Saturday, December 26, 2009



What - a literary snob? Honestly, I can be as compassionate as the next person, but something wrenches my gut when I'm watching some otherwise credible person speaking earnestly on TV and suddenly out of her/his mouth pops what I call a slimy 'word gripe!'

The latest one - on the show "The Doctors," she's explaining how one relaxes: " you just lay down..." AWK! - as soon as she uttered that 'lay-lie' twistup I felt my stomach lurch - I kid you not! Then, in a rare moment of self-analysis, I pondered over why such a mistake would elicit such a response - but it does.

I actually groan aloud when they yelled "CONGRADULATIONS!" - there's no 'd' in 'Congratulations!' (But even Obama with all of his couth and charisma and education, unfortunately, puts a 'd' in that word!) AWK! and don't forget TV's GawkShow Hosts Jerry Springer and Maury Povich with their "Congradulations." DOUBLE AWK

Then, the pseudo-fastidious primly prate - "...the book's entitled ...anthropomorphically granting the inanimate pages some weird level of huemanity - like it's owed something! No, Fool, the book is titled."

And when some primetime prig comes out with "...they left my wife and I..." NO! They left " wife and me...!"

I'm in a good mood, so I'll forgive WBAI's Hugh Hamilton, who usually speaks pristine English, his "dezisions" for now.

But what about those sappy faces blithely spouting off about "this documenary?" - totally obliterating the 't!' I can't stand it! Then, a few days ago some popsie blathered on with "...definilly..."! I do believe she meant
"definitely." What the deuce are they teaching in those schools?

Well, if I hear one more person talking about a famous individual as 'a renown' person, I will hit somebody until they learn the correct "renowned!"

What about those TV ads using "less" instead of 'fewer?' "Less commercials, less dollars!" OWITCH! And one which actually gives me a fierce headache - "a free gift!" PLEASE!

Some of the most unfavorites! - TV's Marvel Scott's "A sad tragedy;" No bumble, not both - a tragedy is sad! - those verbose politicians; "...well, I will, in the future...I have, in the past...I am, currently" What's wrong with the past/future/present tenses? - or will relying on accuracy force them to keep their patter down?!!!

And how does this one grab you - "...a man was fatally killed..." eh? Perhaps after he was "verbally speaking"... or "seeing visually...?" This insanity is truly escalating though ( not "excalating!") -
escapades" - NOT "excapades" and February's coming up - (NOT "Febuary" thank you) and please, it's 'library,' NOT "liberry!"

And WBAI Radio, Ayo Harrington, it's not "documenary," it's 'documentary!' (I should think that's 'elementary,' not "elemenary")

It's not "chu" it's 'you,' - not "govenor" but 'governor' not "electorial" or "mayorial" but 'electoral' and 'mayoral!' It's not "hopefully" it's 'I hope!'

Finally (but, believe it - the list goes on) we'll end with one of the most offensive-'cause-it's-so-wrong - "irregardless" instead of 'regardless!'

Oh, and one apparently not wrong but too long, unnecessary and pretentious: "disenfranchisement" instead of 'disfranchisement!'

Now let me go work off the irritation I've dredged up listing so many of my 'word gripes!' More later - and there are more!

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