Sunday, September 16, 2007


(A 17th August 2007 Personal Commemoration of Marcus Garvey Day)
Perhaps, in reflecting on Marcus Garvey's portentous 'Whirlwind' admonition, we can begin to understand the August 12 - 17th 2007 riotous concatenation of events, as Garvey's influence might've been swirling raucously amidst this week's flurry of events: (Notice that the following events directly affect mostly people of color everywhere, although this shouldn't be surprising, since three quarters of this entire world's population is comprised of - people of color:
- The passings of the veteran Historian Asa Hilliard and musician Max Roach and Caroline Goodman, mother of slain civil rights rider Goodman of the murdered trio - Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner;
-Category 5 Hurricane "Dean" with 140 to 150 mile per hour winds whipping through the Caribbean heading for my Grand Mother's island of Jamaica, and Cancun;
- 300+ Iraquis dead and many more injured in suicide bombings;
- Peru's 1500+ dead from the effects of an earthquake;
-3 more coal miners dead - looking for their 6 missing colleagues;
- Arraignment of Latino alleged killers of 3 young Newark, New Jersey Blackfolk, whom the white 'mainstream' media insist on calling "students," as though that categorization makes their murders more important than if they were not 'students;'
-NYC Police Commissioner Adolph Kelly shamefully bouncing out with a color-targetting, 'The Sky's Falling!' - 'The Muslims Are Coming!' publication screeching about supposed 'home grown' local "terorists" in our midst;
-Greasy Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pushing for unconscionable and drastic shortening of Death Row folks' appeals times (most of those on Death Row are 'of color');
-The outrageous bullShit arraignment racist/colorist D.A. Charles Hines of Brooklyn, N.Y. brought against Hueman Rights Warrior Attorney Michael Warren (he and his Attorney wife Evelyn, witnessing the 77th pct. Sgt. Talvey & gang of blue thugs kicking, stomping and beating a handcuffed, lying-on-the-ground young Black male - asked why they were beating the boy instead of just arresting him, were then savagely beaten themselves, arrested and charged with the usual 'resisting arrest' - blah, blah, blah) - But, happily, there was an inspiringly large crowd of us 'Warren Supporters' in the courtroom!;
...all of this week's 'Babylon-Falling' events culminating - on Marcus Garvey's Day - with the opening of Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network's 3-day series of Forums at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building. I was just in time to attend the 'Media Forum,' hosted by NAN's Public Relations Officer, Rachel Noerdlinger (yes, she's 'of color'). The question she asked - whether there was racism in the nation's news rooms was - I think - the wrong question - we already know that there's rank racism/colorism in the newsrooms of the U.S.A. - the question should've been - "What can be done about the racism in this nation's newsrooms?
This week, I wrote a letter to Mychal Bell, one of "The Jena 6' (google that and get the GodAwful story for yourself) - to give him some cheer in his jail cell:
Mychal Bell, Inmate,
A-Dorm, LaSalle Correctional Center,
15976 Highway 165, Olla, LA 71465-4801
(you write the boy too, please)

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