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Statement: As A Conscientious OBJECTOR to Any

Court Proceedings in the United States of America Held Without

First Testing the Participants With The RACISM/COLORISM QUOTIENT TEST

to Determine the Levels of Pathological Responses

To Color and Cultural Differences

1 March 2000

I am called today to do Jury Duty in a process which has been shown to be rife with racist/colorist discrimination and I appear under duress because I understand that no court in the United States of America can deliver equitable treatment to any person of color without first illustrating to the public that they are not dysfunctionally racist/colorist given the institutionally racist/colorist miseducation of the masses in this country.

I attach a copy of the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test of The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc., of which I am the President/Founder as evidence of the over twenty years spent educating the public as to the deleteriousness to the society at large of untreated, institutional racism/colorism.

To engage in what I consider a giant sham and deception of the public is against my nature and principles.

I do not believe that those who refuse to live in the same neighborhoods as people of color live have any right to make decisions about people of color - this makes no sense to me as a person of color imbued with common sense.

I cite as an egregious example of untreated racism/colorism's effect on court proceedings, the statement in Albany, NY of one of the jurors in the notorious "Amadou Diallo" murder trial:to the effect that the jurors did not consider "race" (they MEANT 'color') in their deliberations.

I consider the above example as an illustration of the mass insanity and mass denial about color.

There can be no equity in American courts until and unless court participants prove that they are not dysfunctionally racist/colorist.

(Signed) Ruth C. Taylor



Kings County Juror ID#246777238-(126) MARCH 2000 Ashvin R. Patel Notary Public

Attachment:R/CQTEST State of New York No.01PA4799045 Qualified in

Queens County Certificate Filed in Kings County

(You have my PERMISSION to reproduce this important declaration and give it out to help RAISE THE CONSCIOUSNESS of our People-of-Color within these United States of America!)

Carol Taylor (718) 856 1271

First Black U.S. Flight Attendant

P.S. I guess the 'Grand Jury' deliberating upon whether to indict the five Sean Bell assassins haven't heard about former Judge Sol Wachtler's now famous pronouncement: " A grand jury can indict a ham sandwhich!" Despite the fact that the PIGS (ham) fired a composite of FIFTY shots - and despite the fact that MONTHS've gone by - NADA!
This is the 14th of March ("Beware the Ides of March")...the Queens 'Grand' Jury's decision's about to hit the public - Assassin-Protector NYPD Commissioner Kelly's instructed SEVENTEEN THOUSAND NYPD cops to 'stand by for potential uproar-reactions,' (forget dat! We BlackFolk are true-true apathetic to the outrages perpetrated 'pon us) - and the circus continues. Brother Alton H. Maddox, Jr.'s been describing the filthy farce in his (threatened by racist/colorist BKLYN judges) NY Amsterdam News weekly columns)...Ah well...What else is new?

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