely one dire consequence of a racist/colorist miseducation system in a society which obdurately and dangerously refuses to teach the truth about the Black African origin of huemanity. Hence the sad state of its students when it comes to their mental health as it relates not only to their knowledge of self but also to their understanding of and behavior toward people who wear skins of observable melanin.
Suggested Solution: would be for everyone to learn and acknowledge in public forums who has the sovereign right to name themselves; however, the critical issues of identity and ethnicity in this country are arrogantly and arbitrarily based on observations of skin color by folk who've been purposefully mis-educated about even their own origins, the 'namers' (usually white-privileged supremacist males) stubbornly ignore those national origins and 'clamp on' their own signifying nomenclature based on their self-serving observations of skin pigmentation.
And "African" to them is supposedly always a pejorative "Black."
Finally, using "African American" and "Black" interchangeably as too many people do (especially academicians of all colors), is obfuscatory and in no way mitigates the inaccurate use of the phrase "African American." This practice merely illustrates the confusion brought about by colorist conditioning and undergirds the severity of the need for a major overhauling of colorist language usage. "Truth crushed to earth will rise again; noose appearances (and actual deaths of people of color in these 'post-Obama-
Win' days) are on the rise, unfortunately, despite the fact that all huemans are "of Black African ancestry."
Question: Does everyone in the U.S.A. have to be struck blind before we as a nation begin to treat individuals by the content of their character rather than the color of their skins?
Suggestion: and - EVERYone! (With Follow-up Ethnotherapeutic Psychological Counseling when pathological dysfunctional responses to differences in color and/or culture are uncovered - especially in those 'killers-of-Black-males-cops! (In Coney Island, N.Y. recently, an 'of-color' man only waving a chair was shot and killed by a trigger-happy NYPD cop!)
You say you want racism/colorism to end?: THEN CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE USAGE! (Leave off the "African American" - use 'Black' and get away completely from 'race' 'races' biracial' 'transracial' 'interracial' different races' 'out of her/his race' 'multi racial' 'white race' 'Black race' (or any other colors), 'racial' - etc., etc. etc.!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008


by BlAcktivist Elder Carol Taylor
(First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant)

Don't you just love the idea of 'a sleeping giant?' I do. Maybe such appeal comes from remembrances of Robert Louis Stevenson's "Gulliver's Travels."

Anyway, the emerging and escalating belief in Black communities that Blackfolk - woefully unorganized - are collectively 'a sleeping giant,' has been, ironically, fueled by the white male-dominated media coverage of Barack Obama's energetic and well-run campaigning for the Presidency of the United States of America.

(I also love the concept of 'Karma;' 'What goes around comes around' and 'Nature abhors a vacuum')

Psychologists have long utilized certain words to measure association capabilities of their patients: "Yin-yang," "big-small," "sad-happy," "rich-poor," "tall-short" and "Black-white." (Of course huemans do come in other colors)

However, as this country, from slavery days, has evolved into a majority-white 'us' and a minority Black (and others of color) 'them,' anyone studying social movements must take into serious consideration the nature of jusxtapositional ideaologies; if there is a generalized conept of "whiteness," then there is a consequent corollary of "Blackness" in people's minds. Hence the idea of judging a person by the color of her/his skin; the fact that this practice is unhealthy, illogical and unfair doesn't alter its reality.

One of the eminent anti-colorist Tim Wise's favorite juxtapositions is 'privileged underprivileged.' And more and more public speakers in the U.S.A. are parotting the phrase "white privilege," so it isn't a great leap of consciousness to envision "Black underprivilege." Consquently, if there is a 'philosophy of 'whiteness (the sum of the ideas and convictions of an individual or group), there is evidently a contrapuntal (associational) 'philosophy of Blackness.' (Not that I believe that 'whiteness' should be the 'norm' for every comparison either!) (Possibly 'philosophies of Red, Yellow, Brown, Olive and Tan' will follow)

But what does it mean to be Black in America? (U.S.A.) And if one subscribes to the nomenclature "Black," does one automatically pursue a 'Black philosophy?' And how does such a follower resolve the emotional/psychological dichotomy-of-identification about which W.E. du Bois and Frederick Douglass and many others talked so many years ago? (WABC TV "Nightline's Ted Koppel to Jesse Jackson: "Are you a Black man or an American?"

Additionally, a major contribution to the widespread concept of 'Blackness' as an entity is the usage of the word 'race,' to indicate color, or more usually, 'Black.' And isn't this usage based on a bogus unscientific construct of 'different races' (instead of the accurate one hueman race) along with the mistaken notion that Black,' 'Yellow,' 'Red,' 'Brown' and 'Olive' people are separate and inferior 'races?' Unfortunately academicians in the U.S.A. stubbornly perpetuate untreated racism/colorism by doggedly repeating - 'follow-fashion' - the inaccurate word 'races,' ad infinitum and nauseam, when there is no 's' on the word 'race' when it comes to hueman beings!

