Thursday, August 30, 2007

MIND YOUR 'P's!'*-

MIND YOUR 'P's!'*-
(A variant - of Mom's "Mind your 'P's & 'Q's!" -
which could be used to inspire success in life: Check off those which apply to You!)
1. Perceptiveness -
2. Perspicacity -
3. Proactiveness -
4. Productiveness -
5. Purposefulness -
6. Perseverance -
7. Propriety -
8. Passion -
9. Panache -
10. Proper -
11. Practical -
12. Proficient -
13. Profound -
14. Persuasive -
15. Path-Finding -
16. Perdurable -
17. Proportionateness -
18. Patience -
19. Peppy -
20. Pace-Setting -
21. Path-Breaking -
22. Plugged-In -
23. Proponent -
24. Powerful -
25. Pragmatic -
26. Prepared -
27. Prompt -
28. Propitious -
29. Performance -
30. Pivotal -
31. Pioneering -
32. Positive -
33. Precise -
34. Professional -
35. Progressive -
36. Proud -
37. Partnered -
38. Paver -
39. Patron -
40. Philosophical -
41. Piquant -
42. Popular -
41. Prepossessing -
44. Protecive -
45. Punctilious -
46. Polished -
47. Poised -
48. Plucky -
49. Photogenic -
50. Philanthropic -
51. Personable -
52. Partying -
53. Providential -
54. Prudent -
55. Peace-Maker -
56. Prosperous -
57. Promising -
58. Presentable -
59. Playful -
60. Pet-Loving -
61. Precocious -
62. Prioritizing -
[If you're a politician, president(White House), puppet, pervert, poltroon, profiteer, prevaricator, primadonna, pimp, psychopath, pickpocket, pornographer, purblind, procurer, plunderer, popinjay, prude, psychotic, paranoid, pistol-packing, predatory, parasite, procrastinator, perfidious, pestilential party-pooper - this article is not for you!]
SCORING: 0 - 10 Go take a Dale Carnegie course!
11 - 29 You 'got promise'...
30 - 41 Your parents did a good job!
42 - 62 Will you marry me?
* We'll deal with the 'Q's another time...smiles

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


(A 17th August 2007 Personal Commemoration of Marcus Garvey Day)
Perhaps, in reflecting on Marcus Garvey's portentous 'Whirlwind' admonition, we can begin to understand the August 12 - 17th 2007 riotous concatenation of events, as Garvey's influence might've been swirling raucously amidst this week's flurry of events: (Notice that the following events directly affect mostly people of color everywhere, although this shouldn't be surprising, since three quarters of this entire world's population is comprised of - people of color:
- The passings of the veteran Historian Asa Hilliard and musician Max Roach and Caroline Goodman, mother of slain civil rights rider Goodman of the murdered trio - Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner;
-Category 5 Hurricane "Dean" with 140 to 150 mile per hour winds whipping through the Caribbean heading for my Grand Mother's island of Jamaica, and Cancun;
- 300+ Iraquis dead and many more injured in suicide bombings;
- Peru's 1500+ dead from the effects of an earthquake;
-3 more coal miners dead - looking for their 6 missing colleagues;
- Arraignment of Latino alleged killers of 3 young Newark, New Jersey Blackfolk, whom the white 'mainstream' media insist on calling "students," as though that categorization makes their murders more important than if they were not 'students;'
-NYC Police Commissioner Adolph Kelly shamefully bouncing out with a color-targetting, 'The Sky's Falling!' - 'The Muslims Are Coming!' publication screeching about supposed 'home grown' local "terorists" in our midst;
-Greasy Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pushing for unconscionable and drastic shortening of Death Row folks' appeals times (most of those on Death Row are 'of color');
-The outrageous bullShit arraignment racist/colorist D.A. Charles Hines of Brooklyn, N.Y. brought against Hueman Rights Warrior Attorney Michael Warren (he and his Attorney wife Evelyn, witnessing the 77th pct. Sgt. Talvey & gang of blue thugs kicking, stomping and beating a handcuffed, lying-on-the-ground young Black male - asked why they were beating the boy instead of just arresting him, were then savagely beaten themselves, arrested and charged with the usual 'resisting arrest' - blah, blah, blah) - But, happily, there was an inspiringly large crowd of us 'Warren Supporters' in the courtroom!;
...all of this week's 'Babylon-Falling' events culminating - on Marcus Garvey's Day - with the opening of Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network's 3-day series of Forums at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building. I was just in time to attend the 'Media Forum,' hosted by NAN's Public Relations Officer, Rachel Noerdlinger (yes, she's 'of color'). The question she asked - whether there was racism in the nation's news rooms was - I think - the wrong question - we already know that there's rank racism/colorism in the newsrooms of the U.S.A. - the question should've been - "What can be done about the racism in this nation's newsrooms?
This week, I wrote a letter to Mychal Bell, one of "The Jena 6' (google that and get the GodAwful story for yourself) - to give him some cheer in his jail cell:
Mychal Bell, Inmate,
A-Dorm, LaSalle Correctional Center,
15976 Highway 165, Olla, LA 71465-4801
(you write the boy too, please)


