Saturday, March 24, 2007


To: UNITED FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE (And all its Affiliated Organizations who really want an end to the Iraq Invasion):

There's an inexpensive, simple, easy and effective way to stop the Invasion and get the troops back home:


You'll need to step only a little way outta' y'all's comfort zones:

1. Spend some PENNIES whenever you handle money - and say why you're using PENNIES (ConsumerPower) "THIS IS A PROTEST AGAINST THE IRAQ INVASION - I WANT IT TO END!" and 2. Tell 5 relatives/friends about PENNIES FOR PEACE to do the same thing!

The PENNY-DEMONSTRATORS SHOULDN'T STOP until the announcement's made by The 'Decider' in The White House that "...the U.S.A. is pulling out of Iraq immediately!"

"PENNY POWER" worked for the Aam Clayton Powell, Jr. Campaign for Black Jobs on 125th Street in Harlem, New York; PENNY POWER worked to get the 'Dollar Vans' on Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn, New York 'legitimized' in spite of opposition by the recalcitrant Mayor Giuliani.

Pennies are Legal Tender and in spite of New York City's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) lettering on buses about 'no pennies,' actually, any transaction calling for consumer spending of cash has to allow/accept Legal Tender - PENNIES and all!

If the various organizations (especially those affiliated with - just check out the huge number of those!) against the Iraq Invasion, which so many people euphemize as "war," would all coalesce -come together to publicize the PENNIES FOR PEACE campaign, Wall Street itself would move to pressure Congress and the white House to end the Invasion in one week. (Businesses in this country could not withstand a 'FLOOD OF PENNIES' even for one week! - and only some of the populace would have to become involved for the campaign to work - the fear of being arrested at demonstrations which keeps millions at home would be removed)

If anyone needs persuading that PENNIES FOR PEACE would be effective - they should just picture ordinary 'war haters' who drive, using some (not many!) PENNIES for the bridge tolls (GRIDLOCK, BABY!); folk buying tokens for transport systems with PENNIES (some, not even many!)(TRAIN & BUS SCHEDULES OFF!); THOUSANDS of sports fans who want the U.S.A. out of Iraq, paying for their tickets with (some-not a lot) PENNIES (HOWLING LINES OF FANS!), drivers in Traffic Court - paying their fines with PENNIES (some, not all) (PURE CHAOS!); patrons paying for groceries with (only some - not all) PENNIES FOR PEACE! OUCH!

You get the picture, the U.S.A. cannot and could not (even for one week!)withstand a protracted PENNIES FOR PEACE Campaign by tired-of-payingBILLIONS-for- invasions/wars folk.

Simple? YES. Safe? YES. Inexpensive?(no NEED to expend millions on marches to D.C.!) YES. Effective? YES! Doable? YES! Righteous? ABSOLUTELY!

I personally want to see the end of the deaths of thousands of Iraqi children and women and men - I would like to see the end of the deaths of U.SA. and other soldiers who've been sent overseas to kill and be killed and maimed in the name of some specious "patriarchy!"

As John Lennon and Yoko Ono always said, it's way past time to - "Give Peace A Chance!"

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