Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Anyone with an ounce of truthcentricity in their bones will admit that untreated racism/colorism is pandemic, right?

Is it really necessary to point out that in virtually every country in this euro-colonized world, that the darkest*-hued huemans are relegated to and kept on the bottom of the socio-economic rungs of nations' ladders? *(If we must continue to utilize white as 'the norm' for comparisons anyway)

So, for the sake of this cautionary plea not to go on 'wild noose chase short-term-no-follow-up-action--demonstrations-of-outrage-into-the-ether,' can we agree that untreated, unhealthy, undeniable and unfair racism/colorism is, unfortunately, still eating away at societys' fabrics?

Okay, so you're not racist/colorist because you haven't been conditioned by a society you've just agreed is racist/colorist - hmm? (I don't know how you've arrived at that spurious conclusion without at least taking the www.racismtest.com - but let's push on.

It's truly painful going through a lugubrious litany of abhorrent examples of vicious and deadly widespread colorism (the holding of one's color against one), such as: 70th precinct NYPD cops ramming a broomstick up Abner Louima's rectum, big brawny white cops handcuffing a five year old Black child, deadly shooting 50 times-(19 struck him) at the late, unarmed Amadou Diallo, killing unarmed Sean Bell on his wedding day in Queens, N.Y., keeping Brazil's Blacks out of colleges and super Soprano Marion Anderson outta' the NYC Metropolitan Opera House despite her phenomenal world-famous voice, maltreating Brown Algerians in France until, in frustration, they burned hundreds of vehicles, terror-chasing and incarcerating Black and Brown and Olive and Yellow folk in U.S.A. immigration I.C.E. raids, maintaining an all-white U.S.A. Congress, declaring that Black children in N.Y. only require an 8th grade education, maintaining all-white TV ads & Rockettes & fire departments in a multi-colored milieu, calling Black female athletes "Nappy-headed hoes," 50% unemployment for NYC Black males while the unemployment for white males is a mere 5-7%, castigating a brillant Black 9 year old girl for her social commentary (Autumn Ashante), the 'normalizing-the-unthinkable' Katrina outrages (which continue), firing a tenured Indigenous outspoken Professor, (Ward Churchill), maltreating Dalits in color-caste-riven India, building obscene walls against Palestinian children, ignoring for so long the genocide in Black Rwanda, Sudan's Darfur and in the "Democratic" (yeah, right) Republic of Congo, and refusing to www.racismtest.com U.S.A. cops before sending 'em into Black and other people of color communities, the U.S.A.'s hue-sick Census Board dividing the hueman race into ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN 'RACES,' - among too many other instances of colorist insanity. ('The Jena 6' Mychal Bell is back in jail, isn't he?)

Anyone with an ounce of honesty in 'em should realize that there will, inevitably, be more and more instances of this colorist mental sickness surfacing like putrid pus from a popped pustule. Expect more and more "nooses", people - but for everyone's sake don't be side-tracked! - DEAL WITH THE CAUSAL UNTREATED RACISM/COLORISM!

There'll be more and more 'nooses' (symptoms of the disease) -and not just at Teachers College at Columbia University and the Hempstead police station - but until and unless the underlying colorist sickness is ferreted out on an individual basis, by first incorporating continuous (I can't emphasize enough, the importance of maintaining ongoing efforts to counteract institutional colorism) anti-racism/colorism programs in every single hueman institution by utilizing the www.racismtest.com and follow-up Ethnotherapy, the entrenched colorism and denial will only escalate.

This, of course, is an horrendous undertaking, but if lives are to be saved, colorist inhuemanity purged, 'the good society' to be achieved and equity to be firmly established, testing and treating racism/colorism must be incorporated - all over this color-torn world!

James Baldwin said: "There was not then, or is there now, a single American institution which is not a racist institution;" Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. said: "Racism is a sin unto death."

Carol Taylor R.N.
President:The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. Motto: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned"
First BlackAfrikanCherokee U.S.A. Flight Attendant

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