Thursday, January 11, 2007


-your sons get cop-shot-in-the-back, shot at 41 times, cop-shot for toy guns, cop-shot for stealing cars, for beepers, pens, wallets, candy bars and because "I was scared," and the killers go scot free;YOU DON'T COUNT;

-you and your families get race-color-profiled on U.S. Roads (and in every area of people activity, i.e.economics, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war;YOU DON'T COUNT;

-you might get hired in the corporate world, then you're told, "Stay back, Black" and have to bring discrimination suits, just to be able to work like whitey -Coca cola, Texaco, AT&T, Denny's, GMAC, Shoney's, Winn-Dixie, have to pay millions for their racism;YOU DON'T COUNT!

-you built this country-you invented almost everything humans use every day-but everyone else can get reparations for THEIR holocausts, but you can't;YOU DON'T COUNT;

All that (and more not mentioned here) and that's not enough to show you-YOU DON'TCOUNT, Black?And now, George 'Dubious,' Hail-to-the-Chief- Bush, America's First (that we know of) Serial-Killer President has the gall (balls) to say to you, blithely and in yer face-"Look,colorfolks, to keep you dumb pickaninnies quiet, I'm GIVING you some Black-faces-in-high-places (some "tokens of supposed recognition") already!"

Instead of "Let 'em eat cake," he's placating, palliating, paciyfying with his "Let 'em eat candy-condi-rice, whatever! We ain't countin' and YOU DON'T COUNT ! POWELL TO THE PEOPLE!"

What 'cha gonna do, Blacks-in-America? (ORGANIZE – OR PERISH!

Carol Taylor (718) 856 1271

"ColorBLIND?" - Oh NO! Don't you DARE not see/acknowledge my beautiful Black color! QUADRUPLE AWK!
"INNOCENT" (civilian-bystander)- is a POLICE TERM! Who told them they're judge, jury & executioners on the streets? (Just DROP the 'innocent' and describe the individual!) TRIPLE AWK!
Ya' don't need the 'en' in "disenfranchisement! (It's redundant) 'disfranchisement' will do! AWK!

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