Thursday, July 30, 2009


(Can't We All Just Get Along?)

OH! OH! Who's really running this country?

You cannot imagine how irate I was when I heard that goodlooking illustrious Black man in the White House (with his 'color-transcendant ideology')* back down from his already-mild "stupidity" statement about the racist/colorist behavior of the Boston cop Crowley (arresting 'Skip' Gates in his own dwelling) and then invite them for beer & burlesque to the White House!

(I didn't hear President Barack Obama invite the mothers of Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Anthony Baez, Patrick Dorismond, Michael Stewart, Randy Evans, any of the thousands of cop-killed Black males or their killer cops to the White House, for green tea * genuflection!)

And when-oh-when have you heard of the police unions of the eastern seaboard demanding, in one yowling arrogant white-male voice, that a sitting President of the United States of America apologize for a Presidential statement? Tell me!

See, this hostile-to-color country, wracked by untested/untreated racism/colorism, can't acknowledge that a person of color (even an 'oreo cookie') could possibly be as effective (or even more so!) in the White House as some white dude; they, in their hamstringing bias, are too dam' busy judging a 'book by its cover,' which, if the truth were told, is one of the main things that the good ol' whiteboys running everything around here were counting on, when they allowed a Black male to "win" the Presidency of the U.S.A.

What?-you ask. What 'chu' talkin' 'bout? Alla' those millions of voters of all hues put that Black man in the White House! Sorry to burst yer balloon: if you do believe that - I've got a bridge in Brooklyn - etc., etc., etc.!

Those same folk who arranged for a Black male to be in the White House obviously slapped Obama's hands and instructed him ('if he knows what's good for 'im') to back down-quick, retract his mildly-valid "studpidity" statement and do penance by inviting Crowley & Gates - I gotta' repeat this - for "beer & burlesque" in the White (man's) House!

Excuse me - I gotta' go barf.

RX: [posted on]- thePresident, the cops & EVERYone else in this hostile- to-color country (& where pathology in their responses to color & culture difference is revealed - ALL sickos referred to ethnotherapeutic counseling until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color & culture!)

* Thanx, Ishmael Reed!


Black Male Survival in America
Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally RACIST Society

In the first place, 'Skip' Gates should've had his Little Black Book on him in his back pocket! (Could've even used it as ID)

In the second place, unless Blackfolk understand the nature of the epidemic, nasty, inherited disease of untreated racism/colorism in its awful entirety, as us color-targeted folk daily experience it, the confrontations will escalate - given the egregious miseducation of the masses as to who exactly they really are: the descendants of Black Africans who originated huemanity in Black Africa!

And as much as 'oppressed-by-white-notions-of-supremacy' oppressed folk don't like to be connected so closely with oppressors - 'All'a we is one!'

As a result of such mass ignorance of self and intolerance of others seemingly 'different,' 'Gates' occurrences - and worse, like dead Black males Sean Bell, Eamon Morales, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Paul Maxwell, Anthony Baez, Ron Hakmaat,Kiki Battle, Shem Walker and even Black cop Omar Edwards* - among too blasted many of cop-killed Black males listed on the mordant back pages-lists in The Little Black Book, we've gotta' see to it that this survival manual is in every Black male hand in this hostile-to-color country.
*Notice that the names reflect the fact that cops didn't ask what language they spoke what work they did, how much money they had in the bank or what country they were from before firing! ALL COPS SHOULD BE MANDANTED TO TAKE THE WWW.RACISMTEST.ORG [POSTED ON WWW.DISCUSSRACE.COM] BEFORE BEING GIVEN GUNS, MACE, TASERS, BILL CLUBS, FLASHLIGHTS AND SENT INTO NEIGBORHOODS OF COLOR! (where they're found pathological in their responses to differences in color and culture - immediately those sick individuals should be referred to Ethnotherapeutic Counseling until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color & culture differences!)

Get your Little Black Books from:

Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue
Ste.11a BK NY 11225-4935
$2.44each Money Order
Please, I don't have time from my
BlActivism to chase down checks which may bounce (or the $ those stink banks charge for 'em!)

