Tuesday, February 27, 2007


by Laurence Legall Taylor

Affirmative Action Specialist/Paralegal

"The perp had a wallet, he startled the officer, he had something in his hand, he shouldn't have been on the roof, he shouldn't have been playing football in the street. We only have split seconds to make a decision."

All of these explanations for the violent deaths of (mostly) Black males combined with the fact that police officers don't murder white males for wallets, for carrying candy bars, on roofs or playing football on the street support the conclusion that there is a deeper problem when it comes to policing our Black African communities. Since there is a high number of police murders of Black civilians in our communities, as opposed to any other community, for things that people normally do whether it be cultural or otherwise (carrying wallets, playing football, being on your own roof, eating a candy bar on the street, driving while Black, breathing while Black), one can only come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with the perception of those brutalizing and murdering our people for ordinary behavior. Therefore it is very important that we analyze the perception that police officers have about our communities if they come from the outside and are unfamiliar with the customs of our communities.

We understand that everyone has been conditioned to one degree or another by this racist/colorist society. We also understand that racism/colorism is a pathological response to skin color and cultural differences which affect all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war). We should therefore understand, since police officers are human beings, that they have also been conditioned by this racist/colorist society. Therefore it stands to reason that such influences have an impact on how these police officers respond to skin color and cultural differences. Now the question becomes to what extent does untreated racism/colorism affect those who are making "split second" life and death decisions about Black people and people of color in our communities? This question is what our community should be asking those police officers and the police administration on a daily basis.

I am the Vice President of the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc., a not-for-profit organization focused on dealing with the impact of racism/colorism on our communities. My organization, along with our Staff Psychologist, has developed the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test (R/CQ Test) and Diversity Program Workshop. One of the premises of our R/CQ Test is that if one can be tested for their IQ, then we should be able to develop a test that determines the relative degree of racism/colorism within an individual. We have developed such a test and have been using it, along with our Diversity Program, for the past 20 years, with various organizations and government agencies across the country, including with some of the New York State Supreme Court Judges.

It is my organization's philosophy that racism/colorism is a pathological response to differences in skin color and culture. This pathological response is caused by the mis-education of the masses - by omissions and commissions - based on color distinctions within our education system. Individuals with such untreated pathology are allowed to obtain positions in our community where they have to make life and death decisions about our people which are often fatal.

When NYPD Police Officer Neri walked into a building in our Black African community, his pathology affected his judgement. All he realized was that here he was, a scared, white officer surrounded by a totally different culture he knew nothing about but what he'd picked up from the racist/colorist media which reinforces stereotypes and misconceptions about our people. He disregarded policy and procedure (after being with the NYPD for eleven years), placed his finger on the trigger without discerning the circumstances and then ascended the stairs. When he was confronted by a human being, Timothy Stansbury, Jr., who was of a different color and part of a culture he knew nothing about, in a "split second," he responded pathologically with deadly force. These fatal circumstances have been happening for far too long to our people and will continue, if pathological responses to differences in skin color and culture are not adequately addressed within the police departments across the county. Now there's a proposition our community can really get behind.

Our community needs to put forth and galvanize united support for the proposition that before police officers are given a gun and allowed to patrol our neighborhoods that they be tested for their pathological responses to differences in skin color and culture, and where they are found dysfunctional under such circumstances, not to be placed in our communities until their pathological responses are properly dealt with.

Brother Laurence Legall Taylor

Vice President

Institute for "interracail" Harmony, Inc.


(718) 451-0186


Sunday, February 25, 2007


The Jewish Onslaught:

Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront

by Tony Martin 145pp

ISBN 0-912469-30-7 (paper) $9.95

Copyright 1993 by Tony Martin

Book Review by Carol Taylor

Aha! In the midst of all of the obscenities going on in the Middle-East-of-Africa against the Palestinians - you thought this book review was about that hegemony! You're wrong.

This brilliant, exceptionally timeless book, The Jewish Onslaught, meticulously and quite deliciously details the unfair, nasty, underhanded, feral, protracted and unrelenting campaign waged against Professor Tony Martin, B.Sc. Economics, M.A. and Ph.D. History, a Black, Trinidadian/Tobagonian, world-renowned and respected Historian at Wellesley College in Massachussetts. (Professor Martin also qualified as a Barrister-at-Law at London's prestigious Gray's Inn in 1965)

Professor Martin's erudition shines through information-laden prose as his witty use of The King's English thrusts into and parries against vulpine enemies on and off the Wellesley campus. Every mother's child should have to read this book at least four times:once, for the sheer story content;twice, to learn how to most effectively utilize the english language;thrice, for becoming acutely aware of the art of sustaining urban guerilla warfare and fourth for whetting the readers' literary appetite for as many of Professor Martin's other publications as they can feast their eyes and brains on.

In other words, if you'd like your (children especially) relatives and friends to be fully equipped for surviving in a society which purports to be a democracy, make them a present of The Jewish Onslaught as soon as possible. It's a classic:and Oh! -the volatile, vorticose vocabulary! Word Up!

Professor Martin, a longtime, tenured for 29+ years scholar who, by 1993 had, incredibly, authored, compiled and edited eleven books, not only describes Black African history, but amply and skillfully melds the 'then and now' of what's going on, with critical allusions to well-known prominent players in the perilous survival struggles for Black liberation.

Wait just a moment:I apologize for ending this book review right now - I've got to go re-read

Dr. Martin's thought-and action-inspiring book. Sorry - as I was just reading through: his handwritten dedication (he signed my copy - "To My Sister"), the riveting Preface, "Major Media," "Massa, We Sick?" - "Jewish Racism," "Black Solidarity," etc., etc., etc., and Documents of the Onslaught, (Letters and his 'quasi-lynching' Speech) and Broadside #1,- I had to drop everything, run to the 'phone and try to track down the other Broadsides! (I did find #'s 3 and 4! Whew!)

P.S.Someone else, (more talented than I) will have to finish this review:I'm too busy re-reading The Jewish Onslaught - and Dr. Tony Martin's other publications!

P.P.S.Reach Dr. Martin - email: <amartin@wellesley.edu>

Majority Press, Inc.

(and we are 'The Majority!')

P.O. Box 538

Dover, MA 02030

(508) 655-5636

It's NOT "flaunted," Gil Noble - It's "flouted" AWK!
It's NOT "irregardless," Rev.! It's "regardless!" TRIPLE AWK!
And stop confusing "their" with "there!" (that's as lowCblass as Channel 7 TV's Liz's "joolery!!) QUADRUPLE AWK!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


It may be irrational to expect one repressed, suppressed, oppressed and depressed group of huemans to stand up and speak for another repressed, suppressed, oppressed and depressed group of huemans - but the women of the United States of America need not only to organize for their own liberation , but ideally, should 'take on' helping to achieve the liberation of people of color. (The testosteroned D.C. War Dawgs are still wasting the tax payers' time and money futilely debating over what we do with our female bodies - 'abortion!')

Oppression, allowed to happen continually to one group of people, like any out of control disease, will eventually affect other groups.

What's being tolerated - by the females in the U.S.A. - is white male testosterone-driven maltreatment of people of color - citizens, non-citizens, immigrants - "illegal" or otherwise - described Black, Brown and Yellow huemans - surely a volatile, untenable, societal condition which demands focus, continuous attention and forthright action.

But first, such awakening of the consciousness of women must be accompanied by the ferreting out and treatment* of a viciously institutional racist/colorist conditioning to which female (and male) students in the U.S.A. have been subjected. *(www.racismtest.com)

One of the most recent and sinister examples of such racist/colorist conditioning which has reared its ugly repellent head is the "Find The Illegal Immigrant" campaign organized by Republican Club New York University students as a "game" in downtown Manhattan. (To call what they've done a 'game' is a cruel travesty) One of the regrettable things about that remarkable display of color-targetting was that most of the Republican Club members - shown on TV - were white females!

Now, any honest observation of 'immigrant issues' in this country will have to admit to the fact that most of the unfortunate objects of the I.C.E. (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) focus are folk who wear skins of observable melanin (people of color). So, it must be obvious also that the NYU students who've taken odious parts in targetting so-called "illegal" immigrants (mainly people of color) have been "spurred on by their intolerant sponsors," (to borrow from the seminal book, "The Jewish Onslaught," by the Black, tenured Dr. Tony Martin, who so described the folk who used Hillel students at Wellesley College against him some years ago).

This use and manipulation of mainly young and impressionable female students for immoral and counterproductive purposes is reprehensible of course, but is reflected in the wider society as we observe the unprecentedly blatant and hegemonic behavior of white male D.C. War Dawg 'Deciders.'

It is past time for the distaff side of this society to stand up and move the country, away from its testosterone-induced terrorizing and violence, toward a kinder, gentler behavior.

A strong start would be to use our female consumer power to force the sponsors of that violent TV show - "24 Hours" to dump those horrific torture scenes: there's nothing humane, productive or positive about them. And did you notice that most of the torturers are white males? And who are their victims?

Friday, February 23, 2007


I hereby claim my entire hueman heritage: Y'know, upon reflection, I must have something 'in common with' almost everyone else on earth. Lemme' count the ways:

First and foremost, I'm a Black Afrikan (and if you don't like what I call myself - it's not yer problem! All huemans are 'of Afrikan descent' - Check out the DNA studies!);

-then and not necessarily in this order - from an Elizabeth City North Carolinian Daddy, I'm Cherokee - (and damn annoyed at the backwardAss land-grabbing maltreatment those wretched wasichus in D.C. ('wasichu' - Indigenous for "whitey") are continuously handing out to my Sisters and Brothers of Native American ancestry);

-then I'm Irish from my Boston, Massachussetts Mother (and I'm sick and tired of my white Irish male NYPD cop relatives slaughtering my Black male Brothers like Amadou Diallo, Malcom Ferguson, Timothy Stansbury, Jr., Anthony Bryant, Corey Ward, Randy Evans, Johnnie Cromartie, Shawn Montague, Anthony Baez, Ed Perry, Earl Faison, Steve Ecxel, Michael Stewart, Sean Bell, et al. - too many to cite here!);

-then I'm white English (of course, you know that by now and by immigration, there are Britishfolk of every color - ha ha!) 'Chickens coming home to roost' - England'd bragged for years that it "didn't have a color problem like America's" - how now white cow?);

-then I'm of Jamaican-Caribbean descent from Mama (Family name's 'Francis' - and one day soon, we'll do a 'roots' trace and connect with da' Family! - in the meantime - Bob Marley's my International Hero - A'right?);

-then I'm Barbadian (by adoption and by my passport and by association with my two glorious Bajan children and my multi-talented Grandson);

-then, I'm a Trini-Tobagonian (from my marriage to my cricket-playing husband);

Finally, but not least, I'm a strong female-of-color (like Angela Davis and Assata Shakur) - part of the world's majority (tempered in the life-ovens of experience as a Mother, Mother-in-Law, GrandMother, Daughter, GrandDaughter, GreatGrandDaughter, Daughter-in-Law, GodDaughter, Sister, Sister-in-Law, Aunt, GreatAunt, Niece, Cousin (s) and Wife); Count 'em - there's more'n 15!

All of the above should stand me in good stead with the millions upon millions of other hueman beings on the planet - something in common with every single soul on earth and if I've missed anyone - forgiveness is a Blessing.

OOPS! Almost forgot, I'm a Boston, Massachusstts debutante ('came out' like the chicken pox - 'way back in 1948 - with Boston Philharmonic Conductor Arthur Fiedler in attendance!).

There you have it - I'm an aware amalgam of worldwide huemanity - very capable of caustic commentary -and standing squarely in challenge to any-other-one who tries to say I haven't the right to claim that I'm a 'citizen of the world' and that no other hueman (dropped probably by sheer accident by his/her mother) should be telling me where, why, how, when to go, or what to do on this planet.

And if this makes me unconventional, radical, militant, revolutionary, an anarchist, a rebel, a 'controversial,' an agitator, an 'enemy combatant' or indeed, even a 'criminal' - well YES!

So sue me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Go & Tell Pharoah - Autobiography of Rev. Al Sharpton

(With Anthony Walton)

ISBN 0-385- 47583-7

276 pages

Doubleday 1996

Reviewed for The Black Star

by Carol Taylor

The initial difficulty in reviewing a book about Rev. Al Sharpton is that every other sentence is so relevant to the Black African struggle for liberation that to quote everything you'd want others to read would be tantamount to reproducing his entire book. When have you heard of a minister giving his first sermon at the age of four? Everyone has heard of this man, but, as the book clearly illustrates, many haven't a clue as to the depth of his dedication to the very people who think they know (and own) him.

His life story, Go & Tell Pharoah takes us on a chronological trip from Sharpton's early begin-

ings, including his interaction with famous people such as Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., who was a major influence on his young life. Most young Americans - particularly whites - do not understand Powell's significance at every level of this country's social strata. I may as well add:they don't even remotely understand Sharpton's significance.

The unpleasant number of typos - what were the editors up to? - are mitigated because the book is packed with strong uncompromising statements that the Reverend is famous for. He pulls no punches with politicians, the media, and even himself. To read about his early child abuse by a "caretaker," and his father's unconventional lifestyle, is riveting. Reading Go & Tell, is like drinking a clear cold glass of water on a hot stuffy day. Sharpton's response to the oft-asked question as to why he lead protest marches:"We provided the occasion for the world to see the truth." There are the numerous incidents where he fought for justice for the families of people who were victims of racist attacks. The incidents also have their effects on him and he described the sadness he felt over the murder of Michael Griffith in Howard Beach as "a young man had his life stolen for no reason other than that he was Black."

I would venture that even some of the staunchest activists are not aware that there were 39 marches into Bensonhurst, led by Sharpton, Alton Maddox and others to protest the murder of Yusef Hawkins;29 marches to Teaneck;New Jersey, for cop-murdered Phillip Pannell and many others. The fact that Sharpton only responds to racial outrages when the families involved call for him is often maliciously ignored by the white so-called mainstream media. The book is packed with these types of quotes:"The racial thing is here, it has always been here, it probably isn't going anywhere, and we have to deal with it. Sooner or later, it's going to hit you in the face," or, "That cop didn't request a W-2 on Phillip's family before he shot him, nor did he find out his social standing or what church he belonged to. He saw a Black kid running through a yard, he stopped, he aimed and he fired," and "Some of them talk about going back to Africa, but what is that going to do? Black folks don't control Africa, white folks do."

For those interested in absolute grassroots power and how it is meticulously built from the gound up, and right out of an existence forged in the outrageous ovens of depredation of Black Africans in America, Go & Tell is a must-quickly-read. Go buy it from a Black African bookstore.

(Of course, it's an added fillip for a reviewer to be mentioned in the book one reviews;see page 229!)

