Friday, March 2, 2007


By Dow Burton

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The generator, the refrigerator,

Lubricators and the elevator

The Black man is a great creator

From the minds of Blacks

Came bed racks

Signals for train tracks

And the smoke stack

The egg beater

The home heater

Ice cream so life would be sweeter

A cure for small pox

The U.S. mail box

The Black mind is as strong as an ox

The hand stamp the electric lamp

When it comes to inventing

Blacks are champs

The clothes drier

The extinguisher for the fire

Peanut butter

The biscuit cutter

The lunchpail, the portable scale

The harpoon for the whale

The key ring

Looks like Blacks invented everything!

Blacks are able

This is not a fable

We even invented the kitchen table

The auto fishing reel

The envelope seal

The train alarm

To keep us from harm

Motors for cars

Guitars for rock stars

The rocket catapult

So we can reach Mars

The dust pan, the door stop

The pressure cooker and the mop

And let it be told

A Black man invented the commode

The traffic signal for the road

And the ice cream mold

The fruit press

The printing press

Without Blacks, this nation would

Be in a mess

The medicine tray

The electric railway

REPARATIONS you know they should pay

Horse saddles

Rockets for battle

Apparatus for roping cattle

The disposable needle

A discharge for torpedoes

An insect gun to kill the mosquito

A record player arm

To hear the Beatles

The player piano

The remote control

To change the channel

The video commander

Nothing could be grander

Ear clips, potato chips

And ships for scenic trips

The lemon squeezer, Oh what a pleaser

Sugar refinement, not an easy assignment

Bottle caps, jock straps

So the athlete can make his laps

The sweeper for the street

The brush and comb to look neat

The folding chair

The auto transmission

For changing gear

The wrench, the typewriter

Invented by Blacks

To make the work load lighter

Bood plasma and rods for the curtain

Without these inventions

It’s certain we’d be hurtin’

The baby buggy

The air conditioner when it’s muggy

The gas burner and stainless steel pads

Invented by Blacks, aren’t you glad?

The bicycle frame

The golf tee to enhance the game

Window cleaner

The sprinkler to make the lawn greener

The clothes dresser, the folding bed

Invented by Blacks

You heard what I said

The ironing board, the scooter board

The stand for the key board

Black inventions are very broad

The helicopter for flight

The military might

The fire escape ladder

The urinanalysis machne for the bladder

The digital toaster, the roller coaster

The guided missile, the holder for toilet tissue

The fountain pen to write an epistle

A planter for corn

The best thing since the horn

The furniture caster

The cell phone fo communicate faster

The radiation detector

The door knob and lock

As a property protector

The mask for the gas

The mower for the grass

A sharpener for your pencil

A pastry fork, what a utensil!

The horse shoe, the human shoe

Without Blacks, What would we do?

The bridle bit to keep the horse

On course.

The children of Africa -


(This grand teaching tool was typed from the beautiful Poster –FYI)

via Sister Carol Taylor

It's NOT "calvary" if you mean troops- that's "cavalry!" AWK!
It's NOT "excapades!" It's "escapades!" DOUBLE AWK!
It's NOT "ax!" It's "ask!" TRIPLE AWK!

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