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Many Colors - One race

Many Colors - One race
Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned

See, so many misled uninformed organizations, in their valid angst at the continuing slaughters of Black children by the NYPD and other cops' departments all over this racist/colorist country, don't understand that the NY "Civilian" CRB is staffed mainly by ex-cops! They are the ones who recently DUMPED EIGHT HUNDRED complaints of police misconduct IN ONE DAY!

AND, as if THAT were not enough 'spit-in-the-face-of-the-public' practice - The final decisions over whether the complaints are serious enough for further actions - are made by the head of the very NYPD which is responsible for the transgressing cops - MADE BY THE NYPD POLICE COMMISSIONER!

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house!

What the entire Black community should be organizing around is the demand that the entire NYPD be www.racismtest.org 'ed and where they're found dysfunctional with their responses to differences in color and culture - referred to Ethnotherapy until they can think straight! Like employees are tested for alcholism and other drug use - let 'em be tested for their racism/colorism BEFORE they're allowed into our Black communities with guns and tasers and mace and billy clubs and ignorance!

WE need to control who it is who polices our own communities!

We're not saying fire 'em - because on that basis, 99+% of 'em would have to be fired. Because the maleducation sysdumb in this country still stubbornly refuses to teach the truth about hueman Black African origins - what the hell can anyone expect from such maleducated masses BUT anti-color behavior????? They're not even TAUGHT WHO THEY REALLY ARE! - descendants of those Black Africans! YEESH!

Insanity reigns.

It is way past time for otherwise worthy institutions to stop holding out empty hope for the masses about erasing police brutality and deal with the ORIGINS of such brutality - colorism and genderism! (Those depraved cops who routinely beat and slaughter mostly Black males are - if the research/truth be told - usually the same ones who beat the s--t out of their female partners) Get real.

All of those who profess to really want an end to the police slaughters of the Sean Bells, Amadou Diallos, Timothy Stansburys, Michael Stewarts et al., had better join with the DEMAND that the police be tested with the www.racismtest.org and where indicated, referred to Ethnotherapy until they can think straight!

Anything less than including the demand for this tool in the arsenal of the fight for equity is just 'whistling dixie,' while the perpetrators laugh at us and, incredibly, continue to threaten the very families of their original victims!

Your Sister-in-THE-Struggle,

President/Founder: The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. (For over twenty years battling untreated racism/colorism)
P.S. Then there is the absolute necessity - in order to prevent the disease of racism/colorism - to have African History mandatory in every U.S.A. education system.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Reproduced from NYStreet News Jan-Feb. 2004 p9

"If the government of the United States cannot/will not bring the murderers of Negroes (Blacks) to justice - then it is up to us to bring the murderers to justice" - Malcom X, "The Ballot or the Bullet"