White and Black pollsters traditionally looking at Blacks as an economic entity, say that Black consumers spend over $600 Billion a year and that Blacks and other people of color are about to put Black Barack Obama into the White House as President of the United States of America; isn't it way past time for Blacks (and others) to admit that 'the sleeping giant' is waking and that there is such an entity as 'A Black Philosophy?' And shouldn't that admission involve fast-track adoption of utilizing and programs to flush away heretofore untreated racism/colorism from a society pretending to be progressive? How long are people of color prepared to be treated as second-class huemans, stopped, frisked, beaten, disrespected, jailed and killed merely because we wear skins of observable melanin? (Log on to - "Hate Crimes")


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


How Sick is America?

In the Ocean Way area in Jacksonville, Florida, thousands of children were kept from attending their schools on and about Nov. 4th (Elections) because the parents feared that the 'authorities' couldn't or wouldn't give the children adequate protection form colorist harassment.
Other school children in the South just wanted to share in their parents' celebrations of President-Elect Barack Obama's victory, but the bus driver told them that if they even said his name, she'd write them up and take them to the Principal's office. In another equally incredible outrageous colorist situation, students were threatened with suspension if they uttered Obama's name or dared to wear their Obama t-shirts (interestingly enough, no such ban was in force against students wearing McCain t-shirts!

One school Administrator was heard saying, "This is the way it is; this is the South; they'll have to put up with it." Oh, Yeah?

Aside from obvious First Amendment Freedom of Speech outright violations, these events were sure to stifle the very psyches of these youngsters; on the one hand they're taught to revere what their teachers describe as the 'United States of America democratic process,' the 'liberating spirit of the Founding Fathers' and perform flag-waving pledges of allegiance, but in diametric opposition, they're being faced with blatant repression of their individual rights. I sure hope the ACLU steps in and teaches those denizens perpetrating such outrages a severe lesson.

Unfortunately, these youngsters are not alone in their 2008 colorist deprivation, 'up South,' here in the 'liberal' North, in racist/colorist Long Island, seven young green-behind-the-ears miseducated-by-an-institutionally-racist/colorist-society- males, acting out that sick societal colorist conditioning, actually murdered a male hueman being because he was - they mistakenly thought, a Mexican! There are equally ignorant and bigoted individuals who, upon seeing one obviously-Black youngster in the line-up of wilding alleged killers, will predictably say that the attack couldn't be racist(colorist) because "one of them was Black!" (as though Blackfolk aren't hueman enough to be similarly negatively conditioned by a racist/colorist society!) They are every single one of them in need of: involvement to determine and help heal their dysfunctional levels of pathological responses to differences in color and culture!

For the uninformed, facing the abysmal fact that, here in the year 2008, huemans (my 'e') can lose their lives because of what they look like, has to be explained as the wake up call it is - a wake up call for this entire society - and the rest of the (majority people of color) world, to honestly deal with untreated racism/colorism in a forthright manner.

What is direly needed is another World Conference on Racism (Colorism), this time, the U.S.A. should not be allowed to refrain from active participation.

It is no wonder - or mistake - that escalating reports of colorist violence, escalating frenzied discussion of racism/colorism, escalating public awareness of the issues of untreated colorism are popping up like virulent outbreaks of poison ivy. Such tensions will continue to plague societies which neglect the untreated colorism that has been simmering for decades. The truth will out.

As more and more victims - our grossly miseducated masses - begin to realize that all huemans are 'of Black African ancestry,' their society-instilled colorism will cause them fear, frustration and anger and to 'act out, psychologists say, against those individuals who wear skins of observable melanin. (Members of the nation's police forces have been and are similarly 'acting out' their colorist aggression daily as they continue in racist/colorist orgiastic fervor, frisking, beating, sodomizing and slaughtering Black male inhabitants with relative impunity)

NEEDED ASAP: Reputable, knowledgeable Ethnotherapists, to heal a color-sick America before it's too late:




Post Obama Election-Fear of 'Genetic Annihilation?'

Even before Barback Obama won the presidential election, public chatchat about 'race' has certainly escalated. (that inaccurate word 'race' erroneously bruited about ad nauseam) . But the reality of a world 'color' order is not new.

At one time Blackfolk did rule; 'civilization' was started and ruled by Blacks in Africa, the cradle of civilization. However, eurocentric purposeful miseducation systems prefer to perpetuate the Great White Male Lie that 'civilization' began only in Europe; repercussions of that monumental and current fabrication continue to victimize the masses of earth's inhabitants.

The resulting untreated racism/colorism has and is costing not only billions of dollars which should be used instead to enhance hueman lives but is, sadly, causing thousands of folk of all colors to lose their lives.

