Friday, February 6, 2009



Dear WBAI:
Re: 'Obama Nation' Series

I thank you profusely for providing me the opportunity to concretize my concept of being a Black African in the United States of America. It was a thought-provoking Air Forum and us listeners surely need more of the same.

May I offer these suggestions, in an effort to have some rational standards of usage about us Black Africans set:

Firstly, if we are to assume that a person born in a particular country/nation, that that person is considered a citizen (and-so-named) of that country, then those probably millions of Blackfolk living in the U.S.A. born in other countries who do not call themselves 'African Americans' are not, strictly speaking, 'American' either.

So the appellation, so incorrectly and euphemistically bestowed, of "African American," and gratuitously, epidemically-conferred upon Blackfolk in this country - is insultingly incorrect. Yes?

Secondly, that first assumption, 'born-there-named-that,' is conveniently suspended when one is led to understand that folk that claim ancestry in their nomenclature of relatives who weren't born in their own 'native' country might validly conclude that "all huemans are of African ancestry" and so then, all huemans are African. (Refer to Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Ivan VanSertima and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing cogent writings on the African origin of civilization)

The resulting confusion in the thinking of the masses is perpetuated by the idiot colorist U.S.A. Census Board's divisions of the ONE hueman race into ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN so-called 'races.' YIKES!

Y'all at WBAI and President Barack Hussein Obama in addressing 'carte ebon' everyone who wears skins of observable melanin as a collective "African American," are, I'm sure, inadvertently excluding those worthy millions of Blackfolk who don't call themselves 'African Americans.'

This euphemistic exclusion illustrates the dire necessity for a series of National (it is hoped) Forums on "The Dire Need For A U.S.A. Semantics Change."

Inclusive of that 'change' should be the discontinuance of such incorrect wordage - too freely-used by Esther Armah and Marta Vega on January 27th instant 'Wake Up Call' - as
"African American," "bi-racial," "raceS," (there's only ONE) "multi-racial," the idiot "post-racial," "different races" and other wishful (perhaps)-thinking ruptured rhetoric so artlessly utilized by folk who think that the term "traditional" excuses their unwillingness/inability to think/analyze for themselves when they're trying to communicate with others.

(And just because 'everybody uses these' is no reason to continue the colorism-perpetuating incorrect language. Masses of folk also practiced slavery)

Perhaps as a community service, WBAI could also present the Query to the Listeners: What and Who is an "African American?" Wow! Talk about 'controversial!
Let the and go forth & HEAL!

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