Sunday, January 14, 2007


So you heard the news that your ex-President Bill Clinton left office without having his Department of Justice 'do the right thing' for the Amadou Diallo family, hey? Amadou was the gentle, young. hardworking, praying-every-day Guinean scholar who had come to the United States to 'better' himself and to find his fortune. He was shot at 41 times, hit 19 times (including through the feet as he lay dying and in agony) - murdered unconscionably and with apparent impunity by some genetic recessive maleducated hypocrites who "own the night."

The impotent authorities in the Bronx, where Amadou was assasinated, allowed the 'trial' to be moved to whiter-than-white Albany, upstate New York, allegedly filled with Klan members, because, as the white, male judges who decided to move the 'trial' said, the citizens of the Bronx weren't 'fit' to do their civic duty. (We, of course, know full well that Blacks and other people of color can't make decisions without white people 'in control.')

Well, what did you-all really expect? Now, Black leaders and others are doing the same buck-dancing they did when the highest office in the land was stolen from the people of the United States..."we have to make sure this doesn't ever happen again!" Lemme tell you -I am so damn sick and tired of that type of response, I could vomit ! What about some activism which rectifies the damn situations we find our Black selves in all the bleepin' ' time?

Let me state this categorically:there are ENOUGH laws on the books right now to deliver equity, fair treatment and justice to every human being in America:the problem is that those 'enforcers' who hold office, (and that goes for the highest offfice in the land) consistently refuse to enforce the laws we have on the books now, and we, the unorganized Black & other people of color have not and do not hold those 'officers' accountable! Aye, there lies the rub, the trouble, the problem's core. And the 'leaders,' too many of them into self-aggrandizing, empty pontificating, continue to pretend that the verbal farting they ( in true knee-jerk fashion) can be relied upon to do every time one of us gets slaughtered or otherwise maltreated, will suffice 1. to keep them in the public eye like they're doing something, and 2. will keep them in the 'good graces' of the white males in power. Unfortunately, all of this 'pull-the-wool-over-their-eyes' dissemblance seems to work, because, here we are again, after Amadou's (and Malcom Fergusson's and Patrick Dorismond's, and, and, and...) monstrous murder, whistling Dixie for justice...words into the cold air, feelings into the cold hearts of this nation, which continues to allow the murders of our progeny to go on in spite of our angst and agony.

If the white women of the United States, as a group alone, really were concerned about the obscene slaughter of the children of us Black women and laid the law down with finality to their husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, boyfriends, etc.,etc.,e etc., the bloody killings would stop in less than a week

If every time any cop anywhere in this nation knew that three of his buddies on the force in his/her area would be 'disappeared' every damn time one of our children were 'taken out' by a cop - the outrageous slaughters would stop in less than a week! I can hear it now:"OH DEAR, OFFICER GALLAGHER WAS LAST SEEN AT UTICA AND EASTERN PARKWAY - ALL WE COULD FIND WERE HIS SOCKS AND SHOES! In case you've forgotten, in the sixties, we Black folk did not stand for the all-out slaughters of our children...the Black Panthers sure saw to that!

Well, Mr. & Mrs. Diallo and their advisors have a chance to strike a blow for every beleaguered Black & other folk of color in this land now. When they either settle or 'win' dollars for the life of their fallen child, let them not 'take the money and run,' like too many other victims of this racist/colorist non-enforcing system have done. They must not allow the 'authorities' to shift the focus...they must make sure that one of the non-negotiable requirements of any settlement or 'win' is that the police in New York City be required to live in the city ;(no more '48-hour'-crap before they have to give their story after an incident)) AND that every person who calls him/herself a policeperson be tested FIRST for their responses to COLOR & CULTURAL DIFFERENCES;BEFORE THEY'RE GIVEN DUTY;BEFORE THEY'RE GIVEN GUNS, BILLY CLUBS AND MACE! (And let us not let the Black cops' organizations off the damn hook! For YEARS we've been asking THEM to admit that they are human beings conditioned by a racist/colorist society and to publicly take the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test- to no avail! (If they had-at least the white cops could see their Brothers-of-color doing the 'right thing!')

Carol Taylor:President/Founder:The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc.(718) 856 1271

It's NOT "calvary" - it's "cavalry (if you talking mounted troops! AWK!
It's NOT "prostrate!" It's "prostate" for his gland! DOUBLE AWK!
It's NOT "their doing it" It's "they're" for 'they are!" AWK!

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