Some 30+ years ago, the answer to continuing murders of our Black Folk was given to us by Brother El Haj Malik Shabazz, Malcom X . (Need we refer to the Florida elections to know what that choice should be?)
One of the Oxford Dictionary definitions of insanity is: to take leave of one's senses - dementedness, absurdness.
Unfortunately, all of the above definitions describe the acutely hostile behavior toward people of color of some of the police officers employed by the New York City Police Department who are paid by the taxpaying citizenry of New York City. Moreover that a large portion of that citizenry paying the salaries of those policer officers is of color is an unpleasant irony not to be overlooked.
For over twenty years now, the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. a 501(c)3 organization - motto: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned," has been requesting that the NYPD, in the face of its ever-rising rate of inflicting bodily harm and death on people of color (interestingly enough by mostly white male Catholic police officers) to test its officers with the R/CQ Test (see racismtest.org) with Follow-up psychological/psychiatric Ethnotherapeutic counseling where indicated.
In answer to these consistent requests, various NYPD staffers, including Chiefs of Police and other spokespersons have merely uttered, "Yes, we believe racism can't be condoned," and "Yes, we're concerned about it." And, in unbelievable ignorance from the Chief of Personnel of the NYPD, Markman, "We're only dealing with psychological concerns." DUH.
However, their statements, their denials, are constantly belied by the alarming rising numbers of police killings, mainly the killing of Black males. Another critical example of mental aberration, aside from the Keshawn Watson, Sean Bell on-the-street application of the 'death penalty,' is the color-profiling in the realms of vehicular ticketing and stops by the police. (I think the Sean Bell killers'll walk - judge-only verdict's on April 25, 2008)
A stark but telling illustration of that mental illness was the WOR UPN9 TV channel's cop-busting newscast, Nov.11, 2003. It clearly showed police in Nassau County color-profiling the TV station's Black male tester' and right afterwards, completely ignoring the station's white male 'tester' whose actions were exactly the same as those of the Black driver's actions.
The NYPD's standard tired reply that such instances are "isolated," cannot any longer be substantiated nor accepted when the Department is called into accountability by the public it is supposed to serve with 'CPR' (Courtesy, Politeness, Respect) and equity.
The fact that the ACLU, an organization quite separate from the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. has found it necessary amongst its many other pursuit to issue 'ARREST THE RACISM' notices and to promote a hotline (1 877-6-PROFILE) for 'race'-based traffic or pedestrian stops and, in justifiable reaction to NYPD predation on communities of color, has mounted an internet site, www.aclu.org/profiling is telling indictment of the pathology exising within the NYPD.
The specter of inordinate and rampant police abuse based on color-targeting raises its intimidating and mordant head, especially when viewed in the light of the white-male-dominated media reports merely echoing police reports of the NYPD's alleged 'derring-do.'
The insanity of NYPD color-profiles mars the good police work that the NYPD does and is a continuing embarassment to the concerned citizenry of this great City.
In addition, the fears that increased heavy NYPD 'security' activity will implode disproportionately on communities of color are well-founded and foreboding. (fears in consideration of NYPD activities in the recent past and fears which will surely accompany the arrival of the "Fathers" of the retrogressive 'Patriot Acts, the Replublican Party Convention members) This can only add to the increased friction between the NYPD and those they are paid to contain.
In conclusion and in distressing memory of the victims of NYPD inanities and insanities, the late Amadou Diallo, Malcom Ferguson, Patrick Dorismond among the many, many others (and certainly with reference to the luckily-alive Abner Louima - brutally sodomized by NYPD cop Justin Volpe and other 70th Pct. thugs-in-blue) may this RED PAPER 2003 on The Pathological Responses To Color and Culture of the New York City Police Department serve to alert concerned communities and activists everywhere to the impaired mental health and real threat of untreated racism/colorism which continue not only to affect their own safety but actually the efficacy of the very NYPD itself.
Originally presented to: Afrikans United For Sanity Now!, 12th Annual Mental Health meeting, Chaired by Sister Jean W. Dember MHS, Saturday Nov. 22, 2003, Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S.A.
cc: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, National Action Network President: Rev. Al Sharpton, NYS Menal Health Association, I"I"H Inc. Psychologist, Dr. Mari Saunders

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This is a modern 21st century
take on whoever it was who said "The
issue of the 20th Century is the
color line" - smart man!
( see why I spell hueman with an 'e?')

Many Colors - One race
Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned


11 April 2008

At this time, in this country (actually all over the world) - THE ISSUE IS 'COLOR' not 'race.'

A truthful principled person rhetorically uses 'COLOR,' because if they're sighted, that's what they see first. It's euphemistic and hypocritical to continuously repeat the word 'race' (which some keep verbally-pushing in order to keep the world's artificial barriers in place!) (and some continue to utilize in gross, pitiful ignorance) Oi!!!!

So, when one substitutes the CORRECT wording 'COLOR' for 'race,' one comes out with CORRECT rhetoric/analysis/stance!

Why do I have to continue to point this out to our otherwise wise FOLK? 'Race' this and 'race' that! - subjects a people to martyrdom! The same way some say that 'Blacks are paying for their own
destruction,' is the same way utilizing counterproductive, inaccurate phraseology contributes to our destruction! Words/language MATTER! 'Race' DOESN'T - 'COLOR' DOES!

