Friday, April 20, 2007


Well, well, well - the white male mainstream media, in true and characteristic sensational fashion, pulled out all of its counterproductive, colorist and inaccurate language to 'cover' what WNBC TV Channel 4 called "Don Imus - After The Fall."

There's an old expression, "He tore his nose open," meaning 'he showed his true colors,' (pardon the pun). Some of those Sunday-morning-know-it-all-white-males did just that - they 'tore their noses open!'

If their rhetoric were not such a pitiful reflection on the state of color problems in the U.S.A. - it would be hilarious.

But no concerned-about-social-harmony person can laugh at the abysmal levels of ignorance constantly displayed by media directors, news directors, producers and presenters when it comes to the truth about the origins of huemanity.

For indeed, it is a little more comfortble to believe it is "levels of ignorance" rather than "levels of intent" when determining how it is that an entire supposedly highly intelligent perceptive and informed medium could continuously ignore/fail to acknowledge the fact of the Black African origin of hueman beings. (They should, each one, be given the and the results made public to the public they continue to mislead)

And yet, this group of mainly white males scandalously and continuously engages in its public cover up of that truth by its misleading use of racist, rejectionist rhetoric, amply illustrating that Don Imus is not the only racist/colorist addict in broadcast media.

According to Historian Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells, Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Scientist-Researcher Dr. Keith Chang, there is only one hueman race - yet media miscreants persist - flying in the face of DNA evidence - in utilizing their retrograde rhetoric. The expressions ("Dateline" WNBC TV Channel 4) "...his own race..." "their own race..." "...interracial..." "different races..." flew throughout the news programs on Sunday morning (April 15, 2007) as though the presenters knew what they were talking about. No they didn't!

Actually, the ignorance about the issue of color in the U.S.A. (not even to mention the rest of the world) is, apparently, unlimited. Take for instance, the inaccurate rhetoric on WABC Channel 7 "World News With Charles Gibson" - speaking about "...all races..." This usage reveals a pitiful lack of awareness of the important work of the aforementioned historians and scientists. "Journey of Man," PBS video by Dr. Spencer Wells and the discovery by Dr. Keith Chang of 'the one race gene - SLC24A5' prove irrefutably that there's only one hueman race - no 's' on the end of the word 'race' when referring to huemans.

When Rev. Sharpton, politicians, academia and others too, so frequently misuse the word 'race' referring to Blacks and people/issues of color - they also mislead the public and their followers. This sorry state of affairs of color in the U.S.A. calls clearly for a new anti-racist/colorist accurate lexicon, but, as importantly, a series of public forums should first be held to help to re-educate the masses who are - to this day - mal-educated by our antediluvian racist/colorist education systems (with the exception of the Philadelphia school system which recently and commendably mandated 'African History' courses for its students)

Additionally, for Sunday's host of WNBC Channel 4's "Meet The Press," to tangentially drag in and lump the Rev. Jesse Jackson's "Hymie Town" remarks with the Rev. Al Sharpton's "Tawana Brawley" involvement, was not only demagogic but viciously racist/colorist and rendered a gratuitous slap in the face to concerned perceptive Black and other viewers of color and conscience who vociferously deplore the Imus colorist maligning of the talented female youngsters on the Rutgers Basketball team.

(I won't even mention racist/colorist Pat Buchanan's yowling the inappropriate word
"lynching" six or seven times)

Thank God for PBS TV Channel 13's Washington Correspondent Gwen Ifill, whose calm yet strong and incisive contributions to the usual 'Sunday-morning-all-white-male' postulations included her - perhaps inadvertently descriptive and all-inclusive - use of the term "COMPLICIT."
She sure said it all.

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