Friday, May 7, 2010


Gaining, Regaining and Maintaining Female Self-Esteem

To be female is a wondrous thing. In fact, whenever I want to upset a misogynist (male or female) who delights in engaging in an inerited 'put down' of women, I inform the sicko that science has proved that, at conception before gender specialization, all huemans are female!

I have, at successive levels of psychological growth in my peripatetic life, gradually become only too aware of the enormous, unfair burden most societies continuously bestow on the backs of individuals born with more estrogen than testosterone.

This 'Adam vs Eve' burden is maintained throughout the lives of females and in the - unlikely - event that one who is female recognizes the full import of the inherited gender discrimination (which outrageously has her earning the automatic 'less than he' salary) hamstringing frustration at the widespread hormonal inequity can cause her not only to think submissively but to act submissively her whole life merely on the basis of being born on the distaff side of her family!

There is a remedy for this pandemic iniquitous, counterproductive societal marginalization: from birth teach your daughter that she is special; show her that she controls her own thought processes; instill in her from early on that she is part of the majority population in this male-dominated world and that the domination springs from a serious maleducation of the masses and doesn't necessarily have to last forever. Ready For The Revolution?

Teach her asap that backward-ass habits can be changed and just because 'it's traditional,' doesn't mean tradition can't be reversed and lame excuses for it can't be refuted.

Demonstrate to her that such change must be undertaken to "subvert the dominant paradigm" which - among other injustices - even has most media photographs of married couples (men and women) giving his name but describing her as "his wife" - without according her a name of her own - "Mrs. John Doe," as though she's merely an appendage undeserving of individual recognition/ acknowledgement.

In fact, as I in late life came to an understanding of the complete and continuing subjugation of girls/women, I realized that I had swallowed wholesale the - questionable - desireability of giving up my own birth name and taken on the name of my husband. As I've struggled to shake off society's negative and misogynist condtioning I've realized how complex a matter it is to 'take back' my 'maiden' name and shuck my married one! Major battle.

So teach your daughter that not only is she 'as good' as any other hueman, but she has every inherent right to call herself-and be called by- her at-birth name; she also has the right to choose any name she prefers!

All females should be taught that they weren't brought into this world for anyone to damage their skin, beat them or sexually or psychologically abuse them. Each should be taught martial arts to protect themselves; they - and no one else - are responsible for their own eggs; that they would not bleed every month if they went onto raw foods (menstruation is NOT 'a natural state' for females!) and that if they love themselves, they'll be lovable, attractive and won't become prey for some goodlooking predator. They should learn the song which says "You don't own me!"

Before anyone calls me a 'bra-burning, strident, women's-libber,' let me state unequivocally that I am not a 'feminist,' I am a 'peopleist' - I truly believe, irrespective of what one's major hormonal make-up is, that we all should be treated by the content of our character and not by the happenstance of our gender. I believe in the equality of huemans and so strongly abjure the status quo of society's knee-jerk deference to testicular dominance.

And nothing is more illustrative of that arrogant male dominance than the spectre of a mostly all-(male)white U.S.A. Congress attempting to dictate to females what we should do with our bodies. Even discussing abortion is patently a big fat red herring; they would never ever even discuss legislation forbidding males to have vasectomies or force them to have children they didn't want!

In that vein, teach your daughter to support a revolutionary revision of the world's education systems - once and for all purging them of their preferential 'for-the-masculine' presentations of history and of current events. In fact, teach her that such a revision is necessary to accord equity for females in every arena of people activity: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, religion, politics, sex and war.

For this to happen, of course, means that every female will have to be formally taught that the development of a healthy self-esteem as a female on this male-dominant planet is crucial to her well-being and to that of society in general. ROCK-(ETTE)ON!

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