The ONLY combining, organizing factor that the phrase 'Diasporic Pan African' possibly alludes to - is COLOR! The appeal for 'organizing' to BlackFolk with that phraseology is COLOR; surely those thusly appealed-to are the same COLOR - NOT 'race,' because, in all truthcentricity, THERE
IS ONLY ONE 'RACE,' the HUEMAN ONE. Sheesh! Is this such a hard thing to admit? If they mean 'Black,' why not say "Black?"

And, psychologically speaking, considering the fact that we are ALWAYS PUNISHED FOR OUR COLOR IN THIS WORLD, is there some subliminal repulsion operating which prevents BlackFolk from using the word COLOR instead of parroting the whiteman's term 'race,' as he insists on thusly implying
that the Black, Yellow, Brown, Red people are not of the ONE HUEMAN

But, ALL HUEMANS ARE 'OF AFRICAN ANCESTRY,' whether some of our
'desperate-for-our-own-descriptions' BlackFolk or others, who are colorist, want to acknowledge what
science has revealed or not! (Ref. Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Frances Cress

The 'struggle' should be against the epidemic misuse of the word 'race.'

Thursday, April 10, 2008



In the past 15 years in the New York City Police Department Catchment Area:

1. Of NYPD killings of Black (Hispanic & Muslim) males, how many of the
victims were shot in the back?

2. How many NYPD killings of Black (Hispanic & Muslim) males were perpetrated by white male
Catholic cops?

3. Of NYPD killings of Black (Hispanic & Muslim) males, how many convictions of criminal liability were
brought against police officers?

4. What jail time was served by cops - if any - for killing Black (Hispanic & Muslim) males?

5. What departments within the NYPD investigate killings by the NYPD? What is the average
length of time devoted to these investigations?

6. Is there any department outside of the NYPD which investigates police killings of civilians? Name it/

7. How many FOIA (Freedom of Information) requests have been answereD by the NYPD?

8. How many ex-cops are employed by the 'Civilian' Complaint Review Board?

10. How many 'Civilian' complaints have been substantiated by Police Commissioners to whom
'C'CRB complaints are sent for final review and possible action? (Did the 'C'CRB really toss out
800 of the people's complaints in one day in 2007?)

11. What direct or indirect involvement does the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association have in the
investigation of NYPD police killings of civilians?

12. What procedures has the NYPD adopted to prevent its officers from adding to the dispro-
portionate number of police-caused deaths of Black (Hispanic & Muslim) males?

These are the NYPD "Dirty Dozen" questions that the Black, Hispanic and Muslim communities need answered ASAP!

And the NYPD needs to adopt the www.racismtest.org pronto!

The Committee for Black Equity Now!



"As even well intentioned folk use the
tragically incorrect phrases: 'races,'
'mixed races,' 'two races,' 'bi-racial,'
'trans-racial,' 'interracial,' 'out of her/his race,'
and other similar
miscontructions and inaccuracies, they
unknowlingly perpetuate
the hueman artificial divisions
they profess to hate"
__________Carol Taylor Quote


"Dear. Ms. Taylor Fri.Aug.7, 1998
I picked up a copy of The Little Black Book (Black Male Survival in America: Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally Racist Society) at The Shrine of the Black Madonna in Detroit.
I was so impressed that I'm ordering 20 copies for my fellow brothers in Cedar Rapids, IA. It is too bad that we weren't given a copy of The Little Black Book along with our birth certificates at age 0.
Thank you.
Milton Thurmond
Cedar Rapids, IA

(The NY Amsterdam News June 1-june 7, 2000 p12)
by Wilbert A. Tatum
Publisher Emeritus & Chairman of the Board

Breathing While Black (in America) Disclaimer
I______________, being of sound mind and clear
desire to remain alive and well, do hereby declare that
I ould not resist arrest or assault a police officer; I do
not carry, sell or use drugs; I do not carry, sell or use a
gun or a knife or any other concealed or unconcealed
weapon, including pepper spray or mace.
I have mailed a copy - and it has been received - of
this notarized declaration to my relatives with
instructions that it remain sealed unless I become
involved in a confrontation with police - whatever the
I have also delivered a copy of this notarized decla-
ration to my lawyer.
As a statistically-identified Endangered Person in
America, I also hereby declare that I always carry a
copy of this notarized declaration on my person along
with my usual ID.

