Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Brooklyn Court Department of Jurors

To: The Brooklyn Court Department of Jurors
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. (or 'anywhere' - U.S.A.)
Dear Sirs/Madams:
Because we are all conditioned by the United States of America's racist/colorist society which obdurately refuses to teach the truth about the historical Black origins of huemanity - (starkly illustrated by the fact of that colorist film you show to prospective jurors which incorrectly states that the jury system began in Europe instead of telling the truth that it began in Africa), I do not believe that any Black or other person of color can receive a fair trial in any court in this country unless every single individual in the court system of the United States of America is first tested for their racism quotient* to prove to the public that they're not dysfunctionally colorist. (Those who are thusly determined to be dysfunctional should not be fired but should be referred to Ethnotherapy until they're healed of their colorist afflictions)
Since your Court has no sytem of continuous racism/colorism testing and treatment, I know that I cannot honestly take part in your court proceedings, which remain a pitiful and cruel Twenty-first Century anomaly with respect to equity for people of color.
So, in all truthcentricity, I respectfully decline your demand that I, a Black hueman being of good conscience, "serve" as a juror in your colorist institution.
* Refer to the

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