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Ever since I was a little girl, there's been a smoldering in my gut about being maltreated because I was born with more estrogen than testosterone, although in those early days I thought only in terms of being a non-favored girl instead of a favored boy. Brother was always allowed outside to do myriad 'interesting' tasks in and around the barn while I was sequestered in the house washing dishes and dusting).

As I matured, I became only too aware that the society in which I was raised automatically relegated its females into 'lesser than' categories in every single bloody arena of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, religion, politics, sex and war! (Thanks to the eminent Black Female Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing for that list)

The enormity of this worldwide oppression/terrorism-by-gender has steadily and starkly encroached on my sense of entitlement as one of the Creator's Inventions in Her Infinite Wisdom & Mercy ever since. Let me count (some of) the ways:

Where Oh where to begin? With the actual slaughtering of females by males around the world because of specious judgements? Being deprived of your life for any reason, by anyone(s), of course is deplorable, but damn-it-to-Hell, it's double-deplorable when the deprivation of life hinges merely on being female! Like in those backward-ass places which males' 'sense of damaged honor' gives them the 'right' to kill 'their' women, even in some stink places, their own daughters and/or other female relatives because 'she brought dishonor' to his feeble behind!

Then, in some areas of this fatally-genderist world, females are killed, some buried alive, because of sexual activities (euphemistically called 'adultery').

I cite these atrocities by loss-of-life incidents first, although the untenable and gruesome fact is that in most cases, females themselves have been evilly-conditioned to believe in and to allow horrible physical, mental, spiritual, psyhological, psychic, intellectual unjustifiable, egregious, inhuemane incursions into their femaleness! At this point in my painful list of anti-female outrages, I digress in order to state categorically and without compunction:

"At each and every birth of girl babies, there should be a Contract drawn with her society that her parents/guardians will, as soon as is huemanly possible, enroll her in Martial Arts Instruction until she can efficiently defend her Creatoress-given body. Then, at whatever age she is allowed out of her parents'/guardians' sight, she will be trained in Gun Protocol and given a Glock pistol.

Female Survival Classes should be mandatory specifically for all girl children worldwide; first the soul-saving knowledge that they, in many areas, are the majority population; that everyone was at conception, female!- then, that they're endowed with brain cells which, when given adequate stimulation, can lead them to almost unlimited endeavors and accomplishments despite societal dissuasions; that they are as worthwhile as any, any other being on earth and as such are entitled to equal opportunity and equal pay: (females in the U.S.A. still in 200-bloody-9 only earn 78cents for every dollar paid to males - for doing the same ding-dong work!)

I now continue listing the worldwide gender-terrorism against those who've been born female, although when I point out that, biologically, every hueman is born female at conception, and then specialization occurs later on in some of the fetuses so that males can develop [the Creatoress's Largesse] societally-conditioned, mostly misogynist individuals - yes, Virginia - including too many females! - are appalled and generally in angry denial of this scientifically proven fact.

Then, let's consider the God-Awful dirty surgical excisions of the part of the female hueman body called the 'Clitoris!' To ensure that 'their' (possessions) females don't enjoy sexual intercourse, there are entire societies which engage in the disastrous destruction of little girls' private parts in order to contain their behavior for the benefit of males. (My brain hurts even to have to write about this evil tradition) The rest of the world mistakenly stands by generally allowing this outrageous hueman behavior to continue because of misplaced 'respect of their traidition/culture!'

As if this were not enough deprivation of hueman beings, know that some countries (which shall remain namesless herein) not satisfied in binding the feet years ago of those hapless beings born female, now allow in certain areas girl babies to be killed or abandonned because God forbid a nation becomes more populated with females than males! (I think it's too late to worry about that one)

Then, we turn to the worldwide 'national sport' of female rapine which includes the bestial belief that if a male has sexual intercourse with females as young as two and three months, the males won't contract HIV-AIDS! How does one spell ' p-r-i-m-i-t-i-v-e?' (negative p-r-i-m-i-t-i-v-e!')

The obscenely high incidence of men, 'soldiers,' politicians, fathers, brothers, uncles, boyfriends, husband, any male, in the U.S.A., Sudan, England, The 'Democratic' Republic of Congo, Brazil, Canada, Peru, China, Japan anywhere, forcing part of his body, or gun or stick or anything else into the body of a female is untenable. This is so devastatingly happening so often in formerly (and still) colonized-by-european-countries that clinics and hospitals expressly-geared to restoring battered and torn female genitalia have to be run to try to repair (often by multiple surgeries!) the gross physical damage done to females of all ages and in the unbelievable thousands!

The worldwide psychological damage done to huemans who've been born female is inestimable; every time I see a TV chase and the female (inevitably!) trips up and fall, I cringe, knowing that this male-dominated partriarchy has struck another blow for maintaining female 'inferiority!'

Every time I see the male-dominated media photos and descriptions of "Mr. John Doe and his wife" (possession? - she has no name?!) I wanna' puke! Another blow for the domination of the female body!

And don't even begin to reflect on the GIANT RED HERRING the mostly-all (white) males Congress of the United States of America intermittently drag across the political stage of this nation - you know, the bogus-doesn't-belong-in-Congress-Debates-by-males about whether I as a female have the right to my own bodily self-determination! The Great and False Issue of 'abortion.' Give me a freakin break! There would be riots if Congress tried to legislate that males have to get permission to have circumcisions and/or tubal ligations! (Lorena Bobbitt, where are you? - Giving CLASSES, I hope!)

Those arrant hypocrites are the first to prate about 'freedom' and 'equality' of man - (and generally they really do mean only man!) And don't even get me dealing with those self-righteous Black 'Brothers' who would practicallykill for Black Liberation, but have the unmitigated gall to continuously put on programs without even one Black female on their damn platforms! They forget their own Mommas? They've so aped (forgive it) the white male's misogyny, they continuously relegate Black females into near obscurity in their 'plans for liberating' Blacks and other people of color!

I have dealt in - believe me - limited fashion with the 'traditional' unfortunately worldwide wholesale gender-terrorism against females. I shall return to these thorny issues, including sex-slavery, marriage and male doctors another time: they way things are going, they will not've changed much by then anydamnway; in the meanwhile:-


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