Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The Delusion of A 'Post-Racial' Anything
Every time I hear some brain-damaged apologist for the status quo utter the egregiously inaccurate phrase 'post-racial,' I wince, knowing that this societal excrescence usually comes from someone who is either non-Black or a servile self-hating wanna'-be. (God only knows who came up with this misleading illusion in the first damn place!)
Understanding the - perhaps - fervent wishes of some to reach a skin color nirvana where people deal with each other as do get-along siblings, nevertheless, as someone who daily deals, one way or another, with the untreated racism/colorism extant in this hostile-to-color country, I absolutely abhor the implied feelgood untenable attempts of eager-beaver liberals to 'suck it up' - 'just-sweep-it-under-the-carpet.' (And there are far too many in the white male-dominated media in this country echoing the hateful term 'post-racial)
As far as I am concerned, whites have absolutely no right to dictate to non-whites what is 'post-racial' (whatever that means) especially while using a euphemism such as 'racial.' Those misusers should be taught/reminded that since there is actually only one hueman 'race,' - many colors - one race - the use of words, applied to hueman beings, stemming from 'race' are not correct - words such as the irritating, baldly wrong, perpetuating-of-colorism: 'bi-trans-multi-racial,' and/or 'racial groups-targeting-animosity' - anything so.
Consequently, the critical answer to the $64,000 question "Are we There Yet?" is an emphatic HELL NO! as long as:
• the unemployment rate for Black males in New York City is over 50%;
• Black police in some cities in the South can't arrest whites;
• there are counterproductive color-biased events like Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 and that state's colorist banning of "Ethnic Studies;"
• cops nationwide continue slaughtering Black male sons with impunity; (cops of any color don't shoot white males in the back!)
• Black children prefer white dolls to Black ones;
• idiots speak of 'reverse racism;' (Racism is racism - but we at the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. prefer the accurate word 'colorism')
• prom-time in many states is divided into Black and white proms; (What happens with the Red, Yellow, Tan, Olive and Brown children?)
• misguided folk wish for a 'colorblind' society; (don't try to obliterate my beautiful color!)
• the NYC Fire Department firefighters are disproportionately white and male;
• cops nationwide think it's OK to handcuff young Black children;
• predatory media outlets - exist misguidedly engaging in - like CNN recently - 'skimming-for-ratings,' in simplistic and inaccurately-worded 'studies' of color-foibles in society; ("What are you teaching your kids about race?") YUCK!
• miseducated-in-America masses continue to put an 's' on the word 'race' as it applies to the one-race huemanity; (I spell this word with an 'e' because, whether it shows or not, most huemans have melanin in their makeup since they all have descended from the originating Black Africans)
• the naieve think that just because individual Black (and other people of color) attain various positions in society (like U.S.A. President Barack) problems/inequities based on people's skin color are automatically erased;
• seven year old Ayana Jones - a Black child - is shot to death by marauding cops in Detroit; (when last did cops kill a 7 year old white child in a so-called raid?
Oh, I could go on and on listing the color-based inequities but suggesting a potential solution is much more productive:
Test every decision-maker who has to render decisions about others with the * and where dysfunctional responses to differences in color and culture are revealed - don't fire 'em - mandate that they be Ethnotherapeutically counselled until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color and culture.
That this remedy/healing is urgently-required worldwide, because of pandemic untreated racism/colorism, cannot be credibly-denied by honest people.
The sooner this important tool for fomenting dialogue about colorism in a non-threatening arena is adolpted by Heads of State - healthier societies can be achieved and at least three-quarters of the world's majority (people of color) can receive a welcome "OH YES!" answer to the thorny question: "Are we there yet?"
Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant
Institute For "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. President/Co-founder

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