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It is the devious, insane, hegemonic intention of 'wasichu' (Indigenous for "whitey" - males) to achieve and maintain total direct-control over Black males (and people of color generally) because, in their deepest and most mal-educated psyches dwells the irrational fear of genetic 'annihilation.' (Ref: The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing) (Didn't you hear 'Boobus Americanus' white male on TV the other day shouting: "...what would you do if your race wuz dyin' out?")

After all, they were by and large never taught (and still aren't) that their true most distant ancestors were the Black African originators of civilization, so there they are practicing attempted genocide on their own relatives. If this isn't arrant psychopathology - tell me what is.

Lest anyone harbor any doubt about those nefarious white male intentions, let them learn about/study the depressive, oppressive, repressive and suppressive continuing manic behavior of those eurocentric Bilderbergers, Rothchilds, Trilateral Commission-folk, Center for Foreign Relations-people, Rockefellers, Skulls & Boners and Freemasons, et al. among too many others to herein list, and their vicious interrelations with the governing entities (including the military forces) of this world.

Their tentacled involvement in every arena of people activity - economics, entertainment, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war - is invasive and controlling. Especially is this so in their oppressive investment in the erecting and maintaining of prisons aptly called 'the prison industrial complex,' 'industrial' - the incarceration-for-profit of two million plus hueman (my 'e') beings is a major part - ugly as it is - of this capitalist society - this "Capitalocracy," surely no "Democracy" ever. A Jamaican Brother said to me years ago on a subway train, "...it's a 'Dey-mock-us-you-see! It's not a Democracy!" And I'll add, "It's a Demonocracy!"- making their dirty monies on Black bodies as surely as they did during 'legal'-slavery days.

Over half of those in jail-bondage in the good ol' U.S.A. are people of color, mostly Black males carrying out slave duties for slave -or no- wages, and too many of them have been railroaded into those jail cells primarily because they didn't have the necessary finances to hire competent Black attorneys who really know what it means to be Black and male in the hells of North, South, East and West America.

But, surely, once one can be made to understand the insanity of wasichu - never mind for a moment the wide ranging complicity of those calling themselves "white males," one can and should decide, like incarcerated for twenty-six years on Death Row - Brother Mumia Abu-Jamal has done, "They may be able to confine my Black body, but never my Black mind!" - not to allow wasichu to entrap her/himself with the usual 'entrappings:' - alcohol and other drugs or ignorance of wasichu's base intentions. It 'be's' heavy eluding 'The Man's' octopus clutches, yeah, but if the brain's not in chains, BlackFolk can study, learn and ORGANIZE to LIBERATE our people!

The first step is to learn what the Beast has and is doing to try to keep his hegemonic control of us. (Brother Malcom X read and re-read the dictionary - we BlackFolk have to put an end to eschewing reading and dicounting the importance of the written word) as we still retain our 'griot' communicating by word of 'grapevine' mouth!

Suggested readings: (The Isis Papers) already mentioned Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Blueprint for Black Power Dr. Amos N. Wilson
Rule By Secrecy Jim Marrs
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Walter Rodney
There Is A River Dr. Vincent Harding (MLKJr.'s Speechwriter)
The Little Black Book Carol Taylor
(These are a good beginning - call me for other titles as you finish 'em and SHARE!(718) 856 1271

Sunday, December 21, 2008



You wish! Well, wishing instead of walking never got anything. Perhaps you should read (and re-read) what the late Guyanese intellectual Walter Rodney said:

"Black* Power is a doctrine about Black people, for Black people, preached by Black people. I'm putting it to my Black brothers and sisters that the color of our skins is the most fundamental thing about us. I could have chosen to talk about people of the same island, or the same religion, or the same class - but instead I have chosen skin color as essentially the most binding factor in our world. In so doing, I am not saying that is the way things ought to be. I am simply recognizing the real world - that is the way things are. Under different circumstances, it would have been nice to be color blind, to choose my friends solely because their social interests coincided with mine - but no conscious Black man can allow himself such luxuries in the contemporary world."
(Quoted from "Saving Our Sons" the book by Paul Ifayomi Grant)