Social Misbehavior The U.S.A. Can't Afford
Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue
Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935
15 August 2007
Hon. Federal Judge William H. Pauley III
U.S.A. District Court - Southern District
500 Pearl Street
New York City, N.Y.
Dear Judge Pauley:
With respect to the unfortunate and egregious example of untreated racist/colorist treatment with which New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has degraded New York City Councilman's Aide Viola Plummer, a Black activist from Brooklyn, may I tell you that as a concerned resident of Brooklyn, I am distinctly outraged.
In my estimation, and as a longtime activist myself, with over twenty years of community anti-racism/colorism research and training , Ms Quinn has overstepped her authority and, as I wrote to her, has revealed a deeply entrenched level of untreated colorism which has embarassed her and, in her capacity as Speaker, the entire New York City Council. I am not only embarassed as a local citizen by her obvious colorism, I am angry that she has gratuitously showered her opprobrium on to the hired and appointed Aide of the Hon.City Councilman Charles Barron.
I would like to see Ms Quinn referred to the administration of the (Racism/Colorism Quotient Test Program with Follow-Up psychological/psychiatric Counseling, whichever is indicated) for the healing she so obviously needs, as evidenced by her overstepping of her authority in the current contretemps with Ms Plummer.
Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



590 Flatbush Avenue

Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935

"Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned"

August 14, 2007

Christine C. Quinn


The Council of The City of New York

City Hall

New York, N.Y. 10007

Dear Ms. Quinn,

Thank you for the August 6, 2007 scattergun form letter you sent to me. I very

much appreciate (in the older sense of that word) appreciate being so facilely

relegated by you to the 'just-one-of-the-noisy-crowd' category. However,

I can't allow you to slither out from under the rock of accountability so easily;

your letter had not one whit to do with responding to the two salient points

in my first letter to you dated July 16, 2007. In that letter, I specifically stated that

I was not responding directly to your (illegal) treatment of Ms Viola Plummer

(a judge'll deal with that), yet in your letter to me you refer to "...litigation pending

involving Ms. Viola Plummer!

I reiterate herein, my allusion to "...the vicious level of untreated racism/colorism within you which caused you not only to publicly expose yourself as deeply infected/fettered by this society's racist/colorist conditioning, but to, consequently, cause long term and divisive harm to the Council of which you are an administrative part." And I repeat the offer to help heal that disease with the with Follow-Up psychiatric/psychological Counseling until the direly-needed healing is effected - for you and your City Council members.

In Expectation of receiving a direct response to the above remedial offer,

I Remain,

(There is only one race---the hueman race; there is no "s" at the end of the word "race." In fact and in truth, the concept of "race" is bogus; recent DNA studies have proven that we are all descended from the same, beautiful, blue-black, first-on-the-earth hueman beings in Africa - therefore, we hueman beings are all African; some of us may be a little less or more 'rinsed out' thatn others --we've evolved into varying colors--but we're all interrelated--one family--the hueman family. So, there is no meaning to such divisive terms as, "interracial," "bi-racial," "transracial," "multiracial," "races," or "out of your race!" (In fact, using these scientifically inaccurate terms renders one complicit in the continuation and pervasiveness of untreated racismcolorism)

There is no positive future for 'racial profiling' which we call "color profiling")

Carol Taylor R.N.

President/Founder: The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc.

Inventor: The Racism/Colorism Quotient Test Program (Which every member of our society should be given to counteract the miseducation they've received from an institutionally racist/colorist system)

Author: The Little Black Book: Black Male Survival in America: Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally RACIST society

First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Hearts of Darkness


The Hearts of Darkness

How White Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa

By Milton G. Allimadi

Published by:Black Star Books, Co.

ISBN #:0-9740039-0-5

85 pp

Reviewed by:Carol Taylor

This classic book had to be published – the truth had to be stated.

It has, con mucho gusto, by an African-born topnotch investigator, Ugandan veteran journalist Milton Allimadi, the incisive, clear thinking world affairs commentator, Publisher of New York City’s Black Star newspaper.

If words help to shape human behavior and deeds, and they do – then certainly, Allimadi’s well-chosen, descriptive quotes serve to reiterate the book’s important main focus on the racism (colorism) replete in white writers’ coverage. (Notice he doesn’t call them “journalists,” – many of whom contributed to the New York Times down through the years)

Quoting from his extensive ‘Sources’ list, he includes African Notebook by Albert Schweitzer, African Religions in Western Scholarship, by Ugandan Okot p ‘Bitek, Black Skins, White Masks, by Dr.Frantz Fanon, and Notes On The State of Virginia, by Thomas Jefferson, among others. These provide substantial grounding for Allimadi’s conclusion that, unlike news reports covering social unrest in Europe, (never, of course, “white-on-white crime”) similar unrest in Black Africa was always portrayed by white writers (and, unfortunately, by some low-self esteemed Black writers) as ‘tribal unrest’ and/or “Black-on-Black crime” – (an ultra-racist/colorist phrase).

One of the most harrowing aspects of Allimadi’s herculean and critical analysis of the misrepresentation of affairs in Africa is that those of us ‘Westerners’ who consider ourselves mightily literate and nicely well-read, have been arrogantly ignorant of how the white wool of color-biased reporting has been purposefully and continuously pulled over our eyes by writers who have been held up to us as “journalism’s finest.”

The Hearts of Darkness, thank veracity and goodness, has irretrievably snatched the wool off and illustrated, with vivid prose, that it’s really the truth - that’s ‘fit to print.’

Reviewer’s Warning: Be prepared for some strongly-abhorrent quotations from quoted white writers.