Walter Rodney's How Europe (white) Underdeveloped Africa (Black) is certainly an apt description of the horrendous colonization (rape) of countries of color - indeed continents of color. South Africa, Zimbabwe, The Democratic Republic of Congo and others are illustrative of the continuing negative colonial influences extant right up to this very moment: indeed, between 1898 and 1934, the U.S.A. marines invaded Cuba four times, Nicaragua five times, Honduras seven times, the Dominican Republic four times, Haiti two times, Guatemala once, Panama two times, Mexico three times and Columbia four times. Washington, D.C. has intervened militarily in foreign countries more than two hundred times - and those countries are countries of color.

The nefarious, hegemonic predation of the U.S.A., color-biased as it is, reveals a racist/colorist foreign policy itself. The pandemic nature of what we call 'untreated racism/colorism' is nearly overwhelming, but regardless of the enormity of the 'color issue,' the fact remains that the longstanding struggle against colorism and for equity and liberation from skin color bias must be intensified - continually brought before the public - continually discussed and put into proper context, in spite of having a Black man in the White House.

The foundation for that valid contextualization must be the truthcentric challenging of the Great While Male Lie that "civilization began in Europe." If, as Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing says, wite males, upon perceiving 'Blackness,' automatically see what they feel are indications of their own genetic annihilation, then the necessity for their re-education and re-conditioning must take place as soon as possible. This is a very serious widespread situation which, of course, the election of a Black Obama seems to have exacerbated.

Especially do the multi-colored children of the world need to know the truth - need to know about their most distant ancestors/relatives/family members: Black Africans in Black Africa.*

"Mitakuye Oyasin!" (Indigenous for: "We are all related" )

"Wowacintanka!" (Indigenous for: "To persist in spite of differences")

*(And may we expect that a President Barack Obama would mandate that this truth be taught, in all the schools in the entire United States of America, by having the Program incorporated, with follow-up Ethnotherapeutic Psychological Counseling where pathological responses to differences in color and culture are revealed?)
Now that would really be 'change!'

Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant
590 Flatbush Avenue

Ste.11A BK NY 11225-493



Dear Commissioner Kelly:
Re: Victims Piggott & Morales

We've heard compassion only for Lt. Piggott and his family - even from those who've been put upon by NYPD excesses. However, anyone with even a fleeting knowledge of psychology understands that the taser-caused death of the mentally-challenged Eamon Morales provided merely a 'straw that broke the camel's back' incentive for the Lt.'s suicide. There must have been an escalating series of untenable stresses in that officer's life, not the least of which were occupation-connected.
So that both of these hapless victims have not perished completely in vain, surely instead of wrongly focusing on supposed trouble with the public: 1. The NYPD can adopt an ongoing practice of giving annual psychological work-ups to its employees who have myriad work-related stresses with which they must deal and 2. The NYPD can include ongoing programming with follow-up psychological/psychiatric counseling wherever pathological officer responses to differences in color and/or culture are uncovered. This remediation should be provided for all NYPD employees including individuals in Administration.
As matters stand now, both NYPD folk - this means everyone - and the public, especially persons of color, are the victims of a society wherein the education systems have and are miseducating the masses by neglecting to teach the truth to their students about their most distant relatives - the Black African ancestors of all huemans. All huemans are 'of Black African descent.'
To far too many people, this truthcentricity may not seem important, but this omission leads to artificial barriers in the perceptions of police persons which, on the occasion of split-second life and death decisions, causes members of the public to unnecessarily lose their very lives. These artificial barriers also cause unnecessary stress for the police, who, as a result of such untreated colorism, are surely victims too.
As such heretofore neglected matters stand now, inhabitants in N..Y.C. live each day cringing under the colorist proverbial 'Sword of Damocles,' many understanding that police officers and members of the public, both victims - unless #1 and #2 items aforementioned are incorporated by the NYPD - will evolve into more 'Eamon Morales' and 'Lt. Piggott' tragedies.
For the NYPD to incorporate remedial treatment for the institutionally colorist conditioning to which we have all, repeat all, been subjected, would constitute no indication of weakness; to the contrary, it would reflect an admirable strength of character and would certainly reduce the unrelenting stress on your officers and also reduce the relentless and unnecessary deaths of so many of this city's inhabitants.
Finally, the fact that it's mostly Catholic cops who've been responsible for the killings of mostly Black males hereabouts (including Spanish-speaking ones) may not be welcome information or even attributable directly to their being Catholic, but these facts must be faced in a forthright manner if the NYPD is to be viewed as a truthcentric and credible interactive entity. The public's trust in the NYPD must be restored.
In fact, we'd like to see the NYPD restored to the time when the cop on the corner was looked upon as a friend - not as a foe -; but for that to happen the #1 and #2 suggestions have to be implemented - the sooner the better.
Who was it who said, "The saddest part of being hueman (my 'e') is the depth of our ignorance?" And it is killing ignorance not to know and be able to acknowledge who were all of huemanity's most distant ancestors!

R.I.P. Eamon Morales and Lt. Piggott.

P.S. Is it or is it not insanity for your officers to be running around so often killing the relatives of their own ancestors?

Most Sincerely,
Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant