Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bumps,Lumps & Clumps:

Bumps,Lumps & Clumps:

Watch Yer Moles!

For years I've wondered about the purpose of moles. (Everything's on the Internet: wait a minute, lemme' go 'google' "moles" - be right back)

Okay, I got "Molesafe," explaining about clusters of melanin-producing cells and scary items about melanoma. Some of the other 'google' sites were about furry little borers. (Is this why they call spies "moles?")

As a nurse, I've notice that liness of moles on lots of people's bodies (including mine) run down what's called "the milk lines," down the sides of the face, neck, down the trunk, and into the groin.

And as I get older, the durn mole numbers increase. I got brown ones, (light, medium and dark) red ones (gazillions of the lil' buggers!), flat ones (usually grey!), bumpy ones, round ones, clustered ones - and they're all pesky!

I'm told if they're itchy, hie off to yer Dermatologist: Hey! Millions of folk in the U.S.A. don't have medical coverage! Quick, Mr. President: - give those people medical coverage!

Anyhow, since I've attained he privilege of being 'an Elder,' I've consulted my Dermatologist and had several of the 'in-an-uncomfy-place' pesky protuberances surgically-removed - no biggie; the devilish things are sent to a lab to determine if they're malignant; I'm only on tenterhooks for a week or so - until I get the good news that they're 'benign.'

I have observed others with all sortsa' moles - and I know we Blacks (and other people of color) get black, red & brown moles and I've even grown a coupla' what look like white moles...but do white people grow white moles? (I know they grow brown/black/red ones - does his mean they have 'Black' in 'em? Oh, Yeah, of course they do! ALL huemans are 'of Black African ancestry! Nearly forgot that.)

So, Holy Mole-y! I guess all a' we huemans gotta' WATCH our moles! What a thing! Worldwide mole-estation (pardon). I don't mean to make a mountain (of woe) outta' a mole hill! But I can't stop thinking that it's possible/probable that the pollution we huemans are sifting through the air, water, foodstuff (and cell phone and other EMF waves!) contributes to our steadily-escalating personal production of those little pesky pop-ups. UGH!

We're manufacturing moles up da' wazoo! I wonder if folk who live in (nearly) unspoiled pristine areas of the world (any left?) find fewer moles?

In the meanwhile, every time I have an itch, I'm poring over my body saying, "Oh, Lord! Is that another one of those "out-damn-spot!" multiple, multidimensional,multifarious, multitudinous, myriad melanin lumps?

Talk about lifes 'vicissitudes!' HALP!

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