Monday, March 5, 2007

KKK + K = Katrina...The 4th 'K'

(The Fear That "Black" Brings)

"The Katrina Aftermath Reveals 'Race' and Class"

Oh No you don't! The KatrinaMess reveals COLOR and Class!

Euphemism reigns: like they're deathly afraid of 'calling a spade a spade,' YO! Like maybe alla' those human and civil rights organizations'll lose their socialtraction/standing if they 'tell it like it is' and call their organizations "Black" instead of the catch-all presumably progressive (but actually retrogressive) 'with it' "African!"

So we've got Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, heads of state, myriad ministers, protentous policticians, activist academicians speaking in euphemistic terms of "African-Americans and race," but actually meaning "Black" and "color," respectively (but not respectfully - it's diss-respectful to allBlackfolk, calling us outta' our names!)

WHAT are they so AFRAID of?

Then there are also the white maleDominated media-Folk in their bend-over-backward attempts at what they seem to believe is anti-racist rhetoric, in their meek followfashion parroting/echoing - "African American" - "race" ... amply illustrating what 'insanity' means: "the inability, (laziness?) or unwillingness to accept fact/reality." YES, I'm calling most of the mainstream mediafolk insane when it comes to color! They've ALL been mis-educated-in-Amerikkka about their antecedents (what happened BEFORE Europe - Booby?) - just like the rest of us misled lumpen proletariat!

Additionally, and this may be almost imperceptible to somefolk, when the word 'race' is used to allude to people of color - the users are automatically, by that usage, implying that Blacks and others of color are 'other than' belonging to the onehuemanrace. LISTEN!

What we have here, is pandemic, mass insanity which comes from purposeful miseducation about the hueman race and its origins. (Thank The Black God for the Philadelphia School Curriculum Board which just recently mandated African - they meant 'Black' - History in some of their schools!)

Follow closely please:

If, as has now been firmly, unequivocally, scientifically established, There is only one 'race'

and it began BLACK and in Africa, (the rest of us diasporic bits of huemanity have been more or less 'rinsed out') - then in terms of rational, deductive analytical reasoning, all of us huemans are not only descended from those original Africans, but, therefore, DUH! - are all 'African' - of African descent - irespective of color! (OOOH! - that nasty scary word!)

Consequently, not only clear-thinking activistFolk, but all of the aforementioned 'leaders,' if they are truly interested in equity, justice and 'hueman' rights, are gonna have to:

1. Shuck their linguistic timorousness/lassitude, 2. acknowledge publicly the 'oneness of huemanity,' and therefore 3. bring their language usage into the 21st Century!

For all of our sakes, let them STOP STOP STOP speaking incorrectly about 'race and class!' - IT'S COLOR and CLASS!!!

Increased public awareness of the 'Katrina Hurricane AfterMess' should certainly bring about the healing recognition that there are"

MANY colors - ONE 'race!

Pass The Word(s) - Instruct The Children! There Is a River*

*Title of Professor Bajan Vincent Harding's vital & inspiring

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