Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Don't See Color'

Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue
Ste.11A BK NY 11225-4935

16 October 2007

Dr. Gary Null
Gary Null & Associates
2307 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10024

Dear Dr. Null:
Re:Your Statement- The Week of Oct. 7, 2007 - That You 'Don't See Color'

I've just read a copy of of an insightful, irenic letter by the Hon. Jean Wilkins Dember MHS to you: herein is my take on your state of denial concerning 'not seeing color.'

One of the most hideous aspects of untreated racism/colorism is its propensity for cutting right across hueman intellect. In other words, some of the most otherwise intelligent individuals are afflicted with varying degrees of racism/colorism, more often than not unknowkingly. And they retreat, defensively when confronted, into deep denial of their societally-conditioned bias.

We believe that the sort of pre-judgement based on perception of a hueman being's skin melanin, to some degree or other because it is fallacious, causes an increase in the body's acidity levels. In other words, untreated racism/colorism actually affects the health of folk who, consequently, aren't cogitating clearly: people who 'judge a book (hueman) by its cover' are engaging in negative thinking and that negativity affects their body's acid/base balance - it's unhealthy.

Considering your temendous contributions to the overall health of so many of us who've followed your sage advice down through the years, it is vital that you, of all people, begin to acknowledge that because the hueman body is an integrated entity, and because our minds have such a profound impact upon our physiology, anything which operates against our mental health deserves strict attention, special understanding and action geared toward healing.

Many years ago, several of us - including an Ethnotherapy Psychologist, Dr. Mari Saunders and an international journalist, Winston Worrell, decided that we would set up - not as a panacea of course - a healing intervention in the form of our www.racismtest.com with follow-up Ethnotherapy, a tool we use to foment positive dialogue about colorism in non-threatening arenas to - as Law Professor Lani Guinier has so aptly said - "...put the issue of racism (colorism) on the front burner so as to be able to deal with it in a forthright manner...".

I enclose a recent tract, one of my blogs,** to further elucidate what we've delineated as the dire need for counteracting the systemic and deleterious mal-education to which we've all been subjected (which continues to this day) which fails to teach millions of white, Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and Olive huemans who their most distant relatives were: Black Africans in Africa, the cradle of civilization.

All huemans are 'of African descent.* - some are more or less 'rinsed out, but more's the continuing pity that eurocentricity has failed miserably to teach the truth about hueman origins! This has led to the pandemic generally unacknowledged affliction of colorism. ('Mitakuye Oyasin' - Indigenous for "We're all related")

Dr. Null, since you have publicly (and probably inadvertently) revealed your own colorism by denying that you see color, thereby relegating three quarters of the world's population invisible, may we offer you a tried and true method of healing - the www.racismtest.com Program - to at least begin to divest yourself of the unhealthy societal conditioning which has you denying the reality of our beautiful melanin?

In Solidarity With Your Health Quest,

Carol Taylor R.N.
President: The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. (Motto: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned"
First BlackAfrikanCherokee U.S.A. Flight Attendant

cc: Jean Wilkins Dember MHS
Laurence William Legall: Affrimative Action Specialist; Vice President I"I"H, Inc.
* Ref: Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells video: "Journey of Man" (1 800-PLAY PBS)
** http://caroltaylorword.blogspot.com

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Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Carol Taylor

How is Dr. Knoll? Did he respond to your letter and take the racism/colorism test?

Your piece sounds like you know him and may have had some impact on his Cultural Health.