So while my intrepid community activist colleague Jean Wilkins Dember MHS puts "Stop White Supremist Violence" on all of her posted envelopes, the horrid truth of the matter is that violence against people of color in this 'Post-Obama-Win' atmosphere has escalated alarmingly. (Log on to www.refdesk.com /"Hate Crimes")

Now, if doesn't bring reality to your thinking, recognize what's occuring on the streets of this country; four (and God only knows how many more that I haven't heard of) males of color who've lost their lives were: Billey Joe Johnson, 17 year old high school athletic scholarship winner - said by cops to've 'shotgunned himself to death' after being stopped for an alleged traffic violation in Mississippi; Alex Figueroa, a father in the Bronx, N.Y. shot to death for allegedly wielding a baseball bat (which his wife tearfully denied he had on a local TV newscast); the Black male in Jasper, Texas, (the second one) dragged to his death by a truck (rarely reported by the white male-dominated 'mainstream media') and Gilbert Blanco, a man of color, shot to death in Coney Island, N.Y. by a trigger-happy NYPD cop for waving a chair at her.

One of the officers of the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc, in New York City, recently commented that the color-bigots are so irate at even the thought of a Black man in the White House that their disease of untreated racism/colorism spurs them to illegal acts of violence against unsuspecting Blackfolk.

Where are the psychiatrists and psychologists in this country who should be issuing public statements condemning such anti-social colorist acts? Where are the 'always-ready-at-the-mouth' politicians and preachers who should be issuing collective public statements about this burgeoning critical example of the society's rotten 'achilles heel?'

Perhaps they're waiting for widespread rioting - a la France's recent upheavals.

Hey there: it's 'tinderbox time!'

*My capitalization of the word 'Black;' we people of color need every bit of psychological boosting we can get under these dangerous circumstances!

Monday, December 8, 2008



Those motivated-millions of people cheering Barack Obama on as he so winningly spoke of 'change' do want 'something to do!' Their fervor and willingness-to-action didn't end with his 'vote-victory.'

So - what could those motivated-millions do? Here it is:

Each one of those motivated-millions should
be made to understand that the Black man
Barack Obama whose campaigning stirred
them so beautifully has received more death
threats than any other Presidential Candidate
in history and that the main motivation for
this outrage is the untreated racism/colorism
which has been allowed to infest this society!

So those motivated-millions want 'something-to-do?' -
those motivated-millions need to adopt & post their thoughts
on the healing www.DiscussRace.com; those motivated-millions
need to take the www.Racismtest.org; those motivated-millions
need to share these with their families & friends & co-workers &

Those motivated-millions need to not waste precious time
Those motivated-millions need to act ASAP!
This is what those motivated-millions need to do:



( From NY Amsterdam News February 4, 1994 Page12)

"By Carol Taylor
No people in the world other than us people of color have been called so many names - none! Check it out. We've been called: niggahs, night-fighters, niggroes, niggers, negroes, nigras, octoroons, maroons, quadroons, spooks, cottonpickers, tar-babies, darkies, blackies, cafe- olays, ink spots, coons, spades, spicks, (that's for those of us who speak Spanish but refuse to acknowledge our Black heritage), jungle-bunnies, chocolate drops, blacks, coloreds, colored people, kaffirs, monkeys, gorillas, apes, (which it is more likely white* people came closer to: have you ever seen a monkey with thick lips or kinky hair?), bucks, pickaninnies, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, dinges, wogs, forgive me if I've forgotten any - I'm only human (yeah!). Of course, the most ridiculous name is "minorities," which evidently encompasses anyone who is not white! I say 'ridiculous' because everyone who is not white really belongs to the "majority!"

Ever since I was sensible as a youngster, I have had great difficulty with identity. White (so-called) people don't have that particular difficulty, until recently, that is. Now there are some white males running around the country yelping about "reverse racism." Of course there's no such animal: racism is racism.

