Friday, February 6, 2009


The Institute For "Interracial"** Harmony, Incorporated

"Semantics" - Branch of linguistics concerned with meaning

For people of color to achieve our rightful place - True Liberation - in this hostile-to-color world dominated by war-mongering white males mistakenly scared-to-death of their own genetic annihilation because they've been so egregiously mis-educated about who they are (rinsed-out Black men) - the language folk use is going to have to reflect the truth: euphemisms will have to be scrapped:

Euphemism Accurate Word/Expression

Race, race'S' Not to be used to mean 'color' applied to
huemans* - there is only 1 'race!'

Racism Not to be used instead of 'colorism'

Reverse racism/discrimination What 'chu talkin' 'bout? 'colorism is colorism
discrimination is discrimination!

Non-Blacks Mistakenly & too often used to mean 'white'

Blacks, whites Where's your Color chart?

Other/different/all/races, every race,
multi-racial, bi-racial, trans-racial,
mixed race, interracial, out of his/her race Impossible! There's only 1 'race!' All
huemans are African although some
skin color is more 'rinsed out' than others

Race Card Spell out what you really mean
Racial Profiling They really mean 'color Profiling'
Blacks-and-whites Racist/colorist to the core because it
excludes Red, Yellow, Tan, Brown & Olive
Self-reparations Oxymoronic contradiction in terms
"Reparations' in these times means
that traditional oppressors are to pay
the victims!
On the basis of race He/she means 'color!'

As long as folk utilize these incorrect, euphemistic expressions/terms, they will continue to perpetuate the artificial barriers which cause dangerous divisions within THE (one) hueman family. If you're reading this - your most distanct ancestors were Black - the first huemans on earth - in Africa.

**The quotation marks indicate that there's no meaning to the word 'interracial'
*The 'e' is inserted to refer to the melanin present to some degree in every hueman

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