Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Law & Disorder
Sean Bell, Antonio Bryant, Amadou Diallo, Timothy Stansbury - and a whole lotta' other Black Brothers & Sisters are dead, dead, dead - and we can't bring 'em back; there's no denying that, right?

Well: "NYPD investigating, grand jury, identifying themselves as police officers, independent witnesses, imminent deadly threat, Independent Investigator, 48-hour Rule, 'special' forces, indictments, no indictments, re-loading, one or two drinks, reasonable belief, painstaking investigation, no testifying, fear for his life, contagious shooting, patience, thought-he-had-a-gun, district attorney's (empty) promises, undercover operation, eye witnesses, blue wall of silence, deadly physical force, fifty (or A HUNDRED!) shots, SmellyKelly's 'justified!' - BLAH BLAH BLAH!" KA KA - BULLSHIT!!! Cops STILL don't shoot white males in the back - it is mostly Black males who die - cut down in their Prime by racist/colorist cops with impunity!

Never mind all that "expertWitness" B.S. talk: - the top-side-bottom-line is: these "United" (a colorist euphemism if I ever heard one) States of Amurkkka is ONE HUGE, HORRIBLE, BLOODY, WHITECOP HUNTING-GROUND!!! and the perennial targets are Black males!

But, Hey - you prefer not to acknowledge that. Just keep on, 'wasichu' (Indigenous for 'whitey') -pretending it's 'justice and democracy for all' and keep on - BlackFolk, 'walking around in R.E.M', reaching for "The American Dream," spending (what's left from those IRS-WAGE-RAIDS) in every other community but yer own! Y'all keep ON pretending that the cops are NOT outta' the control of non-colorist administrations.

UH-UH! I am not gonna' let ya!'

Cops are running wild in our Black neighborhoods! They're issuing false tickets to us! They're beating us! They're lying on us in those racist/colorist courts! They're 'in-our-faces' disprespecting us! They're slinging up barricades in the roads in our communities! They're intimidating our kids! They're chasing us down like dogs! And they're continuously and continually killing us - with impunity!

The Mayor knows it; NYPD knows it; SmellyKelly knows it; Palladino knows it; Izzo knows it; Lynch knows it; Hispanic 'Blues' know it; 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement know it; the Governor knows it; the Attorney Spittin' General knows it; all of those white wives of murdering cops know it; the Congress knows it; the Black Congressional Caucass knows it; the 'Justice' Department knows it; Guantanamo-george knows it and the rest of the world knows it! - and deep down in your quivering, quavering, shivering, quaking, tremulous, timorous uneasy guts - you know it!


And who are these murdering thugs-in-blue? MEAT-EATERS! (I bet not one of the mostly white male Catholic killers-in-blue is a vegetarian!) No, the Killer-Cop is a meat-eating, big-bellied, overweight, alcohol-guzzling, cigar-puffing, jock-itched, wife-beating, snoring, farting, cursing, spit-in-the-street,'throw-away-gun'-toting, can't-hit-the-side-of-the-barn-with-a-shotgun, anal-oriented control freak with frequent erectile dysfunction, (who'd rather screw his girlfriend/wife from behind) who also sympathizes with cops Volpe and Schwartz (sodomizers of Abner Louima) and thinks they shouldn't've been jailed! How do ya' spell P-A-T-H-O-L-O-G-I-C-A-L?

And until we BlackFolk (& this includes Hispanic-speaking BlackFolk - I'll Blog later about that) organize, DEMAND www.racismtest.com testing with follow-Up Psych Counseling of individual cops, 'circle the wagons,' and copy the Jews in Bed-Stuy and the Black Panthers in the 60's - Guess What? - the "41-50-Shotters," the thugs-in-blue will continue raping* & killing Black sons!


*NYPD cop Reggie Rivera raped African van drivers in dilatoryD.A. Robert Brown's Queens (cop died - they took so long to prosecute the bitch!)

Okay, we know Sean Bell's bluekillers'll walk (but we gotta' do some sanity-saving something!) so you go on out to the Sean Bell Vigil* and spend some time - as I did - with the "50 SHOTS - 50 DAYS 24/7" Demonstration of outrage mounted by Valerie Bell, the Mother of Sean. ONE THOUSAND folk giving up some of their time = a Major illustration of outrage!

*It's NOT 'Vigual' - it's "VIGIL!" AWK!
It's NOT 'mayorial' - it's "MAYORAL" DOUBLE AWK!
It's NOT 'electorial" - it's "ELECTORAL" DOUBLE AWK!
It's NOT 'hopefully' - it's "I HOPE!' TRIPLE AWK!
It's NOT pronounced "COMPTROLLER" (although that's the SPELLING!) It's pronounced 'Controller!' SHEESH!

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