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"Pulling The Wool Over Eyes in the U.S.A."
Dictionary definition of 'scam' - "a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation;"
Carol's definition of 'scam' - Sorry, Conniving, Absolutely-Murderous - that's what the epidemic, bogus, diagnosis of ADHD is ("Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder")
I was/am so outraged at learning about thousands of people, including doctors, social workers, school officials, who are involved in the medical SCAM described by my old friend, Dr. Fred Baughman in his unparallelled book, "THE ADHD FRAUD: How Psychiatry Makes "Patients' of Normal Children," that I did one of my bang-up book reviews - (see CT January Blog titled "Killing Kids Stealthily).
I remain outraged: they are abusing and actually killing little people - children, with forced doses of the killer-drug Ritalin, and other vicious drugs. (14 year old Matthew Smith, 12 year old Stephanie Hall, among other child-victims). A drug is a drug is a drug is a drug.
I can hear some folk now: How can this be?" "How can our government - like the FDA [Federal Drug Administraion] allow such a thing?" "Doctors (gods) are sworn not to do damage." "How could so many upstanding physicians and school officials be involved in such medical mayhem?"
Well, my poppet, doctors are hueman beings. And as my Son says - "Huemans'll do anything, Mom!" (a truism that saves my sanity as I encounter things which drive me up the wall in anger/frustration/opprobrium!)
The breadth and width of the ADHD-SCAM is mind boggling: because so many doctors - and now - AWK! - advertising companies (current TV ad; "Does your child have ADHD? We'll send you an ADHD package!") Of course they will! Moneyeeee! School officials, and others touting "ADHD!" "ADHD!"- desperately seeking quick-fix solutions for alleged mis-behavior or acting-out of school children and 'taking on' pseudo-diagnoses themselves, referring their charges to ADHD-diagnosing doctors! And when/if parents object - more disaster, involving - God help us - accusations of parental child abuse, referrals to child welfare administrations who threaten parents and then take away the children!
That these abominable tacitcs are disproportionately affecting children and families of color is to be expected: when 'wasichu' (Indigenous for 'whitey') catches colds - people of color catch pneumonia!
I urge you to:
1. Read my January Blog - "Killing Kids Stealthily;"
2. Log on to
3. Read Dr. Fred's "The ADHD FRAUD"
4. Drop a 'HEALTH-PEBBLE!' - tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend...
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Anonymous said...

What I find is the Biggest Scam which creates harm to the Individuals that HAVE ADHD, Includng the ADULTS - (not only children have it) is that people ignore the fact that Today the ADHD is considered one of the best researched disorders in American History and the overall data on its validity are far more compelling than for most mental disorders and even many medical conditions," according to the American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs.

Please let us not forget that Dr. Baughman RETIRED in 1993, he was a CHILD Neurologist - so much advances have occured not only in Science but technology, that allows us to be able to learn more about it.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but has Dr Baughman been PERTSONALLY involved in ANY randomized controlled scientific meta studies, clinical trials or research, based upon ADHD? In Any studies that have been acknowledged by the Medical boards? Especially in the past 10 Years, with the advancements of science and technology? And especially with Adults who have the disorder.. ADULTS who can articulate, and express their experiences better than children! Adults who can express their considerable frustrations and pain dealing with Untreated ADHD?

Dr. Baughman is also cited in saying that not only is ADHD fraud, but so is OCD, depression, Anxiety.

Noted Quote -
Although he is frequently cited by CCHR and has written articles in support of Applied Scholastics, Dr. Baughman is generally regarded as an unrepresentative and ill-informed voice on learning disabilities. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) told the Congressional Committee on Education and the Workforce in a letter of September 29, 2000 that Dr. Baughman "represent[s] fringe opinions about the disorder and about psychiatry." His position is certainly at odds with mainstream research and ignores the findings of a huge amount of research from around the world.

Yes, indeed, the biggest fraud are articles like this, that really show that these individuals have not spent enough time researching the disorder with individuals (ADULT) individuals who suffer from it day to day..

That indeed is a disservice to the public