Order the 5inch by 4inch life savers to give to those hangin'-pants mis-led Black youngsters who don't have a clue as to the danger they're in just being out of their homes (OR, in some stupid cases - IN their houses, like 'Skip' Gates! AWK! Is nothing sacred anymore?!)

I love the Thurmond statement: 'I'm sorry we didn't have the Little Black Book issued to us with our Birth Certificates at age 0!'

Your Sister-in-The-Struggle,

Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant
(Make copies of this Flyer and pass 'em out in the neighborhood - save a life!)

Congratulations, Judge Sonia Sotomayor!


Judge Sonia Sotomayor!




Your Sister-in-THE-Struggle,

Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant
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Friday, July 10, 2009


(There's no bloom on this 'burg!')

The same colorist way the New York City Police Department won't publicly-acknowledge that it's mostly white Catholic Long Island-living male cops who've been killing mostly Black male residents, it the same way the racist/colorist New York City Board of Education has been dismally-failing to teach all of its millions of multi-hued students who actually were their most distant relatives/ancestors: Black Africans in Black Africa.

And now, ad nauseam, we in New York City are treated to a whiney, white, greedy, money-grubbing billionnaire mayor singing paeans to himself (masturbating on the millions) in prime time TV ads bragging about what he's purportedly done for the Department of Mis-Mal-Education! (Who pays for this misleading intrusiveness?)

If Bloomburg wants honest encomiums, let him, as he resigns, turn over three-quarters of his billions to the Board of Education with the proviso that they revise the Curriculum so that it teaches its teachers and its students about themselves as being the descendants of the originating Black Africans in Black Africa (formerly called "Alkebulan" and "Gondwanaland").

But, let no one miss connecting the dots of such egregious omission: the main reasons for the wars we've witnessed, waged by the United States of America's domineering white males down through the agonizing years, are greed - a vicious addictive yearning to master 'materials' - and gross miseducation-by-omission of teaching about huemanity's Black origins.

The U.S.A. has, wih impunity, murderously invaded hundreds of countries - mostly 'of color' - spreading death and destruction on the inhabitants and then sending in 'clean-up' bevies of spies to maintain its ill-gotten empire-driven control. (If you think the 'Peace' Corps and 'U.S.A.-Aid' were set up because of philanthropic intentions, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you!)

So, we see the counterproductive, debilitating, corrosive continuation of a system of pandering to eurocentric fabrication - a mind-numbing proliferation of 'The Big White Lie,' perpetuating a long-established colonization of the residents of these United States of America., millions of unsuspecting students forced into an 'education' system which unabashedly conditions/brain-white-washes them itno non-thinking racist/colorist beliefs and behaviors. (We slaves, Boss?)

Notice, too, when scholars, commentators, pundits and other so-called intellectuals prate about "the dumbing-down" of the masses, they rarely, if ever, pinpoint the institutionalized untreated racism/colorism which continues to prevent the education systems from telling the truth: that there's no 's' on the word 'race' as it pertains to hueman beings - that there's only ONE 'race' and that we multi-colored individuals all belong to it! (Tell that to the idiot colorist U.S.A. Census Board with its "117 raceS!")

Suggestion: there oughta' be a People's Class Action Suit against the New York City Board of Education for not teaching the truth about the Black African origin of huemanity, concomitant with mandatory, continuing [posted on] - Programming (with Follow-Up Ethnotherapeutic Counseling for those individuals displaying pathological responses to differences in color and culture - until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color and culture!)

Both the NYC Education Deaprtment and the NYC Police Department need healing of their color sickness!!

'Where's the truth, indeed!'

Thursday, July 9, 2009


(From the Daily Challenge Weekend Edition Noveember 10-12, 1995)
By Carol Taylor R.N.

"I write in the name of all of the Black African mothers of Black African sons in the city. How dare you, our public servant, send a message to our sons that their lives are less valuable than a damn dog's?

