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"Milk:The Deadly Poison"
Written by Robert Cohen
Reviewed by Carol Taylor
in Our Time Press November 1998

Most reportng in the mainstream media on health issues comes from public relations press releases sent to journalists working the health beat. One recent example is the Jane E. Brody report in The New York Times that calcium in the diet can come from a variety of sources. Ms Brody speaks only about the calcium in dairy products, and nowhere about the hormones, the antibiotics and the cow pus in nice cold glass of frothy milk. For that information we turn to the book, "Milk:The Deadly Poison" written by Robert Cohen. Long-time activist Carol Taylor gives us a review.

(Keep in mind as you read this Book Review, that we Black Africans are lactose intolerant - unable to digest milk;we are also on the lowest rung of the American health ladder!)
Now look up the definition of "Genocide." Part of growing up is the angst we feel when we discover that the authority figures we believe in are fallible. Robert Cohen's "Milk:The Deadly Poison" delivers one of the biggest, most devastating doses of instant maturity ever, with his graphic description of corporate (Montsanto) and federal (Food & Drug Administration) coverup and collusion. If this book doesn't stir you out of some of your ad eating habits, you might as well admit to having suicidal tendencies! Despite the immense media hype, especially on TV, that "Milk is a Health Kick," and despite Spike lee's (& others') milk mustaches, what "Milk:The Deadly Poison" boils down to (pardon the pun) is that milk and milk products - butter, ice cream, cream, yoghurt, cheese and the casein (milk glue) they're putting into everything for "binding," (including your favorite cans of tuna!) chemicals and hormones, to the unsuspecting public in America, including our babies and older children. Everything about "Milk:The Deadly Poison," eerily repetitive, is shocking:the red/yellow cover print, the Death's head on the red carton of milk, along with the ingredient list of "powerful growth hormones, cholesterol, fat, allergenic bovine proteins, insecticides, antibiotics, viruses and backteria." Adding tremendous credibility to this publication is the name of the person who writes the Foreword, Jane Heimlich, the wife of the famous Dr. Henry Heimlich, of "The Heimlich Maneuver" invention. She states, among other dynamite allegations, that "You may not want to hear this but what you've been told all your life about milk is an outright lie. I suspected that milk was a health disaster back in the Spring of '94. At that time, while researching an article for Health & Healing, a newsletter with a half million subscribers, I learned that the Food & Drug Amdinistration (FDA) had approved the use of a genetically-engineered hormone called "recombinant bovine growth hormone. (rBGH) The alleged purpose of the hormone, a $500 million investment on the part of the Montsanto Company, is to increase a cow's output. A more disturbing consequence of the bovine growth hormone is that it increases levels of a powerful growth hormone, IGF-I a key factor in the growth and proliferation of cancer. (My emphasis) From reporting on alternative medicine, I knew too well how the medical establishment can lie through its teeth. Reading this book, you will learn that milk contributes to heart disease and increases your risk of breast cancer. You will learn that milk is a poor source of calcium and why, and that milk is a prime cause of allergies (including asthmas) and much more. You will learn that milk can even kill your infant. (My emphasis) At times, this book reads like a detective story."
This impactful Foreword leads right into an even more dynamic Preface by the author, Robert Cohen, who describes how a young, Black lawyer, Clarence Thomas, used his influence while he was working for Montsanto (which has produced Agent Orange and Aspartame and the intra-uterine coil) to get the FDA to allow dairymen in the U.S. to inject milk cows with a bacterium

from fecal material, e.coli, (you don't wanna know!) and a hormone, recombinant bovine growth hormone, so that the cows would give more milk and so that the dairymen would, therefore, make more money. (You should remember:One out of every eight women in America will develop breast cancer) Calcium in milk is not adequately absorbed. Milk consumption is probably the cause of osteoporosis. Sixty percent of America's dairy cows have leukemia virus. As a society, we have never been more overweight. By the time the average person in America reaches 52, he or she has consumed in milk and dairy products, the equivalent of cholesterol contained in 1 million slices of bacon. (My emphasis)
Milk hormones exert growth effects on humans. Cancer, heart disease, asthma, allergies and so much more, are all made possible by milk. America was told that milk from rbST-treated cows, (recombinant bovine somatotropin and e.coli bacteria) was identical to the milk that had been enjoyed for generations. That statement was untrue. (My emphasis) After cows were injected with this hormone, their milk contained increased levels of another hormone, insulin-like growth factor - I-(IGF), the most powerful growth hormone occurring in nature. rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is not approved in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Europe. (My emphasis) Finally, if I reproduce all of the important information in "Milk:The Deadly Poison," I'd be reprinting the entire book. Anyone caring about their own and their childrens' their relatives' or their friends' lives, has got to read and digest the information (and not ingest milk or milk products!)
I cannot end this Review without this addition:"There is a group of chemicals, recently discovered, Prions (My emphasis) which can reproduce themselves without DNA. Prions have been passed on from cows to humans. Mad Cow Disease is a Prion disease. The scientific name for Mad Cow Disease is "Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis." After the first exposure to a Prion, the onset of disease might take up to 20 years to develop. Prions are tiny crystals which replicate themselves and slowly destroy the human brain until Alzheimer-like symptons develop.
A quote from Tim Lang in 1996, as Professor of Food Policy at Thames University:"We are in a mass experiment which is killing us. Never before have diseased ruminants (sheep) been fed to other ruminants (cows) and then fed to humans. We have interfered with the whole process of nature and what is now happening is one of our worst nightmares. This is a tragedy on a massive scale. The government has been so totally stupid."
Forewarned is (supposedly) forearmed. What does the government give out in BlackAfrikan neighborhoods? COW'S MILK;BUTTER;CHEESE...(WIC? Check out the hospitals and the schools too!) MILK DOES NOT DO A BODY GOOD!

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