Wednesday, June 17, 2009



I guess that saying "Dumbing Down of America" - off-putting as it is - isn't so far off the mark; connecting the dots about the Officer Omar Edwards Slaying and the Von Brunn Holocaust Museum Shootings is essential if we are to produce a safer environment. If folk aren't taught who they are, they will continue to believe that they have the God-given right to take the lives of those they feel are 'different' from them.

We've got literally millions of victimized students emerging from 'education' institutions in this country, sadly without a clue as to who they really are, grossly miseducated, in some instances by similarly miseducated 'educators,' and, on the other hand, some purposely miseducated, by immoral defenders of the status-white-quo.

What do I mean and why am I so irate about the egregious omission-of-the-truth-in-teaching? Well, most of my life, I've been one of those 'dumbed-down' individuals, bereft of the knowledge of self, no thanks to an institutionally racist/colorist miseducating white-monopolized sysdumb which - dammit - to this day still spews out bilge about alleged white heroes (like lyin' George Washington, pedophile Thomas Jefferson, lost Christopher Columbus* amongst too many others to herein list). *Check out the late Professor Ivan Van Sertima's "They Came Before Columbus")

This hypocritical sociey urges everyone to 'get an education!' - without teaching its students who they really are - descendants all, of the earliest huemans, Black Africans in Black Africa. This society (and too many of the entire world's institutions) is still mal-teaching that European, white 'Plymouth Rockers' had the noble right to land on 'American' shores and take over the land of the of-color Indigenous residents.

Innocent youngsters are continuously brainwashed, conditioned to revere the Big white Lie of special white privilege - of special liberties-for-whites-only, forced to daily pledge allegiance and salute the flag of a country steeped in puerile fabrication (along with the one about a fat old white man dressed in red who climbed down chimneys with toys for 'good' children).

Indeed, most of the millions of U.S.A. students emerging from such miseducation wanting to claim ancestry in Europe - (even, incredibly, students of color). Well, what happened before Europe? The various DOE's (Departments of Education) must, to regain any credibility at all, make vast improvements in their curricula which illustrate the truth: they could start by [posted on] -ing their teachers and students and offering them all the works of esteemed scholars like:

Cheik Anta Diop
Frantz Fanon
Professor Ali Mazrui
Professor Molefi Asante
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima;

how difficult would that be: - (very, if their goal is still the maintenance of white male supremacy -in a three-quarters 'of color' world!).

I'm also angry for the thousands upon thousands of young Black (mostly male) students who are still being sold a pack of miseducating lies that they have the same 'rights' as this society's other victims, white and other students of color, ensuring that the resulting sense of 'patriotism' will lead them right into a Military Industrial system as fodder for the corrupt capitalist meat grinder or somehow even worse, into the Prison Industrial money-making system.

Those Black male 'emancipated' students who don't end up fighting/killing for a country which has so grossly miseducated 'em, walk the streets very likely to be summarily dispatched to the graveyard by racist/colorist blue-clad 'enforcers of the law,' who've been similarly miseducated as to who they are and conditioned to live in white neighborhoods and eschew Blacks.

What we have here is a vicious miseducating merry-go-round, perpetuated by an obdurately-entrenched system of purposeful ommission of the truth about exactly who are the planet's hueman beings and about from whom we all sprang! Wow. How do you spell 'm-a-s-s i-n-s-a-n-i-t-y?'