Sunday, January 7, 2007


Black Male Survival in America:
Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally Racist Society
by Carol Taylor
Brand New Limited- Edition

This survival manual is for those Black African males who wish to face the reality of urban living and dying...for those who do not want to shut their eyes, hide their heads, cover their ears, "Leave it to God" or feel that "It can't happen to me!"

The 'connect-the-dots' Introduction is by the eminent Judge Bruce McM. Wright and states, without apology, "And so it goes with the scalpel of American society aimed at Black testicles." In full prophetic prose he says, "Black African males may not try to be heroic and hope to survive. The police use Black males for target practice and they seldom miss. The great wonder is that American Blacks have not practiced undercover guerilla warfare after the fashion of the bombers and plotters of the Middle East. Outnumbered and outgunned, any other effort to get even or to avenge Black honor would invite disaster."

There are "...Critical Rules," - what to do when confronted by police, health tips, education-choice tips and what to do and whom to write when abused by police.

The book is still $2.00 plus .39cents for postage: handling is free. This four inch by five inch little book is not 'little,' it is a tool not only for the safety and survival of Black males of any age, but also is a magnificent center-of-conversation for the entire family.

Raising consciousness about what appears to be an American national crisis - the targeting of Black African males by the police, is not an easy task, but it must become a front-burner issue in the Black African communities. In fact, every country of color in the world should provide this survival manual for their citizens before entering the United States. Males of color should not be allowed to come stateside in ignorance of this State -of- Emergency-for -males-of-color!

In absolute horror, Taylor had to add so many more names of cop-killed Black males like Ousmane Zongo-NY, Bryan Fillmore-NJ, Tim Stansbury, Jr.-NY, Lester Zachary, Gilbert Barber,Antonio Bryant –in the back of his HEAD! -, 16yr old Brandon Moore (in his little BACK!), Sean Bell-on his WEDDING DAY! and too many others! You do the multiplication- projection of the number of police brutality victims from the entire U.S.A.)

To order THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK, send a Money Order only to Carol Taylor, R.N. at 590 Flatbush Avenue, Ste.11A, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11225-4935. $2.39 for each book, for five or more books, send a dollar or two for postage. To make arrangements for a Book Signing/Public Address, call Ms Taylor at: (718) 856 1271

Help to Stop the COLOR-PROFILING-SLAUGHTER of Males (& females) of Color!


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