Wednesday, May 19, 2010

REPARATIONS: Equity From A Hostile-To-Color Country?

A Hostile-To-Color Country?

The United States of America cannot stand in front of the world - three-quarters population people of color - with any credibility as a moral nation until it repays its long-overdue debt to the descendants of enslaved BlackFolk.

There is ample precedence to support claims of financial remuneration to Black individuals whose enslaved ancestors built this country and who themselves daily undergo Post Slavery Stress Syndrome from the inherited untreated racism/colorism of that colorist inhuemanity.

If the U.S.A. could pay Reparations to the Japanese poeple it interned in a depraved display of colorist ethnic targeting - and it did - why isn't it an equally-compelling moral responsibility for it to pay Reparations to Black hueman beings who, even today, still suffer from inherited continuous slings and arrows of untreated racist/colorist U.S.A. kidnapping/ internment?

Moreover, an integral part of financial reparation due the heirs of enslaved Black Africans is for this country to overhaul, revise and repair its eurocentric colorist education system, which has obdurately refused to this very day to teach its hapless students (of all colors) who their most distant ancestors/relatives were: Black Africans in Black Africa. Instead of teaching that truth, alas, the overweening incorrect thrust of U.S.A. academe remains white and European. (Refer to the recent counterproductive, colorist banning of Ethnic Studies by miseducated Arizonians and the prejudicial Arizona SB1070 bill supported by the equally-miseducated Governor!)

This hostile-to-color country urgently needs to stop thus manufacturing colorist miseducated graduates who will take their miseducation out on the world's people of color in too many ways to herein list.

Indeed, how, with any sense of credibility, can this country continue to send out into the world its ambassadors who've been so egregiously miseducated as to who they themselves really are and from whom they've descended? Adequately-educated other-country diplomats can only be snidely laughing behind their obligatory masks of politesse. How utterly embarrassing this should be to anyone who doesn't have a colorist thick skin!

  • The U.S.A., to ever gain its moral standing with the rest of the majority-of-color world, must 1. stop with its bigstick warring 'do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do' external posturing;
  • 2. internally repair its colorist education sysdum and
  • 3. pay up on its immorally-long-overdue debt to that portion of its own society which is Black and descendant from those kidnapped/interned Black Africans.

I maintain that until this Reparations Moral Imperative is undertaken, to speak of 'democracy' or indeed, of national 'security' is tatamount to merely wallowing in cognitive dissonance.

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