Saturday, May 19, 2007


But Truthcentricity* Is Liberating!

White Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack by Dr. Peggy Macintosh of Wellesley College in Massachussetts, with her 46 reason why she herself was - unknown to her for a long time - living as a whiteskin-privileged person in America.

This paper should be required reading for every hueman being on this racist/colorist planet.

That's Setp 1. Step 2 should be taking the - no matter what color you are; unless of course you wish to continue being manipulated by your racist/colorist societal conditioning and your racist/colorist mal-education.

We bin' (and are being) had! - bamboozled, mis-educated up da' wazoo! And it's way past time, for the well being of all of us, for the societies of which we're a part, for the truth to be seen, acknowledged and taught: all huemans are 'of African descent,' and have - back there somewhere - Black relatives.

Perhaps hueman beings could eventually end wars - invasions like that of Iraq by the U.S.A., predation upon each other, if one by one, people stop "Living The Color Lie" - judging each other by the color of our skin instead of by the content of our character, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had so presciently said.

Step 3 - refer to the one-'race' gene, SLC24A5 of Dr. Keith Chang, Pennsylvania; Neely Fuller, Jr.'s United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Textbook For Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (white supremacy); Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells' video, "Journey of Man" - 1 800 PLAY PBS; Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's The Isis Papers

*"Truthcentricity" is a word coined by the eminent Historian Dr. Ivan Van Sertima whose written works should also be devoured.


Listening to WBAI Radio Pacifica 99.5fm (incredible information always) - about EMF's - thought I'd pass this on to you...

Investigative Journalist Ellen Sugarman has written a book which sounds like urgent reading to me:


Evidently EMF - Electromagnetic Frequency waves - provide harmful radiation, lymphomas and brain tumors...didn't Siskel - (of Siskel & Ebert movie review team) die a short while ago of lymphoma? Wonder whether he used a cell phone?

The National Institute of Sweden Study and the University of Washington in Seattle's Henry Lyons Institute have issued dire warnings about discovering DNA breaks in the brain, which are said to be precursors to brain tumors in rats exposed to EMFs.

Sugarman says that if you use a cell phone for more than TEN MINUTES, you're setting yourself up for serious trouble!

She says microwave ovens - she wouldn't use! And she advises putting a piece of tape FIVE FEET from the TV (on the floor) and make sure your children do not sit any closer!

She also says, sit no closer than THREE FEET from your computer - (OH OH!) - use a "Gas Meter" to measure EMFs in your OFFICE - make sure you're not sitting over a TRANSMITTER in your office building. PHEW!

Just get the book - the Government sure won't tell you! (They're too busy spending BILLIONS & BILLIONS on invading other hapless countries and killing off folk - and neglecting the infastructure in this country!)