This is the obvious inference anyone with half a brain could draw when you fire two (Latino, non-white, I might note) cops for beating a damn dog to death, and squat in your seat at One Police Plaza, inactively, refusing to fire Nassu County-Westchester and Orange County-living rampaging racist/colorist cops who routinely beat and murder our Black African males!

How dare you continue to suppress 90 per cent of the substantiated cases of police brutality against our people, when the "Civilian" Complaint Review Board tries to deal with the corruption we call racist/colorist police brutality? ('Police Accountability Would Stop the Brutality' NY Times newspaper letter to the Editor: Rev. Reuben Diaz, 4/29/95). It is obvious that the Director of the Board, Hector Soto, is leaving because he, at least, has a conscience: he can't continue to be a part of a "buffer" Board which protects killer racist/colorist cops from criminal prosecution.

How dare you, our public servant, paid by our tax dollars (taxation without representation) desecrate, in my opinion, the office of the Commissioner of Police by making a mockery of just law in this city by overreacting to the death of a damn dog? I truly believe that you should resign and get the psychiatric care which such inappropriate behavior demands.

And where is your boss, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, in all of this tragic-comedy? Ominously silent.

I did not hear that you had fired the out-of-control cops who fired 50 shots at Abe Richardson, a Black male slain a few weeks ago; I did not see you fire the out-of-cotrol cops who killed Anthony Baez, a Black Spanish-speaking male; I did not see you fire the cops who, just this year alone, killed Ernest Sayon, Shu'Aib Abdul Latif, Michael Clarke, Morris Duncan, Randy Brewer, Don Taylor, Eric Pitt, Shawn Bennett, Joseph Rickets, Raymond Murray, Kathurima Mwaria, Anibal Carrasquillo, Enee Moldovan, Bernard Gardner, Hilton Vega, Anthony Rosario, Julio Nunez, Joseph Orlando, Yung Xin Huang, among far too many others (most, if not all of them, non-white).

And you, this city's "Top Cop," are more worried about a damn dog than you are about the lives of the humans you're paid to protect! For sanity's sake, Commissioner, go to hell back to racist Boston!"


*(Just End War Stat)

Recently heard about another Israeli outrage; it's not enuff:

that the Israelis are practising the same pogromming, repression, murder, incarceration, segregation, disfranchisement on men, women and children of Palestine that they continuously claim (ad infinitum) was done to them by Germany's Adolph Hitler;
that their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, should be jailed for crimes against huemanity;
that weapons of mass-Palestinian-destruction are used with apparent impunity;
how damn long can the illegal, repeat, illegal 'state' of Israel be allowed to contravene international laws just because it claims to have been Hitler's victim?

Is it really the scurrilous truth that 'our' political reps in the U.S.A. Congress are 'honorary' members of the Israeli Knesset? (I don't like that 'tail waggin' da' dawg' stuff!)

Is this why so many of our U.S.A. billions of tax dollars are siphoned off each year into the fat coffers of those Israeli childkillers (who used a murder-tank to crush the life out of Rachel
Corey?) And don't even talk about the hundreds of Palestinian homes razed to the ground by unfeeling 'dont-give-a-f--k' Israeli predators.

When I heard that our courageous Cynthia McKinney (and others) had been prevented from taking huemanitarian aid to Gaza, and indeed jailed by illegal, malodorous Israeli interception not in Israeli waters, but smack dab in international waters, my blood boiled, my gut twisted and my heart began to hurt.

It is way past time for the 'free' world to denounce, trounce, sanction and isolate Israeli intransigeance, arrogance and outright racism/colorism - the same way the U.S.A. and others've done against Cuba.

Pertinent Questions:

Why hasn't the U.S.A. condemned Israel's possession of nuclear armaments with the same ferocity and moral condemnation as they use against North Korea? ['What's good for da' goose...']

How does one spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y? [and the young Jamaican Brother said to me: "It ain't 'democracy,' it's "DEY-MOCK-US-YOU-SEE!"]

Curses forever on the U.S.A. and Britain for 'BIG-STICKING' Israel onto the incorrectly & arrogantly-named "Middle East!" - (Africa it was and Africa it still is, Children!)