Friday, September 21, 2007


CONGRATULATIONS, Mistah Prosecutah - you de' DADDY of the United States of America's 21st Century Black Revolution! Who'd a' thunk it? All by yerself, you've managed to stir up the brave hearts and souls of Blackfolk into full-throttled civic action the like of which we ain't experienced in over forty years!
You've loosed our Genie in Jena! - (that blackwater backwater! Made yer lil' town 'a symbol of untreated racism/colorism nation-and-worldwide! Proud of yourself?) Whether you 'do the right thing' (not 'the white thing') by those Black boys or not - you're going down professionally - AND you're going down in history as the 'Progenitor of the End of Black Proletarian Passivity!'
(When your neighbors begin ta' realize just what you've done - they might even hang you from a tree!)
COMMISERATION, because, as the symptoms - of your colorism-diseased brain - spew outta' your mouth - "I can end your lives with a stroke of a pen!" - "...this has nothing to do with race!.." - and result in your evil deeds against children (Black, white, Red, Yellow and Brown - whether they realize the impact or not) - you remain a total victim of the U.S.A.'s dumbing-down sysdumb of ' mal-educating the masses.' You stand as a stark illustration of the public ignorance bred by this country's educators who refuse to teach their students the truth of hueman origins: that, as our Red relatives say - "Mitakuye Oyasin!" - "We are all related!"
There is only one hueman 'race,' - so, by cracky! - there you are down there - persecuting the relatives of yer own ancestors, - you rinsed-out Black man in your genetically-mutated white-skin-of-unearned-privilege! It's not too late for you and those other victims like you to learn exactly who y'all are - huemans of African descent! - "Many colors - ONE race!"
How do you spell "I-R-O-N-Y?" Brother Malcom X said, "Chickens Coming Home To Roost!"
You are also, by keeping 'The Jena 6' under prosecutory predation, perpetuating and prolonging the civic unrest in the tinderbox atmosphere existing in this color-torn country, which recalcitrance amounts to a dangerous and explosive undermining of the nation's laws. And what kinda' jerkwater town legal-hack are you not knowing - or caring - that the LA law gives an automatic pardon to anyone convicted of committing aggravated battery? (Due credit to our Warrior Attorney Alton H. Maddox Jr.'s activist legal research!) Oi!
COMMISERATION, because the same racist/colorist disease which cuts across your intellect and has you abusing children (juvenile Mychal Bell languishing for TEN MONTHS in jail), has those equally racist/colorist Jena School Board authorties cutting down one of God's blessed trees instead of cutting out the racism/colorism infesting their thoughts and behaviors!
P.S. Surely this is the ideal time for Black leaders and in fact the entire Black (and other huemans of conscience) communities to DEMAND & INSTITUTE nationwide -ing of all decisions-makers to first prove to the public that they're healthy - not dysfunctionally racist/colorist - before they're allowed into public office - especially police, prosecutors, judges and jurors!. Like untreated alcoholics - the mentally-sick ones shouldn't be fired when they're found dysfunctionally racist/colorist - (there'd be no one left in office!) - but referred to Follow-Up Ethnotherapy until they're healed of their mal-educated, maladaptive and socially-conditioned colorist affliction.
(North - Central - AND South!)

*Thanks to Rev. Al Sharpton's 'Jena6' coinage

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