Thursday, January 25, 2007


(And Suffer in Silence?)

Well, well well. Like curdled pus squeezed out of a facial zit, the racist/colorist , venomous animus popped outta' the New York Police Department's Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as he sat in the hot seat at City Hall yesterday, facing City Councilman Charles Barron and other members of the New York City Council enquiring into police training and procedures with special reference to the cop-slaughter of Sean Bell.

Everyone should procure a copy of the Transcript of the contentious Hearing; I got so mad when I heard the intemperate Kelly statement in the face of the widespread angst about young Sean Bell's murder, that I got up and mopped my entire apartment!

I've been telling the folk who've been calling me about the vitriol at City Hall that Kelly's body language - the upheld 'quelling' hand, the turgid frowing face and especially his " people need to calm down...!" are more telling and illustrative of the urgent need for him and every other single individual police person to be tested with the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test to determine the relative degree of pathology when it comes to dysfunctional responses to color and cultural differences.

I've also been telling my disturbed, angry callers that this, at this time, was the best thing that could've happened in terms of the public recognizing the necessity for ferreting out the untreated racism/colorism within the NYPD. As a New York State-trained Registered Nurse, (Bellevue Hospital) I know that a disease is most easily treated when the symptoms present themselves; racism/colorism is a disease which requires application before and after testing, and it certainly reared its ugly entrenched head at the City Council Police Training & Procedures Hearing yesterday.

That the 'top cop' could so nakedly expose his own racism/colorism in a public forum graphically illustrates that untreated racism/colorism cuts across education and intellect precisely because the disease directly involves the emotions. Some of the brightest individuals in the world, history tells us, have harbored racist/colorist beliefs and were/are, as a Professor Worrell has written, stubborn racists. "Racism does all sorts of distortions," said writer/activist Jan Carew in his address to the recently held National Conference for Media, in Memphis, TN.

Considering the institutionally racist/colorist mal-education system in this city and country, which perpetuates the 'BigWhiteLie' about the existance of "many races" and generally doesn't teach its multicolored students that they are all '...of African descent' no matter what color or ethnic background they are, it's a wonder that the police persons've not beaten, tasered, murdered, entrapped and disrespected even more of the City's inhabitants of color.

That the NYPD is totally out of control in dealing with the undetected/untreated racism/colorism in its officers is extremely frightening. This is eerily evident as the uniformed or out-of-uniformed police approach people of color on the neighborhood streets - and then, incredibly and unfairly, as folk of color - knowing the murderous history of the NYPD - run from the police - many are shot and killed as they flee. (It is awesome to note that the police do not shoot whitefolk in the back - but they do routinely shoot Black males and other people of color IN THE BACK!

So, it is quite shockingly evident that it should be a priority for any community in this racist/colorist country to demand, that police be tested - every single one of those gun-toting, billyclub-toting, taser-toting, mace & pepper spray-toting, life-and-death-deciding individuals who are police persons who've been socially-conditioned by an admittedly institutionally racist/colorist education system. Every single one of 'em should be given the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test and where they're found to be dysfunctional in their responses - be referred to psychiatric or psychological Counseling, depending upon the severity of their disease. And they should remain in counseling until they can recognize, acknowledge and be healed of their disease because they have the awesome power of life and death over us all.

Under escalating pressure from irate communities of color, the NYPD disturbingly continues to focus on everything BUT the crux/basis of its problems with people of color; this focus includes, among other things:

- firearms training, number of people-of-color Instructors, number of police recruits-of-color, length of police training, number of cops in various precincts, number of college degree holders, reformation of NYPD Training Academy, setting up more Investigative & Oversight Commissions, setting up Faith-based Coalitions, holding regular Precinct/Community Meetings, eliminating 'racial' profiling, hiring Consultants (like Rand), teaching the use of 'culturally-sensitive' language, expanding 'in-service' training, increasing 'interaction with culturally-diverse' community members - NOT ONE OF WHICH DEALS DIRECTLY WITH THE ISSUE OF RACISM/COLORISM WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL POLICE PERSONS.

The examples in the NYPD Training Curriculum revealing an unaware racist/colorist milieu are, under Part B: "Police Professionally, Impartially and Legally:" in the section "Policing Professionally," third sentence - "...regardless of race..." and "...people who may not share their race..." and "...without regard to race..." and "...regardless of race..." - ! - it should be noted that any use of the word 'race' to suggest/imply that there is more than one hueman race, in a purportedly effective Training Program used to train police officers in how to view community inhabitants, shows up the dire need of The Racism/Colorism Quotient Test Program, to heal not only the Instructors and Trainers who use that Professional Training System but also the rank and file officers they purport to train to operate within the of-color communities!

No wonder the NYPD keeps slaughtering Black males and other people of color; it's

incredible but not surprising - given the now-obvious untreated racism/colorism of their leader - Police Commissioner Ray Kelly - but don't resign or fire 'em - test 'em and counsel 'em, just as you would a worker with alcoholism or any other addiction!


It's NOT "innocent bystander" - that's a POLICE term! (Who made them judge-jury and executioner?)

It's NOT "excalating" It's "escalating!" AWK!

It's NOT "fatally killed" booby - It's either "killed" or "fatally shot!" DUH!

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