It's NOT "irregardless!" It's "regardless," please!
It's NOT "biracial!" OUCH! There's no such thing! There's only ONE 'race!'It's NOT "successfully help!" It's "help!" Oi!

Monday, February 19, 2007


by Hon. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

(Connections: In the late 1920's Minister Powell married my Mother to my Father; in the late 1950's, he was sending telegrams to me as this nation's First Black Flight Attendant: "...come speak at the Church!")_____Carol Taylor

From the Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the 89th Congress, Second Session:

1. We must give our children a sense of pride in being Black

2. Black organizations must be Black-led

3. The Black masses must be primarily responsible for their own organizations. Only with Black financial control can Black organizations retain their honesty, their independence and their full commitment to the urgency of immediate equality

4. The Black masses must demand and refuse to accept nothing less than that proportionate share of political jobs and appointments which are equal to their proportion in the electorate

5. Black people must support and push Black candidates for political office first

6. Black people must seek audacious power

7. Black leadership in the North and the South must shift emphasis to the two-pronged thrust of the Black Revolution: economic self-sufficiency and political power

8. Black masss must produce and contribute to the economy of this country in the proportionate strength of their population

9. Black communities of this country...must neither tolerate nor accept outside leadership, Black or white

10. The Black masses should follow only those leaders who have true power...These leaders will be chosen by the Black masses themselves

11. Demonstrations and all continuing protest activity must be non-violent

12. Black people must continue to defy the laws of man when such laws conflict with the law of God

13. Black people must discover a new and creative involvement with ourselves

14. The war on poverty must become a more productive crusade for jobs. The only thing that keeps a man impoverished is his incapacity to earn a living

15. The battle against segregation in America's public school system must become a national effort, instead of the present regional skirmish that now exists

16. We must put pressure on our predominantly Black colleges to shift their emphasis from teacher education to nuclear physics and aerodynamics

17. Every Black man who considers himself an American must become a registered voter... No Black person over 21 must be permitted to walk a picket line or participate in any demonstration unless a registered voter.

(Considering the massive corruption-theft-destruction-loss of Black votes, not only in Jeb Bush's Florida - Miami Herald newspaper report - and only God knows where else, this last item is not one with which I can agree)

Friday, February 16, 2007


You've heard it - "What goes around comes around;" "It's Karma!" "You reap what you sow;" "How you treat others'll return to treat you," "Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones," etc., etc., etc.

Well, to mix metaphors, the 'goes arounds' are certainly 'coming home to roost!' The myriad slings and arrows of outrageous U.S.A. deprivation of civil and hueman rights of people of color (herinafter "POC") have begun to involve the white residents of this racist/colorist country in escalating waves. Not that I particularly revel in another person's misery, but the least that can be said (by BlackFolk and other put-upon POC's) with some irony is, "Come join the club!"

For all these 70+ years that I've been around, the wider, whiter community in the U.S.A. has ignored the fact that it has automatic, special whiteskin privilege and has tolerated the special 'non-privilege' of POCs. Fer Chrissakes! - POCs have been continuously lynched - deprived of their lives on the the single basis of skin hue - to this very day! (I include the Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell and other LYNCHINGS by the racist/colorist 'thugs-in-blue') (And, quite frankly, if anyone doesn't appreciate my continuous harping on the slaughters of BlackFolk - let 'em go turn Black!)

Do the 'majority' - the euraliens - really think they can continue to malignly tolerate their government's maltreatment of POCs, (including the massive messing with BlackFolks' votes down through history? - not that I am unaware of the giant scam that 'elections' are and have been; Miami Herald newspaper 2006 Report of 'voting irregularities')....including the morally-bankrupt segregation -by-color in every single vital arena of people activity: economics, entertainment, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war (invasions)! (Did you notice that the nation's police don't HANDCUFF five year old white kids?)

They, the rinsed-out-by-evolution majority in this country, at their own peril continue to ignore their white male-led government's incursions aginst POC's civil and hueman rights at the same time yowling loudly (and in 'color exclusion') about the government's incursions against their own civil and hueman rights, as though their whiteskinprivilege should somehow protect them from what that same government's been doing against POCs all of these decades.

Yo! This is not how injustice and evil work: these negatives eventually become institutional and - perhaps later than sooner but certainly inevitably - affect everyone within their purview, regardless of color!

It would behoove the 'majority' in this country, if only in their own self-interests, to wake up to the realities of 'what goes around comes around,' and join with - in major meaningful ways - people of color to ensure that everyone within this racist/colorist society is equitably treated no matter what their color, class, age, gender, sex, national origin or religious affinity! What evil happens to some, eventually and - to acknowledge Karma-, will happen to everyone; haven't they learned from Martin Niemoller's description of creeping malignity in Hitler's Germany?:

"They came for the socialists and I did not speak out;

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out - I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews and I didn't speak out because I was not a Jew;

Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me."

Classic examples of 'chickens coming home to roost' (Malcom X): -

El bushito GuantanamoGeorge's "I am the Decider!" -

The 'end of freedom of the press/speech' incarceration of Videographer/Journalist (white) Josh Wolf - for not giving up his video of an anti Madrid G-Summit demonstration in San Francisco - and for refusing to comply with an anti-freedom-of-speech federal subpoena.

