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How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children

by Fred A. Baughman, Jr. MD - with Craig Hovey


Trafford Publishing, 2006

ISBN 1-4120-6458-9

Reviewed by Carol Taylor

There is no statute of limitations for murder - right? Well, what Dr. Fred A. Baughman describes in this shocking and revealing book is murder - murder of hundreds of children in this capitalism-driven country.

Dr. Baughman, an eminent adult and child Neurologist, courageously testifies all around the world about the bogus diagnosis of 'ADHD' - 'attention deficit hyperactivity disorder' - which doctors (and even school officials!) have clung to in the face of clear and scientific evidence that there is absolutely no such thing as 'ADHD.'

He also has, in this terrifying book, highlighted the awesome cases of children who have actually died as a result of being given the health-destroying drug Ritalin, and other 'ADHD' drugs.

What gives further credence to the allegations of fraud by medical people (who should know better) who use 'ADHD' diagnoses and administer Ritalin doses to children, is that Dr. Baughman is also certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, is a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology and has testified about the 'ADHD' fraud before Congress, the European Union and the Western Australian Parliament.

Dr. Baughman and Co-Author Craig Hovey - an Economics teacher - both have bravely refused to allow a diagnosis of 'ADHD' or dosage of Ritalin for their own sons.

These two professionals heavily target medical workers, school officials, co-opted journalists and, especially the DSM-IV (medical Diagnostic Manual) for not only perpetuating the 'ADHD' diagnosis and lie and the subsequent dosing of children, but for their coercive measures when (not enough) challenging parents don't acquiesce and cooperate in the fraudulent attacks on their offspring.

The quote by Dr. William Carey, that "We are witnessing a crisis of a magnitude and type never seen before." - certainly describes what - if not a de jure conspiracy - to me seems a de facto conspiracy - on several levels, upon the children in the U.S.A. as direct and unsuspecting targets.

I have rarely read of such a blatant deprivation of human rights in a so called 'civilized' 'democratic' society. Since the U.S.A. government has disgracefully abdicated its 'protect-the-citizens' duty to end the fraudulent (and illegal) diagnosing and drugging maltreatment, I'm suggesting seeking - if not redress from R.I.C.O. (federal racketeering indictments) - then certainly redress from the United Nations and the World Court (crimes against humanity) - sooner rather than later; children's lives must be protected!

The fact that "...over SIX MILLION CHILDREN today are being given Ritalin and a variety of other amphetamines..." and that "We live in a Brave New World which is shaped not just by new drugs created in company laboratories, but by an almost Orwellian capacity to control the flow of information...." should stand starkly as clarion calls for immediate crisis intervention.

After reading this amazing and horrifying book, I can honestly say that people living in the United States of America don't have only to fear 'outside terrorists,' or 'enemies of the state,' - those miscreants drugging and killing the children are quite frighteningly accomplishing grisly population reduction with their bogus 'ADHD' diagnoses and drugging.

If those poor child victims who've died as a result of being diagnosed and drugged with and Ritalin et al., had been taken out and shot to death, there'd've been riots in the streets.

Where's the public's outrage at these ('ADHD' just took longer) contrived deaths?

Read "ADHD FRAUD" - and tell everyone to read it!


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