Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Another Attempt at BlackChildSnatching by Wasichu/Mzungu*

Roy Anus - oops-sorry! - Innis, is calling little BlackAfrikan teenaged poet, Autum Ashante, and her Father, Batim "racists." LOL. Anus, I mean Inniss, wouldn't know a 'racist' if it up and bit him in the ass.

I mean, he's never taken the www.racismtest.com - he runs around making knee-jerk motions, calling himself an 'activist' because he's never heard or read of a controversy about color that he didn't try to muscle in on with retrograde utterances and right-of-right sycophancy.

Now, for him to cast aspersions on young Autum and her obviously-caring father, Batim, is merely the latest sell-out-BlackFolk-at-every-opportunity effort, and it smells to high heaven.

Anus, I mean anus, is yellower than his internet site lettering and background; he doesn't give one Willie Lynch fart for folk looking like him because the levels of self-hate inside his big gut know no bounds - no shame. (I put him on my "BlackSellOuts Shit List" along with Shelby Steele, Ward Connerly, Michael Meyer, Ken Hamblin, E.R. Shipp, Condosleezy Rice, Clarence Tom-Ass, Colon Powerless, Niger Anus - and too many others to herein mention)

Roy Inniss is the pitifulBlackman the white racist/colorist 'mainstream' press pulls out whenever they need some Black to verbalize for them what they really feel but are too damn chickenshit to utter themselves for fear of being labeled 'racist.' And Inniss readily gives them what he thinks they wanna' hear every damn time - at least he's consistent with his betrayal of his Black mother and the rest of us.

I used to bother to verbally kick him and his mis-led clone - his son Niger, on WWRL whenever they reared their lying dog-ugly voices, but now-a-days, understanding that they'll eventually fall from their own parasitic YEESH!pissant weight, I've ignored their ranting. But, upon hearing of the child abuse the Senior Anus has publicly heaped upon little Autum Ashante, I find I have to intercede on her behalf - not that her Dad, Batim, is unable to adequately fight for the custody of his daughter, but because of the awesome formidableness and the principle of the issues.

The overweening 'authorities' - always and forever arrogant, racist/colorist white males - have decided that they can't stand the truthcentricity of Autum's pronouncements and have come down on her and her Dad with the full force of their racist/colorist judicial system. (refer to my notarized Statement that no court in Amerikkka will ever deliver equity to BlackFolk unless and until every single court participant - including those court guards - are given the www.racismtest.com and where their responses to differences in color and culture are found to be dysfunctional - they be referred to Psych Counseling!)

Like the Amadou Diallo, Malcom Fergusson, Ousmane Zongo and Sean Bell cases - the outcome of the rotten case against Father Batim will have not one whit to do with the truth and equity. Autum will be forcefully wrested from a loving parent who's had custody of the little girl since she was a toddler. So what - they're only Black people - whitey knows best what to do with those Blacks.

Pardon me while I vomit: - because, apparently, that's all I can do in the face of the continuous intemperate, unfeeling, wanton, illegal, racist/colorist, hegemonic repression, suppression and oppression of me and my melanized people in every arena of this racist/colorist society.

So here 'we' go again, having to stand by watching the parade of Black children condemned to be handcuffed (at five years of age), shuffled off into the clutches of Administration for Childrens Services to be used by 'the System' to make money for the System, and condemned to be forever used as pawns in a colorist 'BlackPeopleGrinder.'

And the Roy & Niger Anuses - I mean Innisses - continue to act as 'Black Benedict Arnolds' at every opportunity which oozes out from under slimy fetid rocks.

*Wasichu=Indigenous term for white; Mzungu=Black Afrikan term for white


IT'S not "I seen" - It's "I saw!" AWK!

It's NOT "Litrachure!"- It's "Literature!" DOUBLE AWK!

It's NOT "Meer!" - It's "Mirror!" TRIPLE AWK!

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