Look out white woman and man! - the late Attorney William-Kunstler's predicted militarized police state's coming right down the pike atcha!'


Oh God! It's NOT "irregardless!" It's "regardless!" TRIPLE AWK!

It's NOT "elemenary!" It's "elementary!" AWK!

It's NOT "...of African descent" - FOOL! ALL huemans are "...of African descent!" - Booby - if you mean 'Black' - SAY "Black!"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Pawned Sovereignty:

Sharpened Black Perspectives on Americanizatiom Africa, War & Reparations

by Ezrah Aharone


ISBN# 1-4107-8642-0

Reviewed by Carol Taylor

I'd advise anyone truly interested in Black liberation to first thoroughly read this book( even though there are a few areas of disagreement I have mostly concerning word usage such as 'race,' 'races' instead of 'color').

However, in a refreshingly non-pedantic and unassumingly simple journalist style, Aharone has graphically described just why and how BlackFolk in the United States of America have found themselves almost inextricably mired in deep doodoo. 'Tis an eerie tale woven with undeniable, stark, intricate webbing, bespeaking economic, political and religiously inflicted constraints which make jail bars seem like friendly importuning upon people of color.

Aharone speaks of longterm institutional respression as "...one of the many ugly spillover consequences of a white society being reared on a culture of Black enslavement." The author's varied encapsulations throughout the book of the effects of euralien (my adopted term for whites) hegemonic domination of "third world" countries is redolent of Walter Rodney's "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, and is no less catastrophic in its ramifications of continuing wholesale degradation of Black lives.

What he does so well is a kind of 'international color-connecting-the-dots," by linking domestic euralien negative practices against Blacks with foreign policy negative tactics against countries of color. (Every person of color should be taught to examine this connection)

But he says that the reason that Black America tolerates levels of demoralization that euraliens would not, is that we have different ideas of what it means to be free and what it means to be repressed: Blacks sought freedom through civil rights and integration (my emphasis): euraliens sought their freedom through sovereignty and independence. (Whew!) "Freedom" for Blacks was freedom not to be enslaved; for whites it was freedom to establish a nation and a government to rule themselves without influence or control of any other people.

(Before going further, I have to mention the remarkable Table of Contents. It's the most definitive one I've ever encountered and is a lesson in and of itself in terms of Black liberation and self-determination!)

The book's mind-numbing statistical deconstruction of slavery in the U.S.A. provides a telling footnote to history: "...4 million slaves working up to 18 hours a day." He says the fact that the establishment would never recognize this is illustrative of what he calls a racial "recognition blockade;" blockades are used to to isolate our interests and obstruct our progress through the control and measure of information. Further, "any analysis of American wealth, whether in 1860 or 2060, that disregards the economics of slavery, is false and misleading."

What makes "Pawned Sovereignty" so current is illustrated by Aharones sentence on page 54, "...a world that is obviously hurling (he meant 'hurtling') off its axis of common sense." And - among other observations which, unfortunately, are only too true today in 2007 - page 133 - "It is no exaggeration to say that vestiges of "weaponized democracy" are still at work to control, marginalize and even systematically liquidate segments of Black people. (my emphasis)

Pawned Sovereignty" is a serious warning to BlackFolk and others wearing skins of observable melanin in the U.S.A. who think they're living in an operative democracy, but yet, according to Aharone, are merely existing in daily danger of losing their lives because of untreated and escalating racism/colorism.

Aside from citing some very cruel statistics about the sad and inequitable current state of Black affairs in the U.S.A., "Pawned" describes the untenable lack of Congressional representation of BlackFolk and reminds us that this country was founded by revolution against 'no taxation without representation,' but, because of indoctrination, Black America is comfortably accustomed to inadequate respresentation. Of 438 members of the House of Representatives - there are only 39 Blacks; of the 100 member Senate - no Blacks (although here in 2007, there is a whopping one - Barack Obama)

One of the scariest parts of this fascinating book, on page 147, is the description of the vicious, unadulterated hypocrisy of the United States of America's government ; the government recently refused to sign a treaty endorsed by 139 nations, to outlaw the use and sale of landmines. (my emphasis) The country, Aharone says, has a cache right now, of at least 11 million landmines, readily available for willing buyers. Money has always taken precedence over the lives of human beings in Africa and the third world. (so-called 'third world) Landmines mainly blow up Black and Brown people, whose resources the U.S.A. intends on exploiting anyway. (my emphasis)

"Pawned Sovereignty" is a shocking stats-backed fervent call for BlackFolk (and other people of color) to organize ASAP - or face the very real specter of escalating annihilation - merely on the basis of observable melanin.

Insanity reigns!


(Use 'em, Abuse 'em & Lose 'em Politics)

You'll forgive me if I'm not particularly sanguine about politics in this country.

Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas (his 'burn' is coming) and Condoleeza Rice (so's her 'turn') are four prime examples of Black Folk who have carved out for themselves the dubious distinction of serving Massa' for crumbs - of course until Massa' decides he has no further use for them.

