Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Y'all Can't Have It Both Ways Now!
We BlackFolk are so desperate within the Diaspora - whether we emigrated or were enslaved or are from folk who were enslaved - for an 'identity,' we've called ourselves all outta' our names 'til confusion reigns in this majorityBlack world.

But unless Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's coined word "TRUTHCENTRICITY" is observed, we'll never arrive at a Black consensus about who we really are. Our intellectual leaders like Adelaide Sanford and Alton Maddox, Jr., among others, have got to admit that we BlackFolk do NOT have our own 'race!' (They seem to insist on using, the prissy term "...of African descent") But there is only ONE hueman race. (some of us use the 'e' in human to indicate that everyone has a 'hue' - everyone has Black ancestors somewhere back there - all of us are more - or less -'rinsed out!')

So when people who consider themselves part of the intelligentsia find inaccuracies coming outta' their mouths, like: the Black race,the white race, our Black race, and one that really blows my mind - of African descent! meaning BlackFolk, of course, I can't help feeling pure pain from the euphemisms! Pain for the users in their evident abject ignorance of their history and pain for the young 'uns following in their mistaken footsteps who therefore are subsequently robbed of the true knowledge of all of our ancestors.

This situation has to be one of the most disastrous results of the insidious and continuing euralien attempts to erase Blackreality. I recall the blowing off of the nose of the Sphinx in Africa - same thing - euraliens didn't want the rest of the world to know that that nose was spread out in the true physiognomy of Black Africans. And for the 'education' sytems in the U.S.A. especially, to continue to underplay (or not teach at all!) the truth about the Blackhuemans who were the originators of modern day huemans is to continue the devastation of the minds of people of all colors.

Thank God for the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania School Board which recently mandated African History in some of the schools! Probably that Warrior Molefi Kete Asante was partially responsible for this - although, sad to say, he also uses some language which leaves confusion in the minds of his readers, such as the widely mis-used "African American," meaning I assume, 'BlackFolk.' Ha! I know that can mean anyone of any hue from the American continents, North and/or South. YEESH! Poor us!

The discovery/revelation by Dr. Keith Chang of the 'one 'race' gene' - SLC24A5, proves the single origin (Black) of humans who all have Black ancestors. Think of it: millions of white (rinsed out) people running around the world downing, beating, ignoring, disrespecting, segregating, stealing votes from, mis-educating, not expecting much from, producing exclusive allwhite TV/radio/plays, invading countries of, killing people of color - the relatives of their own ancestors! The insanity of this situation boggles the mind - (the rational mind). How does one spell 'm-a-s-s m-e-n-t-a-l i-l-l-n-e-s-s?'

In the words of Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells in his video, "Journey of Man," 1 800 PLAY PBS,

So, my beloved BlackAfrikans, how in HELL are we gonna' get this vital information through to y'all, who, in y'all's desperate quest for identification - after eons of rank depersonalization by colonializing euraliens - are adamant about claiming unique BlackAfrican ancestry for yourselves? Y'all can either do what a Black sisterFriend of mine does, burying her head in unreality, saying in her hurt and angst, "I don't care what you say, I ain't claiming them whitefolk! They aren't my relatives!" - or you can acknowledge the truth, that, as the 'Indigenous' of the U.S.A., the Nakota, Dakota and Lakota people say, "Mitakuye Oyasin, "We are all related."

You can't have it both ways. I've stated it as best I can - (I'm still learning) - but quite frankly, it's like taking candy from a baby to repeatedly, as I do, call for a brand new anti-racist/colorist lexicon which doesn't (thank God in Her Mercy) refer to us BlackFolk as "a race," or "race" or "races" or the onlyFolk "...of African descent." We people of color-Blacks- belong to THE hueman 'race!' I reiterate - we are not 'a separate 'race.'

Rx: Take thou this tract and expose it to your students and your children so they'll at least know who they are!

It's NOT "I was laying down!" It's "I was LYING down!" TRIPLE AWK!
It's NOT "The trouble was the worse I'd seen." It's "the WORST..." AWK!
It'S not "...LOOSE the battle.." It's "LOSE" the battle! DOUBLE AWK!
It's NOT "RENOWN person!" It's "RENOWNED person!" YIKES!

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