Monday, March 5, 2007


(Talking About ANY U.S.A. issue without Dealing with its Untreated Racism/Colorism)

God Bless the March 4, 2007 Gil Noble show's "Like It Is" Producers & Directors! Today's show featured the Interview with Malcom X from 1963! And guess what!" That was 'way back in 1963 - over 40 years ago! It was unsettingly true then and more unsettlingly true today in 2007.

Malcom X said: "When a Black man stands up and talks about his Constitutional (USA) rights - he's out of his mind! The Constitution (U.SA.) was written by whites, for whites - it described the Negro (Black man) as 3/5ths of a human being!"

When asked by the Black reporter (there was also a white reporter present) what his definition of freedom, equality and justice was - Malcom replied that Black people are not interested in being equal to whites - "...white is not the norm... when we were in our own land, we had equality - there'll never be quality for Blacks in the white man's country - when you have to ask for equality to be given to you by someone else, in someone else's country, you'll never get it; we need our own country, our own land, to develop it agriculturally - to be able to feed our own people without interference!"

Malcom said that the only Black politician he knew who wasn't bought/controlled by whites wasAdam Clayton Powell, Jr. "...who irritated lots of people because he talked so often about race....".

Yeah, this is 2007 - the year, supposedly, the issue of Blackfolks' 'right' to vote is to be decided by a buncha' all white males in D.C.! What other group - of 'citizens' - has to endure a periodic vote on whether or not that group's members are to vote!? Aren't 'citizens' automatically entitled to vote?

Consequently, isn't it obvious from this racist/colorist practice that BlackFolk (including the ones who speak Spanish - heh heh) are NOT citizens of the United States of America?!!! 00PS! You mean Attorney Alton H. Maddox, Jr. is correct, when he writes - in the BlackAfrikan weekly newspaper, the N.Y. Amsterdam News - that the Dred Scott/Justice Taney mess is still operative: "Blacks have no rights that whites are bound to respect!" (my emphasis, because right today, in 2007, there are white Brooklyn judicial closet racist/colorists who are trying to prevent BlackAfrikan Mr. Maddox from writing there - expressing his 'First Amendament rights!')

Does this mean that alla' those 'leaders' and politicians who prate about 'exercising BlackFolks' rights to vote,' are knowingly lying to the Black, Red, white & Yellow masses? YOICKS!

Does this mean that ('way before Katrina!) ever since I began, at a young age, to realize that I was being, as a pariah, someone who was treated differently than others because of my skin color, I began to develop a very unhealthy, strong ambivalence to white 'authority' as I perceived it? I say 'unhealthy' because, as one who was raised reciting the U.S.A. "Pledge of Allegiance," (such conditioning beginning even before I was thinking for myself) and being made to salute a multi-colored piece of cloth - the U.S.A. flag - every school day - more conditioning - I could not have, during those times, understood that I was being brutally misled to believe that I was 'just like' the other all white upstate NY students. And yet, nearly every day, some of those same white students were yelling "Nigger" and "Blackie" at me and excluding me from their activities.

In fact, it got to the point where my Father (having fled the racist Southern State of North Carolina) raised in the 'Christian Church,' went to our Calvary Baptist church minister to ask that he go to the school and preach some "Brotherhood of Man.' His request was duly refused. So he took us, his entire family, out of the Chorus and out of the Church, saying he wanted nothing to do with such hypocrites who preached 'brotherhood' on Sundays and failed to live it the rest of the week.

Is this also the "two-minded - divided mind" of the 'Negro' of which James Baldwin and Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. DuBois spoke? Well, long before I understood why I was feeling detached from 'citizenship' in this racist/colorist U.S.A., I had (and still have) that 'divided mind' - that ambivalence which allowed me to recognize my own seond or third class standing in this white man's society. And all of the preaching, speculating, hype about "all men are created equal" does not erase tht ambivalence one whit!

I, and countless other people of color, who, like me, have and do encounter the myriad outrageous slings and arrows of untreated racism/colorism within this United States of Amerikkka on a daily basis (and we will NEVER forget the willful and malign neglect surrounding 'Katrina!') the outright colorist treatment given immigrants of color (Swift meatpackers - the I.C.E. - Immigrant and Customs Enforcement raids, where light-skinned and white workers were given blue bracelets and told to leave while 'dark-skinned' workers were held and interrogated), Brown-skinned Muslims, Brown and Black-skinned Hispanic-speaking hueman beings - and especially the rotten, illegal treaty-breaking, land-grabbing by the government, humiliating and violent treatment of Red-skinned folk.

We people of color understand very well what Malcom X said about the U.S.A. Constitution not being written for us! And we are not crazy enough NOT to see that the White House/Pentagon D.C. warDawg transgression internationally against countries of color is merely an extension of the local domestic color-coded oppression.

Untreated racism/colorism reigns and the battle aginst such encroachments on the liberty and well being of huemans should'nt end until the oppression ends!

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