What's amazing to me is that they, these seemingly highly intelligent BlackFolk, apparently haven't learned that "service in the service of the Devil is no service at all," and "lie down with (war)dogs; get up with fleas,"and that the sell-out nature of what they do in that 'service,' - "We sick Boss?" - leaves a decidedly foul stench in the nostrils of good people who own a conscience.

Surely, the scary lessons of the U.S.A.'s treacherous treatment of their former stooges, Noriega, Osama and Saddam, should've served as warnings/lessons to so-called smart folk - even those acting in tandem with political puppeteers whose actions've graphically shown that the real interests of Blackfolk are not their interests.

I have a healthy disrespect for 'the compleat' politician - all the while being an optimist, hoping against hope that some capable well-spoken Black individual who's playing the U.S.A. high-stakes dirty games of politics will be able to emerge, despite the usual backroom shenanigans, to 'do the right (not the 'white') thing for BlackFolk in this color-riven country.

I have long since realized that all that sounds great ain't great and that some of the most gilded tongues are in the mouths of absolute scalawags and scoundrels whose primary concern and activities are only for self-aggrandizement, with the 'people' taking the hindmost.

However, I am not so desperately in need of finding a 'Black Leader/Savior' that I don't always keep up front in my mind - as I see/hear white 'mainstream' media extolling Barack Obama as 'the best thing since whitebread' - that every Black Brother is not a Black Brother and especially one who prates about 'We need to protect our interests in Iraq.'

Who we, fool?


It's NOT "has went!" It's "has gone!" AWK!

It's NOT "documenary" Ayo Harrington! It's "documentary!" DOUBLE AW

Monday, February 12, 2007


It Ain't Just For Oil!

(Book Review by Carol Taylor)

The Isis Papers:

The Keys To The Colors

Dr. Francis Cress Welsing

301 pages


3rd World Press Chicago 1991

One of the bench-marks of a classic piece of literature is its currency.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, a Black Female Psychiatrist from Washington D.C. who propounded the Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and was literally hounded out of Howard University by pusillanimous pedants because of her critically important work, has written a classic book which is requisite reading for any person of color interested in survival.

Early in this explosive tome, Dr. Welsing quotes a friend, Neely Fuller, Jr., in his Compensatory Code/System/Concept, (1971)- "If you do not understand white supremacy/racism - what it it, and how it works - everything else that you understand will only confuse you."

Dr. Welsing says that in a time of great change in circumstances, the most critical factor is non-white people's increasing understanding of the behavioral phenomenon of white supremacy as a global, terroristic power system. (my emphasis) She states decisively that white supremacy domination and oppression of all non-white people is essential for global white genetic survival - "In the collective white psyche, Black males represent the greatest threat to white genetic survival because only males (of any color) can impose sexual intercourse, and Black males have the greatest genetic potential (of all non-white males) to cause white genetic annihilation. Thus, Black males must be attacked and destroyed in a power system designed to assure white genetic survival.

She further states, in such modern application, "In the present era, truth and justice have been crushed by the global power system of white supremacy, making the existence of peace on the planet impossible under this reign of terror." (my emphasis)

(And here you thought the 'Global War Against Terrorism' was about some 'Middle East'

boogeyman and Caspian Sea oil!)

The apparent reason for the brain-white-washing education system in America continuing to teach anywhere that the cradle of civilization was in Greece (instead of teaching the truth that the cradle of civilization was in Africa), is a most insane attempt to maintain white male supremacy by the white males in power. We are reminded that power does not give itself up:it must be wrested from those who hold it.

Dr. Welsing is clear that no persons who classify themselves as white living in the United States of America (for that matter, in any area of the world) should presume to tell any Black person (or other non-white) what racism is or is not until they have read Kenneth O'Reilly's Racial Matters:The FBI's Secret File on Black America:1960-1972.

As I read through The Isis Papers, all of the color-bias incidents, fights and other hings which had been puzzling me for years seemed to fall into place in my head. I had been "fighting the good fight" - battling prejudice and color discrimination for years and yet many of those agonizing issues confounded me because I had never dreamed that the basic reason for those outrages was the fact that when whites look at Black males (especially) they see what to them means genetic annihilation! As Dr. Welsing states, "We Black people do not see the war being waged against us because we don't want to, and because we are afraid. We are engaging in behavior designed specifically to block out any awareness of the war - our true reality. Our behavior thus forces us into the insanity of hoping and begging - as opposed to the sanity of analysis, specific behavioral pattern designed and specific conduct in all areas of people activity:economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war."

Dr. Welsing's book covers even her trip to Germany to discover exactly what Hitler's extermination of the Jews really was:an effort to destroy those whom he classified as non-white! So that our Holocaust, the TransAtlantic Slave Trade, which took over 100 million Black African lives, and the Jewish Holocaust, which took 6 million lives, are inextricably tied together, but not for the reason which whites would have the world believe It was precisely because, as usual, the people who cannot produce melanin were and are deathly afraid of those of us who can.

