Friday, October 26, 2007

Re: Brooklyn N.Y.'s 'Noosing' of Attorneys Evelyn & Michael Warren**

Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue
Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935
23 October 2007

Kings County D.A. Charles Hynes
350 Jay Street

District Attorney Hynes:
Re: Brooklyn N.Y.'s 'Noosing' of Attorneys Evelyn & Michael Warren**

Today, on my Grandson's 11th Birthday, I - for 30 years a BKLYN taxpayer, in my 76th year - had to rise early from my comfortable bed to witness another* of this Borough's modern day lynchings (at the 120 Schermmerhorn Criminal Court House) - the untenable legal pillorying of two Black Afrikan, upstanding, longterm taxpaying members of our Black Brooklyn community, Attorneys Evelyn and Michael Warren.

The Warrens, legally witnessing 77th Precinct Sgt. Talvey and other cops inflict physical abuse on another prone, handcuffed Black male, were themselves subsequently verbally and physically attacked by Talvey for exercising their obligations as Brooklyn citizens witnessing a crime. They were exercising their legal obligations as officers of the court when they asked why men in blue uniforms were beating and kicking a handcuffed Black man.

To add insult to their injuries, Mr. Hynes, now you're allowing your racist/colorist NYPD criminals to further pursue these beloved civil rights leaders, the Warrens, in an already overburdened BKLYN court instead of having them awarded at City Hall for their exemplary exercise as concerned activist BKLYN citizens. You and your BKLYN D.A.'s office are sending the wrong message by continuing to prosecute this conscientious couple and are blatantly wasting our tax dollars.

You are making a public mockery of criminal justice in Brooklyn by continuing to prosecute the Warrens.

I am therefore and herein demanding that you end this racist/colorist 'noosing' charade which only further inflames our direly put-upon Black Afrikan community: exonerate and free Eveyln and Michael Warren from this high-tech 'legal' lynching.

End the Warrens' time-energy-financial-wasting, stressful trips to your courts for their heroic civic acts of conscience. Yes, they are our heroes and you, by further persecuting these warriors, are making them martyrs by allowing this modern day 'noosing party' to continue.

In Utter Contempt For This Outrageous and Untenable Travesty,

Carol Taylor R.N.
First BlackAfrikan Cherokee U.S.A. Flight Attendant

*Your white Brooklyn Judges ( The Grievance Committee) also have been, for 17 years, in my opinion, 'noosing' our Hon. Attorney Alton H. Maddox, Jr., by denying him the right to practice law to protect us BlackFolk!

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