Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"Man is indigenous to Africa"
_____Professor Ali Mazrui

One of life's bitterest pills to swallow indeed is the widespread confusion which plagues the everday lives of people of color. (not to mention the same confusion of others who think they're experts about their id!)

Vicious untreated racism/colorism, infusing societies worldwide, remains a sure symptom of post slavery traumatic syndrome, strongly-perpetuated by institutions of 'education' obdurately refusing to acknowledge and teach the truth about the Black African origin of all huemans.

Cruel Britannia: the immeasurable damage that the repercussions of British Empire colonizing has done to nations and people of color continues even to this very moment. In what other arena do the formerly-colonized openly brag about "the great education system" of the Brits? Yeah, 'great,' if one is talking about perpetuation of color (and class) artificial barriers to positive hueman interaction.

Especially onerous are individuals who resemble former slave owners arrogantly assuming the right to gratuitously dictate self-serving appellations to people they deem 'lesser' huemans ('lesser' because of the levels of observable skin melanin)

In other words, such 'color striation' infesting every nation on this planet - some to a greater degree than others (depending on the percentage of people of color in their population) is the unhealthy, counterproductive heritage which must be acknowledged and forthrightly dealt with if there is to be any security whatsoever for the citizens of this planet.

Take a look at the predation which has occurred (and still goes on) as a result of the actions of the D.C. war dawgs over at least the past 150 years: the U.S.A. has invaded hundreds of countries of color! The truth of the matter is that U.S.A. 'foreign' policy, like its domestic policy, operates on a de facto racist/colorist basis. (and just because the world's population is three-quarters of color is certainly no justification for those invasions)

However, as Malcom X so aptly observed, now it's a matter of "...the chickens coming home to roost..." - what we have today are increasingly alarming anti-social events caused by untreated racism/colorism against people of color who are no longer willing to 'take' such oppression and who 'act out' their frustration in unexpected-to-some vengeful ways; like the recently-executed D.C. sniper, John Malveau, and the Fort Hood military Psychiatrist Nadal Malik Hasan.

And, because they refuse to acknowledge what part that untreated racism/colorism has played in Hasan's case, the white male-owned-and-run U.S.A. media in its know-it-all-mode has begun blathering about his 'Muslim connections,' and possible 'terrorism involvement.' Predictable...

The depressingly-naive will cry, "Oh, but he killed Black people too!" DUH! Why do they continue to look for sanity in the actions of the obviously driven-insane? (anything other than putting the blame where it belongs: on pandemic untreated racism/colorism)

Finally, part of the required healing is for hueman beings to learn and acknowledge exactly who they are: what their identity really is. This means not only people 'of color,' but also the more 'rinsed out' generally- dominant people described (in their unearned skin-privilege) as 'white.'*

The basic usually-hidden truth is that there is only one hueman 'race,' which truth once and for all should scuttle the historic hegemonic hierarchical theory and practice of white supremacy.

As the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc. Motto goes: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned - Many colors - One race."

Only when one's identity is known (and acknowledged) then the oh-so-necessary healing of the world's societies can begin. 'Alla' we is one.

This article should be clearly posted in every institution of learning in the world

*For starters, read the works of Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and Dr. Walter Rodney; acquire the starling video of National Geographic's Dr. Spencer Wells: "Journey of Man"
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