As one reads this mistresspiece, it becomes patently clear that the ever-present danger to our children and our other Black relatives is not confined to one country. When one studies the wars which America has waged, (the Philippines, Rwanda, Cuba, Japan, Okinawa, the Sudan, Iraq, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Grenada, et al.) -most of them in the name of a democracy not even enjoyed by BlackFolk in America - they have been wars against nations whose citizens are predominantly of color!

Now, with The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation,-The Isis Papers:The Keys To The Colors, not only does Dr. Welsing lay out for anyone to understand, the reasons for our slaughter and deprivation, but she, the good author, explains in great detail exactly what we must do to ensure that our own annihilation does not take place.

There will be, I truly believe, statues of this incredible person who has done such an inestimable and continuing service to people of color all over this color-torn world. I only hope that she is accorded her true place in the annals of history before she leaves us.

I have never read a more insightful absolutely necessary book in my life.

It's NOT "govenor!" - It's "governor!" AWK!
And PLEASE, I'ts NOT "bare!" - It's "bear!" DOUBLE AWK!
KSFM: It's NOT "point of views!" - It's "points of view!" SHEESH!

Friday, February 9, 2007


Colorism, Classism, Ageism, Genderism, Euphemism & Sexism

After years of being buffeted by society's various "isms," somehow I've been able, most of the time, to forego the illusory 'luxury' of unrestrained anger at injustices and, along with adopting a philosophy of pro-activism rather than a negative and continuously re-active stance/behavior.

But, Chile, it ain't been easy! International and local life experiences (see Bio link) have helped to forge an inordinately strong hueman being - they say - but from my earliest years, I was told that, because I was female (sexism, genderism) I had to stay inside the house and do "female" tasks - but of course, I rebelled in one fashion or the other.

It was also early in my childhood that I was made aware that my hair wasn't "good," an that it had to be forcefully contained in order for me to be made "presentable."

Being part of what was viewed as "a mixed" family, in an all white upstate New York community, also brought containment treatment from white student classmates and school administrators (colorism) (Although I was one of the best basketball players, I was never chosen to represent the high school at 'away' games. When the scholastic scholarship tryout exams were given, no one informed me that they were to take place.)

When I applied to Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Economics, I was asked why I didn't apply to (Black) Howard University (280+ miles away instead of the mere 13 miles from our house) because "We have a quota system for Negroes here." (colorism, euphemism) (This degradation is amply described in my, as yet unpublished Autobiography!)

In college at Elmira, I was allowed to hear gym teachers speaking stereotypically about my breasts as "pendulous." (I won't forget that either)

As a student nurse at Bellevue Schools of Nursing in Manhattan, the overweening colorist treatment by training administrators was, apparently, 'par for the course.' (When a Black male won the popular vote for a role in a student nurse play opposite a white female, the Administration 'nixed' the entire production)

Trying to find an apartment in color-coded New York City in the fifties was an effort not to be envied (colorism). "Oh, you're Miss Taylor? I'm sorry, that apartment's just been rented!" I, apparently, "sound white!" on the telephone - heh heh heh.

As I entered my fifth decade, I began to understand that Black, middle aged females automatically are considered invisible; people in the supermarkets run their damn shopping carts into your ankles from behind, knock and block you as you're walking city sidewalks without so much as a "sorry" or "excuse me!" And, in audiences at lectures, we 'Elders' by now, are rarely called upon for our opinions/responses.

Oh, I should add what else the 'Euphemism' Cage is: this refers to the stubborn, habitual, intransigeant, persistent, dangerous and widespread inaccurate usage of the racist/colorist term 'race' (s) referring to issues/people of color. I've learned that such language can and does indeed lead unthinking uninformed hueman beings to disrespect, assault and even take the lives of other huemans because they're the "wrong" color, class, age, gender or perceived sex. We huemans deserve much better than this - why would anyone wish to handicap their children this way?

So I've come to the conclusion, in my 7th DECADE (should I even admit this?) that the world would be a saner, safer, more peaceful place if we could convince educators to teach - worldwide and at an early age - the societal benefits of not ever climbing into the 'isms' C.C.A.G.E.S. in the first place!

ADDENDUM: My sentient Son once said to me on some occasion when I was climbing the wasll at another outrageous hueman activity, "Mum, huemans will do anything." I call his saying up whenever I feel the need to save my sanity. So when Amadou Diallo, Timothy Stansbury Jr., Kevin Cedeno and others were slaughtered by NYPD thugs-in-blue, (and some are still being exterminated like Timur Person and Sean Bell), when Katrina was allowed to happen -( BlackFolk betrayed again) - Black five year olds handcuffed in the schools, - Kramer and his "n' word, Biden and his "clean Obama," -I wasn't surprised - angry and angst-filled, yes, but certainly not surprised - not one bit; in the good ol' U.S.A., the disease of untreated colorism is epidemic.


It's NOT "hopefully" Deepa, it's "I hope!" DOUBL AWK!

It's NOT "excapade" it's "escapade!" AWK!