(Type/Print your name) (Date______)

Notary Public_________
Sister Carol Taylor, author of "The Little Black Book: Black Male Survival in America," has created what she chooses to call a "disclaimer," to be carried on the person of every Black male in America. The disclaimer seeks to explain to all police authority upon the arrest of a Black male, whether legitimate or not, that the Black male in question has signed and notarized a statement that appears below.
The publisher emeritus with this newpaper, a Black male, has signed and had notarized the statement that appears below, and intends to have it on his person at all times, along with his driver's license or passport.
We suggest that this form be dupicated and edited to suit the need of the individual, notarized and kept on the person of those participating in this important initiative.
The following list of murdered-by-police people of color is a mere microcosm of what, unfortunately, goes on every day somewhere in America:
Amadou Diallo . Patrick Dorismond . Malcom Ferguson . William Stanley . Gilbert Carswell . Stanton Crew . Larry Hubbard . Earl Faison . Steven Excell . Nicholas Heyward . Patrick (Peter) Bailey . William Whitfield . Timothy Hudson . Michael Anglin . Nathaniel Gaines Jr. . Anthony Rosario . Hilton Vega . Johnnie Cromartie . Johnny Gammage . Malice Green . Abdul Mateen . Ed Perry . Antwan Sedgewick . Christopher Wade . Ernest Sayon . Eric Thomas . Eric Pitt . Reginald Bannerman . Rudy Buchanan . Malik Jones . Shawn Montague . Richard Austin . Joseph Stevens . Arthur Miller . Arthur McDuffie . Don Taylor . Michael Taylor . Michael Stewart . Michael Donald . Michael Clark . Michael Phillips . Phillip Pannell . Douglas Fischer . Sean Bennett . NIcholas Bartlett . Anthony Baez . Alan Blanchard . Keshwn Watson . Keith Richardson . Charles Campbell . Jason Nichols . Dario Diodonet . Mohammad Assassa . Stoney Huggee . Abe Richardson . Juan Rodriguez . Stevn Kelly . Dennis Gross . Jathurima Mwaria . Shu'Aib Latif . Laurence Meyers . John Jordan . Thomas Branch . James Baker . Paul Trotman . Bobby Rodriguez . Morris Duncan . Annibal Carrasquillo . Bernard Gardner . Julio Tarquina . Joseph Gould . Julio Nunez . Joseph Orlando . Robin Williams . Owen Williams . William Leonard . Loyal Garner . Kevin Thorpe . Ronald Stokes . Warren Battle . Randy Evans . Clifford Glover . Jimmie Lee Bruce . Clement Lloyd . Cornell Warren . Jose Reyes . Winston Hood . William Green . Louis Baez . Arthur Slade . Dane Kemp . Andre London . Alfred Sanders . Demont Lawson . Casey Merchant . William Smith . John Kelly . Andel Amos . Roy Lee Jones . Richard Deem . Edmund Powell . Claude Reese . Hector Jones . Alfonso Fernandez . Jose Le Brun . Howard Caesar . Jay Parker . Abdul Salaam . Terrance Kean . Kenneth Simpson . Timothy Howell . Neville Johnson . Richard Luke . Richard Borden . Jesse Davis . Lester Yarbrough . Charles Stamper . Timothy Holden . Tycel Nelson . Clarence Smith . Charles Burnett . Ricky McCargo . Andre Fields . Tashim Bourne . Paul Maxwell . Bennett Grant . Elmer Newman Jr. . Mitchell Virgil . Tyron Lewis . Justin Smith . Andre Jones . Malcom Bruno . Deron Grimmett . Joseph Robertson.
There are so many many more names. I just can't seem to keep up with them.
Carol Taylor "The Little Black Book" $2. Compiled for consciousness-raising; especially in memory of Amadou Diallo et al. (718) 856 1271"

God Alone knows how many more Black males of all ages that the (mostly white Catholic NYPD cops (& others around this nation) have slaughtered - some of the names of the cop-killed can be found on yet-another full page of the 'SEAN BELL' Edition of The Little Black Book. (still only $2) (Be sure to tell next week's visiting Pope to call on his NYPD Catholic cops to take the www.racismtest.org and: STOP THE KILLING!