Anyhow, I also went through that pathological stage of calling myself "bi-racial," - there's also no such thing because there's only one race, the human one. Denunciation also goes for those idiot terms "interracial," "mixed race," "intra-racial," and any other term which sows divisiveness within the human family.

The ultimate divisiveness is murder, and what I am dealing with here and now is an issue which might seem almost frivolous at first, until one realizes that the start of friction amongst us is name-calling! Sticks and stones do break bones and names can indeed hurt us when followed up by violence!

I have decided - after all these painful years of misidentification and confusion, not to mention Eurocentric miseducation - I have decided to call myself "Black African," and you cannot imagine how much controversy this has caused among others, no matter what they call themselves! I'm going to explain what the historical basis for my fairly new appellation is. Follow me closely now: the first people on this planet were Black - you know, most melaninized, no question, as dark as human beings can be, black, Black, blue Black, lovely charcoal Black!

If you cannot admit this because your education has, on purpose, been limited to Eurocentric experience and you haven't read Lucy: The Beginnings of Mankind by Donald Johnson and Maitland Edey, The African Origin of Civilization by Cheik Anta Diop, writings by Dr. Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ben Jochanan and Dr. Leonard Jeffries and especially The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. If you cannot accept that the first human beings on earth were crystal Black, then the extent of your denial is complete and you will continue to live in abject fear.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, in The African Americans: Search for Truth and Knowledge, states, "The search for truth and the pursuit of knowledge should be broad-based and not limited to white European-American ethnic group experience."

So the first step in understanding why I call myself a Black African is to understand that all humanity began as Black. Then, as Dr. Welsing makes clear, the Black people somehow began at certain intervals to give birth to individuals who had no pigment - albinos as Dr. Booker T. Coleman (now Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene) the renowned Historian puts it: "...they can teach about the lack of carbon in animals and plants but not acknowledge that the same thing happens with humans. When the lack of carbon-melanin occurs in humans, it's called European!"

There is controversy about reasons why, but albinos (unmelaninized) eventually moved to cold climes, I suppose partially because they couldn't withstand the sun (kinky hair and melanin protect us against the sun's rays, kiddies!). There they continued to interbreed, produce blue eyes and straight hair, proclaim themselves "superior" and run around the world telling people of color that whites were the world's masters. So it was because of geographically varying climates that people with differing physical traits came to be - but the critical issue to understand is that these differing traits do not prevent people from being human! All a' we is one! All'a we is African!

Indeed, there are Red Africans, Yellow Africans, Brown Africans, white Africans, and since I admit to being political and have adopted the 60's ideology of Black Power, I am a Black African!

Carol Taylor R.N. Author of The Little Black Book: Black Male Survival in America: Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally Racist Society"

*Addendum: Someone asked me why I don't capitalize 'white;' I replied that generally whites've been so steeped in their untreated racist/colorist behavior that they deserve to be taken down a peg or two! We all - no matter what our 'hue,' need www.Discussrace.com and www.Raciscmtest.org to undo our massive eurocentric mis-education and be able to enter into positive interaction with those who wear skins of differing colors!



If not now - when? If not with Obama - with whom?

"This is Elder Educator Carol Taylor, America's First Black Flight Attendant, Mother, Grand Mother, calling on all people of good will and good conscience to help us erase racism/colorism. Now's the best time we ever had to: back up bigotry, kick out the KKK, reverse racism/colorism, destroy discrimination!

Barack Obama's appointed Barbadian Eric Holder as the top law enforcer - now's the time for us to organize like Stokely Kame Ture repeatedly told us - do diligence, stop the cops from killing our kids, join with our journey 4 justice, drop in on www.Discussrace.com - experience the excitement of taking the test - www.racismtest.org, share the sureness that we'll get there together.



We the people will prevail


Let's talk: Call me, Carol, at 856 1271 - right here in the Republic of Brooklyn!"