It's NOT "rath!" - it's "wrath!" AWK!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

MANY colors - ONE race


In the first place, Ms Venochi's title is dead wrong; (Hotline on Call February 4, 2007 Globe Editorials/Op-Ed/front page/Boston.com) - it's not "Obama's Color Dilemma," - she should get real; it's the U.S.A.'s Dilemma!

And of course Biden (& Barack & all the rest of us are racist/colorist - as is anyone who's been subjected to our institutionally racist/colorist miseducation system - including Ms Vennochi herself - as I observed in her article -even without her taking the www.racismtest.com - she, like so many of our colleague writers, never even mentioned Red and Yellow people - only Black and white and the euphemistic, exlusionary "African-Americans;" - (are they the only Blackfolk voting?) Tch Tch Tch!

Barack's attempts to 'straddle the colorism fence' are futile - he'd have to turn white to do that. This is AmeriKKKa!

How to "...handle (colorism) race?" Just as should any candidate for public/private office, any teacher, preacher, professor, police-immigration-government department, judge, jury, prosecutor, court participant, lawyer, editor, journalist, in this racist/colorist country - by taking the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test - www.racismtest.com with follow-up psychological or psychiatric counseling where they're found to be dysfunctional in their responses to differences in color and culture!

Ms Vennochi's article, as valiant as she is for trying to describe Mr. Obama's position, is a graphic illustration of the dire need for this society to adopt the www.racismtest.com to put thorny issue of colorism on the front burner in order to deal with it "...in a forthright manner..." as prescribed by the erudite law professor Dr. Lani Guinier a few years ago.

Carol Taylor R.N.

President/Founder: The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. Motto: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned"

First BlackAfrikan U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Author: The Little Black Book: Black Male Survival in America

590 Flatbush Avenue

Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935

(718) 856 1271



Did you know that it is ILLEGAL

for the U.S.A. Government to



The income tax is a federal tax to be paid by Federal employees - as for example, those working for the Government and residing in the District of Columbia. The only power to collect taxes that was granted to Congress by the U.S.A. Constitution can be found in Article 1 Section 8, first paragraph, which says NOTHING ABOUT OUR PAYING A SO-CALLED "INCOME TAX!"

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States of America: but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States of America; To borrow Money on the credit of the United States of America;..."

True, everyone is required topay a "consumption tax," which is build into the price of each item you purchase. Even a child who buys a little candy in a candy store! Those consumption taxes pay for the debt and the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States of America. The Government runs on this money! If you do not wish to pay this tax you simply do not purchase the item.

In 1913, We the People got Congress to add a 16th Amendment to our Constitution which stated:

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."

That gave Congress the power toenact laws that tax income only when defined as "gains and profits;" or "income derived from investments." So if you invested money from a wage or salary, it could not yet be called "income." However, if you invested your wages and salaries and made a "profit" from any transaction, it was then called "income." That was how the Government began deviously to label your wages and salary as "income," calling a tax on income an "income tax."

In 1954 Congress further clouded the issue by creating a separate federal internal revenue code. Although it referred only to federal employees' wages and salaries, it introduced a new term, "gross income." Please note the attempt at a new definition:

"Except as otherwise provided in this subtitle, gross income means all income from whatever source derived including (but not limited to) the following items: 1) Compensation for services, including fees, commissions, fringe benefits, and similar items:..."

Please note "items" is another vague term used for government employees' wages and salaries! By associating the terms "items" and "compensations" with "services" in the federal internal revenue code's definition of "gross income," the impression is given that the federal income tax is a tax on the wages of the entire population!

That is how, my fellow citizens, the Internal Revenue Code gradually twisted the definition of "gross income' to justify levying a tax on your personal income, and labeling it, "The Income Tax!" It really amounts to an unconstitutional burden, even though considered to be valid by federal, state and municipal governments as well as by the courts.

The truth is, nowhere in the 50 United States Titles is it written that our personal incomes are to be taxed!

The federal income tax remains a violation of our personal income to this day. We have become economic slaves, and it is up to us to free ourselves by becoming informed about our Constitution and the Constitutional laws of the United States of America. (This little book is only 3 1/2" x 6 1/2")

Take this Statement to your Representatives in Congress and demand that you be relieved of YOUR unjust income tax bondage!

The old adage that there is nothing more certain that death and taxes should now be rephrased to read, "There is nothing more certain than death!"

______ A Constitutionalist

January 2002

Note: From the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: The men who are wealthy, the men who have large incomes, do not intend to pay any proportionate part of the expenses of this Government if they can get out of it. The expect that the Government of the United States of America will protect all of their property and protect all of their income, but the protection of their incomes and of their property shall be paid by the poorer classes of the country, shall be paid by the men in humble circumstances and with modest means. That has been the rule heretofore, and they expect it to continue.


It's NOT "fanthum" Playthell - It's "fathom!" AWK!

It's NOT "umbreller!" It's "umbrella!" AWK!

It's certainly NOT "successfully recovered!" (how d'ya' spell 'r-e-d-u-n-d-a-n-t?") It's "recovered!" DUH!