Tuesday, February 17, 2009



She's up there smiling down on us with that ever-loving, caring twinkle in her eye. If ever anyone deserved Heaven, it's Jeannette Layne Clarke.

And if ever anyone deserves to have a statue erected where the schoolchildren and other Barbadians and visitors can see her, it's Jeannette Layne Clarke. (I know there's statues of Gary Sobers and others in the island, but I can't recall seeing a statue of a woman like her who has given so much for so long to all of us)

This will be a short one - (and I won't 'lick my mout') the most important point is my suggestion that as soon as is huemanly possible (and the huemanely is not misspelled) that a grateful and loyal Barbadian public erect a Jeannette Layne Clarke Statue please.

I remember many productive meetings with Jeannette when we formed WOW womens' organization - charting the goals for equitable treatment of the distaff side of the popluation. I also remember her many efforts at ensuring that all of the news reached the Barbados public instead of 'only the positive' news chosen by a few.

The kudos and remembrances and roses about her will be many - Jeannette is already missed; there went such a talented, compassionate, insightful person which words just cannot do justice to - so I'll stop here and smile - as I remember some of the trenchant quips and 'right on' observances she shared with me and made my life all the more enjoyable.

Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant
Jeannette Layne Clarke's Sister-in-THE-Struggle

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