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A Special Book Review by Carol Taylor

The United Independent Compensatory

Code/System/Concept: A Textbook/Workbook

For Thought, Speech and/or Action For Victims of Racism (white supremacy)

By Neely Fuller, Jr.

335 pages

Copyright Neely Fuller, Jr. 1969

Fuller, Jr. graphically begins his complex work with a definition of ‘the known universe’ with a list of three basic types of individuals (White people, Non-White people and White Supremacists).

Therefore, all world leaders, Administrators, Teachers, Anti-terrorists and anyone involved in research and/or organizing against racism/colorism should (or should’ve) read this epic literary investigation into the effects of color discrimination in, interestingly enough, the arenas of Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War.

However, this book should contain the warning, “If you can’t stand the truth – get the hell out of the kitchen!” Fuller, Jr. delivers an unending, non-compromising and consistent literary punch to the reader’s solar plexus, and if one doesn’t enjoy thinking deeply, he/she shouldn’t open this book.

I opened it and the following words hardly describe the resultant emotions: provocative, nettling, disturbing, exciting, saddening, frustrating, enlightening, exhilarating, maddening, wistful, stark, frightening and inspiring.

Among other important, distinctive charges the author makes are, “The only form of functional racism that exists among the people of the known universe is white supremacy.” And, “No major problem, that exists between the people of the known universe, can be eliminated until racism is eliminated.”

This monumental work is so intellectually complex that I had to extrapolate only some of the definitions in order to introduce the flavor, of Fuller’s thinking, of what I consider ‘extremes,’ check out “belly warming” and “maximum-emergency compensatory justice.”

The ultimate ‘Reflector,’ Fuller, Jr. has translated his extraordinary personal experience and cerebral peregrinations onto page after page of reverent explanation, not-so-gently guiding the reader through a maze of social interactions and into some rather heavy and startling conclusions.

It has, truthfully, taken me over a full year to review this massive work, and I’m left with the feeling that personally and literally, there’s so much more I could have covered.

But, open this book to any page – and be prepared to be inexorably drawn into Fuller’s thought processes - which smack you upside the head. For instance; page 35. 2 “Racistman and Racistwoman, are, collectively, the smartest, most powerful, most malicious, most deceitful, most technical, most efficient, most inventive and most skillfully violent of all of the people of the known universe,” and 6. “Racistman and Racistwoman, by practicing Racism (white supremacy) are the greatest promoters of falsehood, non-justice and incorrectness, among the people of the known universe.” If that were not incendiary enough, Fuller states categorically, on page 88, that there is no such thing as as a “working class!”

Neely Fuller, Jr. also states that “Justice is better than Racism.”

I believe that every literate human should read and re-read this workbook/reference/dictionary/social thesaurus.

(Then read it to others who can’t read!

You love your children – share this mighty Workbook with them.

Hon. Neely Fuller, Jr.

905 6th St. S.W., #212B

Washington, D.C. 20024

(202) 484-5461

(4/29/2004 – Mr. Fuller, Jr. called me and said, “It’s the best review that’s been done – it’s a ‘word photograph’ you’ve captured what I meant!”)

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