Saturday, February 14, 2009

Keep On Keepin' On!

(Keep On Keepin' On!)

Guess what? I was 'killing sleep' this morning - had a late night - and was awakened by a remarkably beautiful phone call.

As I grumpily 'picked up' wondering who was calling so 'early' (it wasn't) my irritation turned into amazed delight. A woman's inquiring voice said, "Is this the number of Dr. Peter Breggin or Carol Taylor?"

Well! It turned out that somehow her brother, residing in a mental health facility, had asked her to contact us because he'd been helped by reading one of my articles mentioning Dr. Breggin's peerless work. How serendipitous was this?

To say I truly enjoyed our mid-morning conversation is an understatement: (You never know where or when or in what form the BlAcktivist work you do will come back to you)

To be mentioned in the same breath as Dr. Peter Breggin was high praise.. FYI, I learned about Dr. Breggin's fine work reading his thoughts, which inspired me to write about the untreated racism/colorism at the National Health Institute's launch of 'The Violence Initiative' - an irrational, color-profiling targeting of young Black males in the U.S.A.

Sometimes when we might be succumbing to feelings of 'weariness-in-the-struggle,' right at the lowest point, it is restorative to remember "It's not what happens, it's what you do about it" that matters and - to KOKO - "Keep On Keeping' On"- let that slogan filter through your thoughts; allow it to strenghten your reserve, support your determination to take positive action; make positive change (in spite of obstacles or 'nay-sayers') in any way you choose, not to let "them" win; gird your loins, straighten your back and feel blessed enuff to be able to KOKO!

That's what the 'early' phone call did for me this morning: The 'Struggle Continues' because we'll continue to struggle!

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