Thursday, February 18, 2010

Black History Month: (Do you know who you are?)

Black History Month:
(Do you know who you are?)
By Carol Taylor
(First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant)

Tell me something: if, as is often said, "The truth will out," and "The truth will set you free," why is it that the U.S.A. continues to perpetuate The Big White Lie that February - the shortest month of the year - represents some sort of separate "history" and that "Black" history deserves only a grudgingly gratuitous - albeit not very important - part of national attention?

Why are "World" history and "American" history taught as though they are separate entities in and of themselves when the truth is that they are part of "Black" history and not - as implied by the expression "Black History Month," the other way around.

"American" history and "World" history are "Black" history and it is long past time for this particular and vital truth to be told and told and taught!

Not a moment longer should the white supremacist, hegemonic, lying european colonialist system of continuously miseducating unsuspecting hueman beings be allowed to formally perpetuate The Big White Lie: the myth of superiority of white skin and the myth of inferiority of observable skin melanin. No more "Black stay back!"

If indeed "The truth will out" - let it be right now: if "The truth will set you free" - then let the people be set free once and for all by the public - continuing - acknowledgement (maybe a decree by that mostly all-white Congress of the United States of America) that not only are all huemans 'of Black African ancestry,' but that "World" and "American" history are 'Black' history and that it is no longer necessary to counterproductively and coloristically divide history into 'Yellow,' 'Brown,' 'Tan,' 'Olive,' 'white,' or 'Black' history!

I can hear the screeching now from the miseducated masses - (irrespective of what color they may be) - "Oh no! We've fought so hard for recognition as hueman beings and to have 'our own' existence acknowleged! Don't do away with Black Hisory Month - we need it!"

No we don't. And we don't need Black history to be incorporated into other-color histories: actually, "World" and "American" history should be incorporated into their parent, originating history - Black that is!

However, the obvious question from those who've somehow escaped from their U.S.A. miseducational, racist/colorist conditioning is: "Exactly what is meant by 'we' nd 'our own?' If, as has been scientifically-proven, all huemans are part of the Black African diaspora - all African - then doesn't it stand to reason tht 'we' and 'our' is 'us?'

Alla' we is ONE! 'We' have but ONE history and 'our' most distant ancestors were Black.

Isn't it time to tell all the children the truth? 'Come together - right now'... nd be free!'